IS MILEY CYRUS ALREADY MARRIED???!!!: Is 19-year-old MILEY CYRUS already married?!

Here's why I ask:

While Cyrus’ man LIAM HEMSWORTH was accepting the Film Breakthrough Award for his performance in ‘Hunger Games’ at the Australian in Film Awards last night Wednesday night, he spoke about meeting the soon-to-be Mrs. Hemsworth while filming ‘The Last Song’ and said, “And now we’re married.”

His exact quote was, “I was fortunate enough to get called back in to read with my now fiancée, who I recently got engaged to … and we read together and fell in love and now we’re married.”

He was quick to clear up any misunderstandings, though. “Well not married, yet,” he added. And Miley was quick to yell out from her seat an excited, “We will be!” to which Liam agreed, “We will be.”

USHER SLAPS RESTRAINING ORDER ON STALKER: A 26-year old woman who claims she is married to USHER is now barred from being anywhere near the him after he obtained a restraining order against her, TMZ reports.

The last straw was when Darshelle Jones-Rakestraw showed up at his front door last Friday, June 23, to “harass” him and his family.

Cops were called and they told Rakestraw not to return to the property. But she came back the very next day and tried to convince officers that she was Usher’s wife.

Usher hopes to make the temporary restraining order permanent at a future hearing.

SPLITSVILLE - POPULATION EVA LONGORIA: EVA LONGORIA is single again. Us Weekly reports that Longoria has split from Eduardo Cruz -- again.

The two ended their year-long romance back in March, but reunited in the spring. Now, however, sources close to the couple say they're done ... for good this time.


KELLY OSBOURNE ADMITS SHE GOT WASTED ON FLIGHT: Rather than issue the usual denial, KELLY OSBOURNE is CONFIRMING a tabloid report which claimed she got wasted on a recent flight to Atlanta.
Osbourne admitted to RadarOnline that, yes, she turned to alcohol on the flight to cope with upsetting news about her brother Jack's recent Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis.

Osbourne's public intoxication is controversial because she previously battled substance abuse and spent time in rehab.

Commenting on the situation, Kelly told the gossip site, quote, "I have the occasional drink. I will never lie about that. That's my choice that I make and I'm an adult and I have to be responsible for my actions."

BRIAN AUSTIN GREEN SHOWS US HIS TWEETS: After releasing a bunch of Hawaiian vacation photos featuring MEGAN FOX'S baby bump, Brian Austin Green coyly Tweeted "Thank you everyone. We are so happy."

He then followed up that one with this one: "By the way that last tweet does not confirm or deny anything :)" No, Brian, the awkwardly-staged photo of you kissing her Buddah belly does.
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WATCH PARIS HILTON GET KNOCKED INTO A WALL DURING A SCUFFLE WITH PAPARAZZI:PARIS HILTON went all ALEC BALDWIN on a photographer in a parking garage Tuesday night and ended up getting knocked into a wall.

Paris was leaving a West Hollywood nightclub with some friends, when a cameraman allegedly got a little too close for her taste. Paris went after the guy's camera, and all kinds of chaos ensued.

One of Paris' people tried to grab the guy's camera, and he got pushed into Paris and she hit the wall. She wasn't injured, and police weren't called.

The photographer, Billy Barrera, spoke with Radar Online. And he suggested that Paris didn't want to be filmed because she was high on something.

Quote, "Paris was acting like she was on drugs. I know drugs, I've seen a lot of people on them, and Paris is one of them. She attacked me for no reason."

Check a few photos TMZ posted HERE, HERE, and HERE.

On a related note ... BLAKE LIVELY was in New York yesterday for an appearance on "Good Morning America". After she left the studio in her SUV, a paparazzo started tailing her.

Lively stopped her car, got out, went right up to the window of the photographer's car and scolded him! HERE'S the pic.

COULD BE TRUE, COULD BE CRAP - 'THE BACHELORETTE' FINDS LOVE ... WITH SHOW HOST!!!: EMILY MAYNARD is down to FOUR guys on "The Bachelorette" and word is she found love! But not with one of the remaining bachelors.

Star magazine claims she's actually "madly in love" with the show’s host CHRIS HARRISON, who split from his wife back in May.

Insiders claim Emily and Chris have gotten quite close, with one source adding, “Chris always openly told staffers that Emily was the most beautiful woman he’d ever laid eyes on.”

Even past winner Vienna Girardi claims Emily has always “really wanted to be with Chris, and it was obvious he wanted her too.” Vienna doesn't stop there. She adds, quote, "I guarantee Emily and Chris will end up together in the end."

