LOHAN LUNACY - DID LINDSAY PUNCH WOMAN OVER MISSING PURSE OR BOY BANDER???: Okay, I'm sure by now you've heard that LINDSAY LOHAN was arrested early yesterday morning at a nightclub for allegedly punching another woman in the face. But was it over her little sister's purse, or was it because of jealousy? Well, it depends on the source.

According to the New York Post, Lindsay and Tiffany Eve Mitchell were sitting at adjacent VIP booths, when Linds began frantically looking for her little sister's designer handbag, which sources say was stuffed with $10,000 cash Lindsay had just given Ali.

 “Lindsay had stuffed her jacket and the purse behind the banquette, then went to look for it and couldn’t see it. She was too drunk to remember where it was.” “The woman [became] agitated" with Lindsy and got in her face, leading Lindsay to scream at her, ‘Give me back my purse!’

They both went back to their seats, but Linds continued to glare at her, eventually punching her in the face.

But TMZ says the fight was over a boy - specifically, a boy bander. Apparently, Lindsay had attended a Justin Bieber concert earlier that night in order to catch the opening act, British boy band The Wanted.

The site claims Linds had her sights set on band member Max George, and that the two hit up the club together. But Max was reportedly “turned off” by Lilo’s alleged drunkenness and started hitting on Mitchell, and that's when Lindsay decided to take matters into her own hands...or, uh, fists.

And then there's the police version. According to police sources, cops believe she actually clocked Mitchell because she thought the woman was snapping photos of her. They said Mitchell was looking at photos on a cellphone with her cousin when Lohan walked up and punched her in the face.  

HALLE BERRY AND GABRIEL AUBRY STRIKE A DEAL, MAKE PEACE: HALLE BERRY, GABRIEL AUBRY, and OLIVIER MARTINEZ are giving peace a chance -- a week after Halle's ex and current fiancé came to blows on her driveway.

After a court hearing yesterday, Berry and Martinez reached some kind of truce with baby-daddy Aubry. Halle's lawyer left the hearing, stood in front of reporters and held up a piece of paper with a handwritten message that said, quote, "The parties have reached an amicable agreement. There will be no further statements regarding this matter."

A source told New York Post's Page Six the “amicable agreement” refers to both the child-custody agreement and the Thanksgiving Day fight. The source told them he or she “would not be a surprised" if Martinez lets his criminal restraining order against Aubry expire or if Aubry files a motion to dismiss the restraining order.

Halle and Olivier were no-shows at the hearing, but Gabriel did attend, wearing sunglasses to cover up his shiner from the beat down.

KIM KARDASHIAN AND KRIS HUMPHRIES REPORTEDLY FIGHTING OVER RING: According to Radar Online, one of the major things KRIS HUMPHRIES and KIM KARDASHIAN are fighting over is the 20-carat 2-million dollar engagement ring Kris gave Kim.

Kris wants it back because he feels he was conned into a "sham" marriage by Kim. But Kim "has no intention of returning it," according to their source familiar with the situation. "She feels she is within her legal right to refuse as she went through with the wedding."

But, the person goes on to say, "Kris doesn't understand why Kim would even want the ring. It obviously has no sentimental value, and she certainly doesn't need the money. So why doesn't she just return it to him?"

I know it's a rhetorical question, but I'm guessing it's because Kim feels giving it back would be like admitting the marriage WAS a sham. And that would mean losing leverage in court.

CHRISTINA AGUILERA DENIES GETTING BUTT INJECTIONS: CHRISTINA AGUILERA has a message for those who've been gossiping about her big, round booty; it’s real and it’s spectacular!

Xtina’s peeps offered that response after Star magazine claimed she, quote, “paid for her pumped-up rear end.” The tabloid quoted a doctor who's never seen her in person as saying the junk in her trunk “could be [because] she has had lipo-sculpture to the waist and fat injection to the buttocks.”

