DID MICHAEL JACKSON AND WHITNEY HOUSTON ONCE HAVE A SECRET AFFAIR???!!!: MICHAEL JACKSON'S former bodyguard, Matt Fiddes, is making more shocking claims.

One week after claiming HE'S the biological father of Michael's youngest child, BLANKET, Fiddes now claims MJ and WHITNEY HOUSTON were on the down low.

According to Matt, back in 1991, Michael hooked it up with WHITNEY HOUSTON!!! Fiddes tells London's "Sun" tabloid, quote, "Whitney practically moved into Michael's ranch and they had a fling like any other young couple. But Michael said later he had always hoped the relationship had gone further, and I know he dreamed of marrying her."

Michael and Whitney went their seperate ways, but reunited about a decade later at a concert for Michael in New York. Quote, "They were both a mess [by then], to be honest. They shared what would be their final hugs and Michael begged Whitney to get off the drugs that were destroying her life. The two of them whispered that they loved each other as they hugged."

BREAKING NEWS! KHLOE AND LAMAR TO CALL IT QUITS!!!: According to sources close to LAMAR ODOM and KHLOE KARDASHIAN, the couple has decided to call it quits … on the “Khloe & Lamar” show, that is.

TMZ is reporting that the second season of the show will be its last because Lamar wants to focus on an NBA comeback. Odom, if you recall, was traded by the L.A. Laker to the Dallas Mavericks at the start of the season, and then regulated to the Maverick’s inactive list after playing like he didn’t want to be there.

TMZ says that although they’ll be pulling the plug on the spinoff, Khloe and Lamar will still make occasional appearances on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” That sound you hear is me breathing a sigh of relief.

KIM KARDASHIAN WAS THE BUTT OF JOKES AT WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENCE DINNER: KIM KARDASHIAN attended the White House Correspondence Dinner Saturday, but may have regretted that decision. Kim and the Kardashian clan were the butt of several jokes during the evening, coming from not only host JIMMY KIMMEL, but PRESIDENT OBAMA as well.

“If you're looking for the greatest threat to America right now, she's right there," Kimmel joked, pointing at Kim, who sat at the Fox News table with LINDSAY LOHAN.

He added, “When you took office, the Kardashians had one reality show. Now they have four. This is not a good trend."

As for Obama, in a pre-taped segment in which they faked him not knowing his mic was turned on backstage, he was heard saying ...

"Seriously, guys, what am I doing here? I'm the President of the United States...why am I telling knock-knock jokes to Kim Kardashian? What is she famous for, anyway?"


JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT EMBARRASSED BY HER CRUSH DECLARATION: Earlier this month, JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT was on the "Ellen" show and revealed she was crushing on Maroon 5 singer and "The Voice" judge ADAM LEVINE.

Well, last week Adam on the "Ellen" show Adam told her that when he heard about Jennifer's comments, he thought, quote, "That was aggressive . . . it was really sweet and flattering."

So an embarrassed JLove headed to Twitter to talk about how it felt to get shot down so publicly. She wrote in reply to the hashtag #KeepCrushesQuiet, quote, "The moment when you make a comment about something or someone and the world makes you feel like a total fool."

"Thank you to Adam Levine for being so gracious on 'Ellen' about my crush heard 'round the world. I've learned a lesson.


PATRICK DEMPSEY PLAYS REAL LIFE HERO: "McDreamy" himself, PATRICK DEMPSEY, came to the rescue of a teen driver who crashed and flipped his car in Malibu last week.

On Tuesday, a 17-year-old crashed his Ford Mustang right in front of Dempsey's house. Patrick saw the crash, grabbed a crowbar, and ran outside to get the kid out of the car.

According to the teen, when he opened his eyes, Patrick was looking down at him. He asked Patrick, quote, "Are you famous?" And Patrick responded, quote, "I'm a doctor."

Patrick then waited with Weston until paramedics arrived, called the kid's mother to tell her about the accident and keep her calm, and followed the ambulance to the hospital to make sure the teen was OK.