Star" also claims Emily and Chris "backed up the romance rumors" last month, when Emily Tweeted a picture of them together at the "Dancing with the Stars" finale, with the caption: "I had so much fun with ChrisBHarrison tonight.

Chris re-Tweeted the pic and added quote, "Great night with my friend."

IN DENIAL - JENNIFER ANISTON: There was much speculation earlier this week over the diamond ring JENNIFER ANISTON was spotted wearing. Many on the World Wide Web of Expressing An Opinion Based On Incomplete Evidence naturally assumed she and JUSTIN THEROUX were engaged.

They're not. Jen's peeps tell "People" magazine she's had -- and worn -- the ring on and off for years.


TOM CRUISE HAS A CRAPPY FACE: Normally, people aren't too happy when they get bird poop on them. Not TOM CRUISE. He willingly puts it on his face to keep his skin looking youthful.

An insider tells "Now" magazine Tom isn't a fan of Botox, so he, quote, "recently started experimenting with the nightingale poo facial. It was recommended by a Hollywood pal and the results have been fantastic."

The treatment involves mixing nightingale bird droppings with rice bran and water and applying it as a face mask. VICTORIA BECKHAM is supposedly, allegedly a big fan of the bird poop face mask as well.

ROMANCE REPORT - JOHNNY DEPP: No sooner had JOHNNY DEPP and longtime girlfriend Vanessa Paradis announced thier break up last week when rumors started swirling that Johnny's bi-sexual "Rum Diary" co-star AMBER HEARD was the reason for the split.

Is this further proof that Depp and Heard truly are an item: In Touch Weekly is reporting that Amber has split with her girlfriend of four years. Stay tuned!

ROMANCE REPORT - MILA KUNIS AND ASHTON KUTCHER AREN'T EXCLUSIVE: MILA KUNIS and ASHTON KUTCHER *are* dating but sources tell Us Weekly say their relationship isn't exclusive.
Quote, "They've been hot for each other for years [but]they're not exclusive. They are hanging out and seeing where it's going."

MADONNA'S DAUGHTER SHOWS US HER TWEETS - IN A CONE BRA!!!: She's only 15, but MADONNA'S daughter Lourdes already seems to share mom's propensity for posing provocatively.

Lourdes tweeted out a picture of herself  yesterday backstage at her mom's show ... holding Madonna's CONE BRA up to her chest, and sticking out her tongue ...

The photo was Tweeted from the account associated with Lourdes and Madonna's Material Girl clothing line. For some reason, it was taken down last night. Perhaps mom didn't approve?

BABY POOP: "Us Weekly" is reporting that "True Blood" stars ANNA PAQUIN and STEPHEN MOYER are expecting twins.

It was the couple's costar Sam Trammell who let the news slip when he was talking about his own set of twins.

"I'm so excited for [Anna and Stephen]," he blurted out. "We sent them a special gift. It's so interesting that True Blood has become, like, the 'twins' show."

BLAST FROM THE PAST: Remember Archie's niece Stephanie on "All in the Family" and "Archie Bunker's Place"? Her name is Danielle Brisebois and she's 43 today.

After the whole acting thing dried up, Danielle moved on to a career in music. She was a member of the group The New Radicals, who hit the charts in 1998 with "You Get What You Give".

After that, she went on to write and produce for such artists as Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken, and Kylie Minogue. Perhaps her greatest claim to musical fame, however, is that she wrote Natasha Bedingfield's "Unwritten".
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BABY POOP - MEGAN FOX DEBUTS BABY BUMP: We can stop wondering MEGAN FOX is or isn't with child. She's definitely pregnant. She didn't announce it, but her belly did .

Over the weekend, she and husband BRIAN AUSTIN GREEN hit up the big island of Hawaii to celebrate their two year wedding anniversary and this time they brought a fetus with them. HERE'S Megan flaunting the bump in a bikini. And HERE'S Brian kissing said flaunted bump.

There's no word on Megan's due date, or when the inevitable naked, pregnant Vanity Fair magazine cover will hit newsstands.

WATCH ONE OF RIHANNA'S BODYGUARDS PUNCH A PHOTOG: One of RIHANNA'S bodyguards punched out a photographer who apparently got a little too aggressive on Sunday night in London. And since the whole thing was caught on video you can safely assume the photographer is going to sue.

Speaking of RiRi ... she caused quite the social media stink yesterday after she posted a picture of herself getting friendly with a guy in a Justin Bieber mask.