The gossip site Gossip Cop says Christina’s people laughed off the claim when asked, saying "it's obviously not true."
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LOHAN LUNACY - LINDSAY ARRESTED!!!: LINDSAY LOHAN had gone, like, a whole month without getting arrested, but that all changed early this morning.

TMZ reports Lindsay was cuffed and stuffed around 4 o'clock this morning after getting into a fist fight at a New York City nightclub. Details are still pretty sketchy, but what we do know is that Linds exchanged words with a fellow clubgoer sitting at an adjoining booth, at one point saying something to the effect of "Give me some space."

Then, when it looked like things had calmed down, Lindsay punched the woman in the face! Allegedly.

Sources tell TMZ Lindsay left the club before cops got there, but that the car she was a passenger in was intercepted and the arrest was made.

She's been charged with third degree misdemeanor assault.

This could spell even more trouble for Lindsay. She's already knee deep for allegedly lying about that car crash in California. This arrest could trigger yet another violation of her probation. As of right now, she's still in police custody.

COVER SHOT: It looks like Us Weekly is going all in with their claim that JESSICA SIMPSON is pregnant with an oops baby. Jessica's rep says, quote, "I'm not going to comment on this speculation."

SNAPSHOT - MARIAH CAREY CLEAVAGE CHRISTMAS: MARIAH CAREY performed a song called "Christmas Time Is in the Air Again" last night on NBC's "Christmas in Rockefeller Center" special, and gave us all the gift of cleavage. God Bless Us, everyone! (PHOTO) (PHOTO)


 Meanwhile, Kim's attorney accused KRIS HUMPHRIES and his legal team of prolonging the agony, saying Kim was "handcuffed to Mr. Humphries" and only wanted "to dissolve her marriage so she can move on with her life."

Kris' attorneys want Kim to agree to an annulment and admit the marriage was a fraud, which Kim won't do. The judge said he'll set a trial date during a hearing on February 15th. Yes, the day after Valentines Day.

ROMANCE REPORT - DEMI MOORE'S NEW BOY TOY: Rawr! 50-year-old DEMI MOORE is up to her cougar ways again, reportedly dating a man almost half her age. According to the New York Post’s Page Six, he's 26-year-old art dealer Vito Schnabel.

Demi and Vito reportedly met at a party in India earlier this month. A source says, quote, "They were dancing and grinding all over each other, openly, in front of other guests."

Word is Vito previously shared his down there parts with ELLE MACPHERSON and LIV TYLER. Although not at the same time. I'm assuming.

QUOTE/UNQUOTE: "I feel like my [fat] is sticking out so bad right now. I almost always wear [Spanx], but not tonight, and I feel it pushing out, making me look fat." -- KATY PERRY, to Us magazine last night at a UNICEF event.

Here's how fat Katy looked last night. Ewwww, huh? This just goes to show you, NO WOMAN is EVER satisfied with how she looks.

UPDATE - 'HALF MAN' ANGUS T. JONES TO STAY ON SHOW: According to sources, Angus T. Jones will finish his 10th season on "Two and Half Men" but likely won't return next season. Jones, who recently became religious, called the show "filth" and told viewers not to watch the show in a YouTube video, but later apologized for his remarks.

If his verbal thrashing of the show does end up costing him his reported 300,000 dollar an episode paycheck, he could always go work on his former co-star CHARLIE SHEEN'S new FX show "Anger Management". Sheen told ABCNews.com, "[Angus] is welcome at the Goodson Anger Management home anytime."

SPLITSVILLE - POPULATION 'PSYCH' ACTOR DULE HILL: Psych actor Dulé Hill has separated from his wife. The couple of eight years cited irreconcilable differences.