THE WANTED CALL CHRISTINA AGUILERA A 'BITCH': The boy band THE WANTED don't think too highly of CHRISTINA AGUILERA. They recently performed on "The Voice", and apparently gave them the cold shoulder.

Band member MAX GEORGE told a New York radio station that Christina, quote, "a bit scary to be honest." SIVA KANESWARAN added, quote, "She was quite rude." TOM PARKER went a little further. He said, quote, "She was a total bitch!"

"She just sat there and didn't speak to us. Wouldn't even look at us," he added. Tom has since apologized about calling her the b-word, but he still thinks Christina was rude to them. He told TMZ, quote, "We just think manners cost nothing, you know what I mean?"


FROM THE DEPARTMENT OF 'DUH', MEL GIBSON ADMITS TO HAVING TEMPER: MEL GIBSON was on "The Tonight Show" on Friday night and addressed his latest in a long, long line of taped meltdowns.

 "You know, I love coming to [your show] because when I get here and you tape me, you let me know you're going to do that up front!" Mel said,  trying to make light of the situation.

Mel made headlines recently when screenwriter Joe Eszterhas accused him of being anti-Semitic and released tapes of the star flipping out. He admitted to Jay that he had been "peeved" at Joe over the delay of the script, then added, "You know, maybe you don't know this about me, but I've got a little bit of a temper."


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IT MAY OR MAY NOT BE ON BETWEEN BEYONCE AND KIM KARDASHIAN!!!: Is a celebrity cat fight brewing?

Reports out this morning claim that BEYONCE and husband JAY-Z are not so thrilled their close friend KANYE WEST is dating KIM KARDASHIAN.

Word on the street is Jay is so not down with Kim, he's forbidden Kanye from taking her on tour with them!

The rarely-if-ever reliable gossip site Media Takeout adds to the mix with reports that the couple arrived at a dinner honoring New York Knicks baller Carmelo Anthony Monday night, but wouldn’t get out of the car until Kim and Kanye left. Claimed a source, “Beyonce doesn’t want to be in the same shot with [Kim]."

Meanwhile ... Reports claim Kim's mom KRIS JENNER wants Beyonce to make an appearance on "Keeping Up With The Kardashians". According to a source for the Hollywood Life gossip site, Kris is ecstatic that her daughter is boning dating Kanye -- because of all of his celebrity friends.

The source says, "Kris has her ways and it wouldn't surprise me if the cameras captured Kim and Kanye on a double date with Beyonce and Jay-Z." The source continued, "Kris is doing her best to convince Kanye to arrange the double date. Believe me, it's hard to say no to Kris!"

Speaking of Kim ... Check out the crazy tight pants she stepped out in yesterday. Girl certainly knows what puts food on the table, wouldn't you say?

IN DENIAL - TAYLOR SWIFT: A source close to TAYLOR SWIFT is shooting reports that Swift got 'The Girls' done. E! Online reports in no uncertain terms that Taylor has not gotten breast implants! I repeat, NOT gotten breast implants!

Rumors started swirling yesterday after Taylor was photographed wearing a snug dress that highlighted her lady lumps in a way no one seems to have noticed before. So why was Taylor looking larger than normal? Well, that's a secret. A Victoria's Secret!

SIMON COWELL SORRY FOR TELL-ALL BOOK: This has to be a first! SIMON COWELL has apologized for something he said.

Simon's mea culpa has to do with the new unauthorized biography "Sweet Revenge: The Intimate Life of Simon Cowell" which was written with Simon's cooperation.

At the book's launch this week, Simon said, "I want to publicly apologize to anybody I embarrassed because I have tried to keep my private life quiet a bit, and I do have to apologize to certain people and certain members of my family."

Among the things he admits to in the book is having a secret affair with former 'X Factor' U.K. judge Dannii Minogue, and to being obsessed with the shows other judge, Cheryl Cole.

He also admits to once considering doing the giggitty with fellow American Idol judge PAULA ABDUL -- until he considered the morning after.

And then there's this nugget: Although he's never met JENNIFER LOPEZ, he, quote, "can't stand her."