Some people thought it person wearing the mask was Chris Brown, but according to the Celebuzz gossip site it was actually one of her backup dancers.

ROMANCE REPORT - IS JENNIFER ANISTON ENGAGED???!!!: The internet is once again speculating as to whether JENNIFER ANISTON and Justin Theroux are engaged.

This time rumors were sparked by Jen wearing a new ring. The ring was spotted as Jen and Justin arrived at LAX from a trip to France, and she tried to hide her face from photographers.

Of course I have no idea if it's an engagement ring or not, but I can tell you with some certainty it's not the usual 'Jennifer' ring she wears ...

JESSICA SIMPSON SHOWS US HER TWEETS: JESSICA SIMPSON tweeted out a simple “Howdy friends” yesterday along with this photo of daughter Maxwell ...


HUMPHRIES INSISTS HE DIDN’T TALK ABOUT DIVORCE TO 'GIRLFRIEND': We learned yesterday KRIS HUMPHRIES gave his deposition Monday to KIM KARDASHIAN'S lawyer in the couple's divorce case.Today we know a bit more of what exactly Kris told her attorneys.

Humphries supposedly insisted that the Myla Sinanaj chick was just a friend and he never talked to her about his split from Kim. According to TMZ, Kris said Myla was curious about Kim, but he only spoke “generally” about his ex when Myla asked questions like, “What’s she like in real life?”

The Myla chick has claimed to have emails and texts in which Kris revealed that he “(wanted) to get the divorce over quickly,” so they could be together.

And despite Kris’ claims that Kim committed fraud and only married him for TV ratings, sources say he “offered no evidence,” to back his allegations. Sources close to Humphries, however, say he just doesn't want to disclose evidence until the actual trial.

Kim is expected to be deposed in Los Angeles sometime next week.

DID KHLOE AND LAMAR USE KID‘S GRADUATION FOR PHOTO OP???: Sounds like LAMAR ODOM and wife KHLOE KARDASHIAN like to play proud parents only when cameras are around. At least according to the New York Daily News.

The paper reports that Lamar’s 13-year-old daughter graduated last Wednesday, and apparently Lamar made a big stink because the school would only give her three tickets -- for Lamar, her mom, and her grandmother. But Khloe refused to skip the event and Lamar kept trying to nab his wife a ticket.

The paper claims the school didn’t budge, but Khloe showed up anyway, and the couple posed for paparazzi who followed them to the event. But apparently, Lamar and Khloe weren’t as committed to his 10-year-old son’s fifth grade graduation which took place the next day.

The Daily News source claims the duo skipped that ceremony because, “they got their photo op the day before and then he couldn’t be bothered.”

A rep for Khloe and Lammie tells the gossip site Gossip Cop the entire story is false. Khloe didn’t learn about the ticket limit until the day before, and the school quickly agreed to give Lamar a fourth ticket. In addition, the rep insists Lamar did go to his son's graduation and even brought his brother-in-law ROB KARDASHIAN with him.

BLASTS FROM THE PAST: Remember Ray's daughter Ally on "Everybody Loves Raymond"? Her name is Madylin Sweeten, and she's 21 today.

2. Remember Alisan Porter, the little girl from "Curly Sue"? Well, she's 31 now, married and pregnant. Yes, she put the cart before the horse.

BABY POOP: "Everybody Loves Earl" superstar JASON LEE'S wife had a baby boy. They already have a daughter named Casper, and Jason has a son from a previous relationship whose name is Pilot Inspektor.

This one was given the relatively normal name Sonny.

GEORGE CLOONEY IS THE HOTTEST ACTOR OVER 50: The results are in, and according to a survey by the discussion-based social media site SodaHead, GEORGE CLOONEY is the Hottest Actor Over 50. LIAM NEESON was a distant second.

Here's the Top 5:

#1.) George Clooney (51) 31%
#2.) Liam Neeson (60) 17%
#3.) Antonio Banderas (51) 14%
#4.) Colin Firth (51) 13%
#5.) Denzel Washington (57) 12%

R.I.P - WRITER/DIRECTOR NORA EPHRON: 'Sleepless in Seattle' writer-director NORA EPHRON passed away yesterday of pneumonia related to leukemia. She was 71.

Her credits also included such blockbuster romantic comedies as 'You've Got Mail' and 'When Harry Met Sally', and the time-traveling food adventure 'Julie & Julia'

Here's one of the most famous and memorable scenes Ephron wrote -- the "Big-O" scene from 'When Harry Met Sally' ...