UPDATE - GWEN STEFANI'S HUSBAND DIDN'T GET HANDSY WITH HIS NANNY; IT WAS HIS SISTER!: Remember that photo of GAVIN ROSSDALE hiking with his children and their nanny, and it appeared his hand was dangerously close to her hot, young backside? (PHOTO)

Well, it turns out the nanny might have been his sister, Soraya! HERE'S a photo of Soraya, and HERE'S a photo of the nanny.  Did this story just get hella weird? We Report, You Decide!
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BABY POOP - IS JESSICA SIMPSON PREGNANT AGAIN?!: "It definitely wasn't planned. But yes, Jessica is pregnant again." That’s what a source tells Us Weekly.

Jessica's rep had no comment, but if true, that means she done got knocked up SEVEN MONTHS after giving birth to daughter Maxwell. And after losing a reported 60 pounds!

How it’ll affect her $3 million deal with Weight Watchers remains to be seen too.

WHAT CHARLIE SHEEN THINKS ABOUT HIS FORMER CO-STARS 'TWO AND A HALF MEN' RANT: Former "Two and a Half Men" star CHARLIE SHEEN has weighed in on the religious, anti-"Two and a Half Men" comments 'Half Man' ANGUS T. JONES made about the show.

Here's what Charlie told "People":  "With Angus's Hale-Bopp-like meltdown, it's radically clear to me that the show is cursed."

(I'll save you the trouble of Googling it: "Hale-Bopp" is a reference to the Heaven's Gate cult, which committed mass suicide in 1997 so their spirits could board an alien ship they believed was following the Hale-Bopp comet.)

Meanwhile ... "Two and a Half Men" co-creator CHUCK LORRE himself kinda-sorta addressed Jones' disparaging remarks in one of those "vanity cards" at the end of "Mike & Molly" the other night.

I say kinda-sorta because he didn't mention Angus by name. Instead, Lorre wrote about how religious people perceive the world.

(Click on the pic to enlarge)

'HALF MAN' ANGUS T. JONES APOLOGIZES - KIND OF: ANGUS T. JONES, who plays Jake on "Two and a Half Men", has released a statement in the wake of his religious, anti-show rant.

In it he says he's sorry if his comments came across as disrespectful or unappreciative, that he's "grateful to, and [has] the highest regard and respect for all of the wonderful people on 'Two and Half Men'", and thanked Chuck Lorre and CBS "for the opportunity they have given and continue to give me."

That being said, it doesn't seem like he plans to take any of it back, and presumably still thinks the show is "filth" and the work of Satan.

SHAKIRA SHOWS US HER PICS: SHAKIRA is enjoying being pregnant. I know this because she posted a photo of herself, her boyfriend and her Buddah belly on Facebook, along with the caption, "I could have another 9 months like this!"

'DANCING: ALL STAR' WINNER CROWNED: "Dancing With the Stars" picked its newest champion last night. And the mirror ball trophy goes to ... MELISSA RYCROFT!

SHAWN JOHNSON came in second. Melissa came in third on Season 8 when Shawn was the champion.

CELERITY COURT - HALLE BERRY'S EX RESTRAINING ORDER STAYS IN PLACE: HALLE BERRY'S baby daddy struck out in his attempt to have a restraining order removed so he could visit with their daughter Nahla.

GABRIEL AUBRY went to court yesterday to ask for the cancellation of the order, which was issued after his brawl/beatdown with Berry's fiance OLIVIER MARTINEZ, but a judge said no dice and kept it in effect until Monday.

The order prohibits Gabriel from going within 100 yards of Nahla, Olivier or Halle.

IN DENIAL - KELLY CLARKSON: KELLY CLARKSON is not a happy camper. The UK tabloid Mirror Sunday Celebs featured Kelly on its cover with a quote that reads: “No one on the planet should be as famous as me,” and Clarkson is pissed saying she was misquoted.
“I love when people take what you say and twist it to make you sound obnoxious and arrogant.” Clarkson said. Kelly added that the quotes were lifted out of context after they asked about fame and she replied that she had, quote, “no desire to be as famous as Britney or Madonna."

"I said that kind of fame was too much for any person and I’m happy where I’m at in my career." She then added sarcatically, "Nice job Mirror.”