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JOHN TRAVOLTA SUED AGAIN: Yet another person is suing JOHN TRAVOLTA and alleging sexual assault. Fabian Zanzi says he worked on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship in 2009, when he delivered food to Travolta's stateroom.

Zanzi says that when he went inside, Travolta asked for a neck massage. When Zanzi obliged and reached for Travolta’s neck, John allegedly dropped his robe, exposed Mr. Happy standing at attention.

Zanzi says Travolta later offered him $12K to keep quiet, but he declined the money and complained to cruise ship management. Zanzi further alleges that  management wouldn’t allow him to put any of the sexual misconduct in writing.

While Travolta himself hasn't responed to this or any of the previous allegations made by other, his lawyer is denying this incident as well. “This is another ludicrous lawsuit with inane claims,” read a statement from John’s lawyer. “It is obvious that Mr. Zanzi and his lawyers are looking for their 15 minutes of fame."

Meanwhile ... John and wife KELLY PRESTON hit up the premiere of "Savages" in Los Angeles last night, and could not keep their hands off each other ...

BEYONCE FANS MAD THAT SHE'S HANGING WITH KIM K: BEYONCE and KIM KARDASHIAN have been hanging out in Europe while their mens are on tour, and Bey's fans couldn't be more outraged.

According to a RadarOnline insider, "Kim is not the sort of girlfriend that Beyoncé fans envision the new mother having. Beyoncé has an air of class and sophistication to her, while Kim is famous because of a sex tape and a failed marriage. It's an odd pairing."

On a related note ... Kim so wants to become BFF's with Beyonce she's trying hard not to mess things up. One way is by abiding to the "unwritten rule" that "she is not allowed to blast to the world her business with Bey and Jay" who are known for their privacy.

In fact, if you take a look at Kim's social media postings you'd be hard pressed to find a single mention that she has been hanging out with Beyonce and Jay-Z.

COVER SHOT - JENNY McCARTHY’S PLAYBOY COVER REVEALED: JENNY McCARTHY is on the cover of the latest issue of Playboy magazine wearing just knee-high tights and gloves ...

This is the fourth cover for Jenny, who decided to pose again to show she’s still sexy despite approaching 40. "The pictures are really gorgeous and classy," McCarthy tells the mag. "It's probably a lot more sophisticated than a lot of the stuff you'd see of people with their clothes on." The issue hits newsstands Friday.


KRIS HUMPHRIES DEPOSED IN KIM KARDASHIAN DIVORCE BATTLE: KRIS HUMPHRIES gave his deposition yesterday to Kim's lawyer in the couple's divorce case. Kim's deposition is expected to take place within the next 10 days.

Once both sides finish telling their sides of the story, a date for their divorce trial will be set. Kim was hoping for an easy divorce, but Humphries has accused her of fraud and wants an annulment, claiming that she used him for publicity and never intended to stay married.

KRIS HUMPHRIES' LAWYERS TO SUBPEONA KANYE WEST'S EX: Word is Humphries wants to subpoena KANYE WEST'S ex Amber Rose because of her previous claim that Kanye and Kim had an affair while they were together.

As previously reported, Rose claimed earlier this year that Kim tried to steal West away from her. She told Star Magazine, "They were both cheating. They were both cheating on me and Reggie with each other...Kim is one of the main reasons why me and Kanye are not together. She's a homewrecker!"

RadarOnline says Kris' legal team will be issuing a subpoena for Amber to be deposed because she has "very relevant information and could contradict Kim's timeline about when she and Kanye West became romantically involved."

BEFORE THEY WERE FAMOUS - ANGELINA JOLIE: We've all got childhood photos tucked away somewhere that we'd rather not let other people see.

But while us normal folk can keep them hidden in a closet forever, not so much big time celebrities. Eventually, someone is going to find them and throw them up on the 'net.

Such is the case with ANGELINA JOLIE. Check out some pictures of Angelina as a teenager. THIS photograph was taken at her eight grade graduation, THIS is Angie at age 14, and THIS is her in her late teens.

SNAPSHOTS: JENNIFER LOPEZ -- on tour in Rio De Janeiro -- hit the beach with her man Casper Smart and her four-year-old twins Max and Emme. HERE she is snapping a camera phone pic of the kids.

2. Also hitting the beach and taking photos of her kids was BRITNEY SPEARS. Brit and her two boys were spent time together on the sand on a Malibu beach over the weekend.

HERE'S Britney snapping a photo of Sean Preston. And HERE'S a bare-faced Spears with her hair up in a bun.

3. JULIA ROBERTS went makeup free in Malibu as well. She and husband Danny Moder were photographed on a rare night out as they made their way back to their car after having dinner together.
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DOES MADONNA EMPLOY A 'STERILIZATION TEAM' TO KEEP PEOPLE FROM STEALING HER DNA???!!!: I'm going to go out on a limb and say the odds of this story being true are very slim, but when it comes to the narcissitic MADONNA one never knows, so I'm going to throw it out there just in case.

According to the not-always-reliable Britain's "Daily Mirror" tabloid, Madonna's tour posse includes a team of people who clean up after her. No, not her trash and dirty dishes; her hair, skin or saliva!!!

The so-called "sterilization team" supposedly "extreme cleans" her dressing room after she leaves to keep the crazies from stealing her DNA.

A Portuguese concert promoter tells the tab, quote, "We can only enter [her dressing room] after her sterilization team has left the room . . . it's all to protect her, and make her feel comfortable."

“I do understand it," adds the promoter. "But it IS taken to extremes.”

A source close to the Material Girl reportedly said, “She is a perfectionist, and expects the best. But then, at her age and with her status, why shouldn’t she?”

IS JENNIFER LOPEZ'S BOYFRIEND GAY AND ONLY WITH JLO FOR FAME?: JENNIFER LOPEZ does not know what she’s getting into with her new man. At least that’s what a former friend of Casper Smart is now claiming.

Joshua Lee Ayers, who claims to have been close to Casper for years, tells In Touch Casper is only using Lopez. “He’s willing to do whatever Jennifer wants as long as it furthers his own career,” said Ayers.

Meanwhile … Ayers is also insinuating Casper may be gay. Back in March he posted a picture on his Twitter account of a shirtless Casper, wearing only shiny gold stuffed shorts, along with the caption, “Check out Ur boy…and his low key homo ways.”

A rep for J.Lo denies Casper is gay, adding, “these comments are born from envy and jealousy. It must be a slow news day.”

LOHAN LUNACY ON THE SET OF HER LIFETIME MOVIE: Since LINDSAY LOHAN started filming the Lifetime movie "Liz & Dick", she has already rammed a Porsche into the back of a dump truck and received a visit from paramedics due to "exhaustion". So how bad are things really?

A source tells the "National Enquirer", quote, "She's completely unfocused. Most days she shows up two hours late and she rarely knows her lines. A production assistant has to feed them to her. The footage so far has been just awful."

Another source claims Lindsay is clashing with her co-star GRANT BOWLER, who's playing RICHARD BURTON to her ELIZABETH TAYLOR. Apparently, Lindsay felt that she deserved a bigger leading man, so she's had it in for Grant from the start.

Continues the source, "The crew is fed up with Lindsay because they have to spend so much time dealing with her diva antics and, in turn, trying to soothe Grant’s battered ego."

BEYONCE AND KIM KARDASHIAN HANG OUT: We're constantly hearing tabloid and gossip site rumors that BEYONCÉ absolutely HATES KIM KARDASHIAN, and hates that she has to hang out with her because KANYE WEST and JAY-Z are tight.

She didn't look too annoyed with Kim over the weekend, though. Photos of Kim and Beyoncé having a great time together Friday night during Kanye and Jay-Z's gig in Birmingham, England were Tweeted out and to me, it looks like they're genuinely having a good time together.


JESSICA SIMPSON SHOWS US HER TWEETS: JESSICA SIMPSON hit up Twitter with a pic of herself pushing her daughter Max in a stroller, although the photo is mostly dominated by Jessica's massive cleavage ...

"Just taking a walk around the block," she captioned her Tweet. "Street legal???"

Meanwhile ... Despite recently signing a $4 million deal with Weight Watchers that requires her to shed 50 pounds in five months, Jess has been struggling to lose the baby weight.

In Touch magazine reports that hitting the gym has been difficult for her. “She’s so emotional,” a friend tells In Touch. “She doesn’t want to leave her baby. Sometimes she just starts crying. It’s hard for her.”

Word is Jessica hit 210 pounds during her pregnancy. Her goal weight is 130.

COVER SHOT: Perhaps someone should clue OK magazine in on Jessica's weight struggles. Check out the cover of their latest issue ...

BABY POOP: Grey’s Anatomy STAR JESSICA CAPSHAW is a mom for the third time. The actress and husband Christopher Gavigan welcomed daughter Poppy James Gavigan on June 20th.