THAT 70’S SHOW ACTRESS ARRESTED FOR ASSAULT: Former "That 70’s Show" actress Lisa Robin Kelly was arrested again. According to TMZ, the 42-year-old was busted for assaulting a man in North Carolina, who was identified as her husband.

Back in March, Kelly -- who played Eric Foreman’s sister on the show -- was busted for spousal abuse, but the charges were eventually dropped. She was also arrested for DUI back in 2010.

Check out her FRIGHTENING mugshots from all three incidents ...

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SIMON COWELL SWATTED: SIMON COWELL is the latest celebrity to fall victim to the Hollywood trend of "swatting".

TMZ reports someone made an anonymous 9-1-1 Sunday afternoon alleging Cowell was being held hostage by thugs who'd bound and gagged him in a bathroom in his mansion. Cowell was home when police arrived but, of course, had no clue why it was being overrun by uniformed personnel.

Swatting is the term used when a fake 911 call summons a SWAT team to the home of an unsuspecting person. Other recent celebrity victims of the swatting craze include ASHTON KUTCHER and MILEY CYRUS.

'HALF MAN' PUTS SHOW ON BLAST: There's trouble on the set of "Two and a Half Men", but this time it’s not CHARLIE SHEEN stirring things up. Apparently the show’s half man, ANGUS T. JONES, has found religion because Jones is discouraging people from watching the show, calling it “filth”.

The 19-year-old, who plays Jake on the show, made the disparaging remarks in a promo video for his fundamentalist Christian church. "If you watch Two and a Half Men, please stop watching Two and a Half Men. I'm on Two and a Half Men and I don't want to be on it. Please stop watching it and filling your head with filth,” he said. Angus then goes on to suggest the show is part of the plan of “the enemy” – presumably Satan.

In the half-hour long interview, which just hit YouTube ... Jones admits to recently becoming more serious about his faith after realizing that his life was on a, quote, "downward trend" which included drug use and speeding tickets.

No one from CBS or the show has responded to his remarks, but Britain's "Daily Mail" tabloid says Angus' mom told them she was, quote, "concerned" that her son was being "exploited by the church," although she didn't elaborate.

(VIDEO LINK. The comments about "Two and a Half Men" begin at the 7:37 mark)

GABRIEL AUBRY TELLS COURT HALLE BERRY'S FIANCE THREATENED TO KILL HIM: More details have emerged about the Thanksgiving Day beat down HALLE BERRY'S fiancé gave her ex-boyfriend.

In a court filing on Monday, Berry's ex, GABRIEL AUBRY, claims that it was Halle's fiancé OLIVIER MARTINEZ who started everything. Gabriel says that the whole thing actually started the day before Thanksgiving at a school play for his and Halle's daughter Nahla.

He says Olivier walked up to him and whispered in his ear in French, quote, "I wish I could beat the shit out of you right now. You're lucky we're in a school right now. We're going to take Nahla right now and you're not going to follow us." The next day, when Gabriel brought Nahla to Halle's house, instead of the nanny greeting him as usual, he says Olivier came storming out of the house and threatened to kill him.

“You cost us $3 million," Aubrey says Martinez told him. "When you see the judge, you’re going to tell him you’re going to Paris or I’m going to kill you.” In his petition, Gabriel also posted some pictures of the can of whoop-ass Olivier opened up on his face. (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

Meanwhile ... Radar Online is reporting that Gabriel's already in danger of losing shared custody of their daughter Nahla and might get booted out of the country as well. The site claims he could face deportation to his native Canada.

"During the time Gabe was being held at the police station," a source tells them, "he was asked if he was a United States citizen, and he said no. This is what triggered INS being contacted." According to Radar Online, "he doesn't need to be convicted in order to be deported -- the arrest is enough to terminate his visa."

IS GWEN STEFANI'S HUSBAND GRABBING THE HOT YOUNG NANNY'S BUTT?! WE REPORT, YOU DECIDE!: GWEN STEFANI'S man, GAVIN ROSSDALE, was photographed taking his sons hiking in West Hollywood over the weekend with the help of their hot, young, nanny. (PHOTO)

But that's not all the paparazzi photographed him doing. A few of the pics show his hand wandering dangerously close to her hot, young backside! (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

Now I don't want to make something out of nothing, but his touch sure seems pretty intimate to me. Maybe it's an optical illusion. I don't know. All I know is if my wife saw pictures of me doing that to some other woman, I would be getting an earful.

LINDSAY LOHAN DEVASTED BY 'LIZ & DICK' REVIEWS: LINDSAY LOHAN'S role as ELIZABETH TAYLOR in the highly anticipated Lifetime movie is getting panned by critics and Twitter users, and according to sources, Lindsay is devastated by the negative response.

“She has got used to all the negative press around her personal life but this is the first time she has experienced it about her work,” a close friend of Linds told The Huffington Post. “No matter how bad things were going for her personally, everyone would always agree that she was a great actress.”

Speaking of Ms. Lohan ... We heard yesterday that CHARLIE SHEEN gave her $100,000 to help her pay off some of her IRS debt and today we learn that money came out of Charlie's paycheck from "Scary Movie 5".

Word is Charlie was paid $250,000 to do a single scene with Lindsay and he didn't keep any of it. The rest of it went to three charities chosen by people involved in the movie, including the director and one of the producers. So maybe it was a gift and not a loan.

IDOL'S LATEST FEUD - STEVEN TYLER VS. NICKI MINAJ! WHO YOU GOT?: Move over, MARIAH. NICKI MINAJ may still have beef with you, but you're no longer her focus. Nicki has a new enemy -- former 'American Idol" judge STEVEN TYLER.

Tyler recently criticized Minaj for feuding with Carey in an interview with MTV News and then put her judging on blast, saying, "If it was Bob Dylan, Nicki Minaj would have had him sent to the cornfield. Whereas, if it was Bob Dylan with us, we would have brought the best of him out, as we did with Phillip Phillips."

Minaj was quick to hit up Twitter and fire back ... "You assume that I wouldn't have liked Bob Dylan??? Why? Black? Go f--- yourself and work about yourself babe." She then suggested that Steven didn't leave Idol on his own accord and was bitter about it.

"I understand you really wanted to keep your job, but take that up with the producers. I haven't done anything to you. That's a racist comment."

Nicki sure seems to love playing the race card, no? It's like everything's about race with her. Personally, I don't think Tyler was saying Nicki wouldn't like Bob Dylan because she was black or any other color. What I think he was saying was that he didn't think she would be patient enough with Bob Dylan to get the best out of him.

ANNA NICOLE SMITH'S DAUGHTER IN NEW 'GUESS' AD CAMPAIGN: Check Out ANNA NICOLE SMITH'S 6-year-old daughter Dannielynn's new ad campaign for 'Guess' ...

CELEBRITY TATTS - DEMI LOVATO: DEMI LOVATO got some new ink on her forearm ...

And look who inked her. Yup, that's KAT VON D!

SEPARATED AT BIRTH - ADELE AND MRS. DOUBTFIRE: What if Adele was Mrs. Doubtfire? She'd look like this ...

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UPDATE - HALLE BERRY TO EXTENT RESTRAINING ORDER: In the wake of the Thanksgiving day brawl between HALLE BERRY'S fiance and baby daddy, TMZ reports Berry plans to go to court today or tomorrow to extend the restraining order against ex-boyfriend GABRIEL AUBRY.

The site claims "sources familiar with the situation" told them Halle's lawyers plan to ask family court to extend the protection order for an indefinite period of time. The current order, which expires Tuesday, requires Gabriel to stay 100 yards away from Halle, their daughter Nahla, and Halle's fiancee OLIVIER MARTINEZ.

On Thanksgiving morning, Aubry and Martinez began arguing in Halle's driveway after Gabriel had showed up to drop off Nahla for the weekend.