The couple is already parents to Eve Augusta, 20 months, and Luke Hudson, four and a half.

KELLY OSBOURNE SHOWS US HER TWEETS: "I'm in love and I don't care who knows about it!" Tweeted KELLY OSBOURNE, along with an intimate photo. No, there's not a new man in Kelly's life. She's referring to brother JACK'S new daughter, Pearl.

SNAPSHOT: Someone in the Denver area is selling a 1970 Volkswagen Beetle on Craigslist, which was been customized to look like the head of GENE SIMMONS from KISS.

He's asking $10,000 for the car.
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DID KIM KARDASHIAN'S MOM TELL HER TO MAKE THE NOW FAMOUS SEX TAPE???!!!: KRIS JENNER is often accused of pimping out her daughters. But was she an actual pimp? KRIS HUMPHRIES' so-called ex-girlfriend says she sure did.

Myla Sinanaj tells TMZ that while they were dating, Kris told her Kim's mother Kris actually advised Kim to make her sex tape and even made her re-shoot it because Jenner didn’t think the original looked "pretty" enough.

Kim's sis, KHLOE, put Kris on blast after word got back to her. She tells TMZ, quote, "That [he's saying my mom masterminded Kim's sex tape is] just disgusting and disturbing, and probably HIS fantasy!"

Sources close to Kim also say Kris is lying. They say from the beginning of their relationship she refused to discuss the tape with him.

WAS JOHNNY DEPP 'BORED' WITH VANESSA PARADIS???: It was rumored for months, and finally confirmed this week that JOHNNY DEPP and his longtime girlfriend and baby mamma VANESSA PARADIS had separated. So what went wrong?

According to Radaronline, Johnny was simply unhappy in the relationship. “Johnny didn’t want to be with Vanessa anymore. They had grown so far apart and he wanted to be free and try new things,” claimed an insider. “He was bored senseless with her.”

Added the insider, “Johnny just wants more from life and believes Vanessa deserves to be happier too.” And it sounds like Vanessa will be happy at least financially. According to the British tabloid The Sun, Depp plans on paying the mother of his two children over $150 million to keep the split amicable.

Meanwhile ... The Globe claims Johnny has already moved on and is dating his 'The Rum Diary' co-star AMBER HEARD. Their sources say she's become a “regular visitor” to the New Mexico set of Depp’s new movie. The tab even claims Depp bought Heard a horse so they could ride together when she comes to visit.

ROMANCE REPORT - KRISTIN DAVIS AND AARON SORKIN: 'The West Wing' writer Aaron Sorkin and 'Sex and the City' star KRISTIN DAVIS have been rumored to be a couple for several weeks now, but you can forget about the rumors now.

The two publically confirmed they are indeed a couple Wednesday by sharing a kiss on the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere of Sorkin’s new HBO series 'The Newsroom.'

DOH! A PREGNANT SNOOKI TUMBLES: Much like JESSICA SIMPSON, SNOOKI has so far refused to let her pregnancy cramp her fashion style, but after taking a tumble in her platform sandals maybe it's time she reconsider at least her footwear. Peep the pics HERE, HERE, and HERE.


DEMI MOORE NOT DATING 'TRUE BLOOD' STAR: DEMI MOORE is not -- I repeat, not -- dating a werewolf. Word on the street was she and 'True Blood' hottie JOE MANGANIELLO were an item, but Joe himself denied the rumor yesterday.

Manganiello was on Ryan Seacrest's L.A. radio show and said, quote, "There is 100 percent zero truth to that. I met her once at a premiere and I maybe talked to her for three minutes."

But it was a memorable three minutes. Joe, who plays an exotic dancer in the upcoming movie'Magic Mike', says the two chatted about something they have in common.

"She was in 'Striptease', so I was like, 'Hey, you played a stripper! I'm playing a stripper,' and we kind of had a three-minute conversation about exchanging stripping notes, and that was it."

SNAPSHOT - LOHAN AS LIZ: As you've probably heard, LINDSAY LOHAN is starring in Lifetime's 'Liz & Dick' TV movie and as such has had to channel ELIZABETH TAYLOR through the years.

Radaronline posted THIS PHOTO of Linds as the '80s version of Taylor. A good likeness, yes or no?

WATCH: JUSTIN BEIBER was on "The Late Show" last night. Watch DAVID LETTERMAN take The Beebs to task for having too many tattoos ...

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