The argument escalated, and according to the police, Gabriel took a swing at Olivier.

Olivier easily took him down and ended up landing a few good shots to Gabriel's face and body. Gabriel went to the hospital with a broken rib, some bruises on his face, and a possible head injury.

Olivier was taken to the same hospital a while later with a possible broken hand and some neck injuries. Aubry was arrested for misdemeanor battery. He claims Olivier started the fight.

CHARLIE SHEEN SENDS LINDSAY LOHAN CHECK FOR 100 GRAND: Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clause -- and his name is CHARLIE SHEEN. Charlie reportedly sent LINDSAY LOHAN a $100,000 check to help her pay down her IRS debt.

Word is Linds owes $233,904 in unpaid back taxes, so this knocks out about half. As for why Charlie did what he did, TMZ says the two became friends when they were filming cameos in "Scary Movie 5" a few months ago and Charlie offered to help.  It's not clear if this is a loan or a gift

SNAPSHOT - HELEN MIRREN GROPES JESSISCA BIEL: Oh, my! Did HELEN MIRREN grope JESSICA BIEL on the red carpet outside of the premiere of "Hitchcock"? More than likely she was playing with the fabric or adjusting something , but I choose to believe!

MADONNA SHOWS US HER VAJAY JAY: By now we all know that 54-year-old MADONNA isn't shy about showing us her bobbly bits. But in case you need more proof, here's a pic of Madonna's recent performance in Miami. The outfit was so revealing, it barely covered her vajayjay. (PHOTO)

In other barely-dressed Madonna news… the new ad for her perfume Truth or Dare: Naked looks very similar to a picture she took 20 years ago for her coffee table book "Sex". Madge strikes an identical pose in the new ad, although her naughty bits are covered with the words “Naked: A new fragrance.” (PHOTO)

In the original she was covered with bejeweled pasties and panties. (PHOTO)

COULD BE TRUE, COULD BE CRAP - TROUBLE IN PARADISE FOR LEANN AND EDDIE: LEANN RIMES just spent time in rehab for emotional issues, and if you believe the Star tabloid, she may soon be dealing with some more.

According to the tab, LeAnn’s marriage to EDDIE CIBRIAN has hit a rough patch because he is, quote, “sick and tired of the chaos,” that surrounds LeAnn.

 “He can’t take all the drama anymore,” says the insider. "Being with LeAnn is a lot of work. Eddie's starting to question whether it's even worth it."

According to Star, LeAnn’s solution to save their marriage is … all together now … a baby. “Her goal is to be pregnant in 2013, no matter what -- even if she has to try IVF,” claims a source. “She blames some of her emotional problems on not having a baby of her own.”

SPLITSVILLE - POPULATION 'BLOSSOM': BLOSSOM is back on the market. MAYIM BIALIK announced over the holiday weekend that she and her husband are getting divorced after nine years of marriage.

They have two sons together, a seven-year-old and a four-year-old named. They cited irreconcilable differences.
KHLOE KARDASHIAN SHOWS US HER PICS: KHLOE KARDASHIAN Tweeted out this photo of hubby LAMAR and her brother ROB. "How cute are my boys?" she captioned it.

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Back on Monday ...
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COULD BE TRUE, COULD BE CRAP - KRIS AND BRUCE JENNER HEADED FOR DIVORCE: Are KRIS and BRUCE JENNER headed for divorce? According to the National Enquirer, not only is the answer 'yes', but the tabloid claims Bruce has already consulted a divorce lawyer.

Bruce is supposedly sick of Kris’ ego, and her constant flirtations with younger men. “Bruce feels that Kris treats him like a doormat and he’s had enough,” claims their source. “She constantly belittles his appearance and complains to mutual friends that he’s a boring old fart. Then she has the gall to flaunt her relationships with younger men in his face.”

The tab claims Bruce has been talking with lawyers about the value of their assets, as well as potential custody arrangements for their two kids, should he decide to move forward with the divorce.

Meanwhile ... Kris denys the claims,calling them "rubbish."  She tells E!, quote, "We're absolutely not filing for divorce. Everything is great," adding, "These kind of stories have been circulating for the last couple of years."

DID THESE PHOTOS OF SELENA GOMEZ KISSING SOME GUY LEAD TO BIEBER BREAKUP???!!!: Photos that surfaced over the summer of SELENA GOMEZ kissing her co-star while filming a movie may have contributed to her breakup with JUSTIN BIEBER. That's the latest theory being floated on the World Wide Web of Celebrity Speculation.


Several sources told E! News that even though the kiss was for a scene in the movie, Justin was furious when he saw those photos, and that was pretty much the beginning of the end. "[Justin] freaked out on that. He would get jealous and she wouldn't tolerate it," said one source.

Another insider added, "Justin[knew] it was a photo of them filming, but it still made him jealous." This second source additionally noted jealousy had always been an issue between the young couple.

BUT WAIT!!! STOP THE PRESSES!!! SELENA MAY HAVE HAD A CHANGE OF HEART!!!: Despite TMZ's reports that she'd blocked Justin from her phone and won’t take any of his calls or read his textshis number, apparently he didn't need to call her on Wednesday night.

That's because TMZ now says they .. wait for it ... spent the night together! And they have the photos to prove it! (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

According to the site, Bieber picked Selena up at the airport on Wednesday night and they went straight to her home.

Then yesterday morning, they arrived at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, albeit separately -- but just seconds apart, so as to avoid fresh rumors that they've reconciled their relationship. You know, like the ones we're helping TMZ perpetuate by reporting on their report. Like that.

ROBERT DE NIRO HAS BEEF WITH JAY-Z - WHO YOU GOT?!: ROBERT DeNIRO is not happy with JAY-Z and he let him know it at a recent get together.

The New York Post reports that during LEONARDO DiCAPRIO'S  birthday party this past weekend, DeNiro confronted Jay over his failure to return phone calls. Apparently, Jay had agreed to record a song for DeNiro’s Tribeca Film Festival, but then never called him back to follow up.

“Bob wasn’t in any mood to make polite conversation,” claims a witness. “He told Jay that if somebody calls you six times, you call them back. It doesn’t matter who you are, that is just rude.”

Jay, the witness said, tried to joke his way out of the situation, but DeNiro allegedly kept saying “[Jay-Z] was disrespectful.” A source claiming to be in DeNiro's inner circle, however, denies things went down the way the Post claims. “It was a low-key private conversation between two people…It was not a heated discussion.”

UPDATE - CHARGES DROPPED AGAINST BON JOVI’S DAUGHTER: Drug charges against JON BON JOVI'S daughter as well as the 21-year-old male student who was with her when she overdosed have been dropped.

Stephanie Bongiovi will not be prosecuted because of a New York law exempting people from possession charges if they called for help for someone experiencing a, quote, “drug or alcohol overdose or other life-threatening medical emergency.” The law is supposed to reduce overdose deaths by encouraging people to call 911 without fear of being arrested.

Jon's daughter was arrested Wednesday after cops and medical personnel were called to her Hamilton College dorm room because she was unresponsive. A subsequent search of her room found heroin, as well as marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Bongiovi’s condition is still unknown.

UPDATE - ELMO ACCUSER HAS LONG CRIMINAL HISTORY: It turns out the man who accused Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash of having a relationship with him when he was 16, only to recant the story days later, has a long rap sheet.

"The Smoking Gun" has identified the accuser as 24-year-old wannabe actor/model Sheldon Stephens, who has been arrested several times since 2009 for everything from passing bad checks to reckless driving. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

His most serious crime happened in September of 2009, when he allegedly robbed his former boss at knifepoint of $250,000 worth of jewelry.

The incident occurred right before Stephens got on a flight from LA to Pennsylvania. He was arrested on two felony counts of receiving stolen property, but the charges were dismissed two weeks later.
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