WAS LINDSAY LOHAN A 'NIGHTMARE' ON SET OF GLEE???: LINDSAY LOHAN may not be a changed woman after all. Sources connected with the television show "Glee" are calling Linds a "nightmare" to work with.

An insider told E Online Lindsay showed up "three hours late in the morning, and when she did finally arrive, she just didn't want to be there." The insider adds that Linds "had not memorized her lines, and...kept disappearing so no one could find her."

However her rep tells a different story. "The production team wanted to begin with Lindsay at 3, so that meant she had a lot of time where she wasn't doing anything. That's why people didn't see her. She was then in hair and makeup and began after lunch at 3."

He then took umbrage at all the talk of Lindsay's perceived unprofessional behavior saying, "If there was a problem yesterday, I would have just said 'no comment,' however I can't ignore this because this is utter B.S. This is a classic example of people trying to bash Lindsay."

Speaking of La Lohan ... she and Kim Kardashian will be sitting at the same table tomorrow night at the White House Correspondents Dinner in Washington.

Kim and her mom were invited by the FOX NEWS network, and Lindsay will be the guest of Fox host GRETA VAN SUSTEREN. Word is Linds is bringing her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, with her.

Sadly, there won't be any drama between the two stars because they happen to like each other. Lindsay, in fact, attended Kim’s wedding to KRIS HUMPHRIES.

BABY POOP: SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR and hubby FREDDIE PRIZE JR.are expecting their second child. There's no word on the due date. Their first, daughter Charlotte Grace, was born in 2009.

WATCH: Those precocious British cuties showed up on "ELLEN" again yesterday. Sophia Grace and her sidekick Rosie -- dressed in their usual uniform of princess dresses and tiaras -- danced, sang and were their adorable selves again.

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IN DENIAL - MILA KUNIS: Despite spending all of last weekend with him, MILA KUNIS says she's NOT dating ASHTON KUTCHER.

She calls the rumors "absurd" and says, quote, "a friend is a friend."

But one of those infamous un-named sources is saying, yes she's correct, they are friends ... WITH BENEFITS!!! Quote, "There's nothing serious going on . . . just friends having fun."

DID TAYLOR SWIFT GET 'THE GIRLS' DONE??? WE REPORT, YOU DECIDE!!!: The gossip site Hollywood Life showed two photos of TAYLOR SWIFT to three different plastic surgeons, and they're all convinced Taylor had a boob job.

One of them thinks she's gone, quote, "from a small A to a striking C."

While her chest does look different from one to the other, it could totally be what she's wearing. What do you think? We Report, You Decide!

COULD BE TRUE, COULD BE CRAP - KIM K WANTS TO BE IN BEYONCE'S INNER CIRCLE: Word is now that KIM KARDASHIAN is dating KANYE WEST, she's hoping it will lead to hanging out with BEYONCE.

According to a source that went blabbing to Heat Magazine, Kim wants to be a part of Bey's inner circle now, but Beyonce ain't having it.

Quote, "Bey's marriage to Jay-Z was extremely private, and neither of them confirmed it until long after the event. Kim, on the other hand, turned her wedding into a media circus, and the whole thing was filmed for a reality show. Bey thought that it was really tacky."

The source added, "Bey is used to hanging out with Gwyneth Paltrow - she's in a totally different league to Kim."

FIANCE NAMED BRITNEY'S CO-CONSERVATOR: BRITNEY SPEARS has a new man looking over her bank statements.

A Los Angeles judge yesterday named Spears’ fiancé Jason Trawick a co-conservator at the urging of Brit's father. Trawick will join Jamie Spears, who is still a conservator, and they’ll both help manage her personal affairs.

Jason will not be involved in handling Britney’s assets. At least not the financial ones! Hi-Yo!!!


'NERDS IN HIGH SCHOOL WHO GREW UP TO BE MUSIC SUPERSTARS' PHOTO GALLERY: Don't you just love looking at old high school photos -- especially old high school photos of celebrities before they were celebrities?

You'll dig this then: a photo gallery of famous musicians' high school pictures before they got famous.

Like Adam Levine, Steven Tyler, Beyoncé, Mariah Carey and more. Hit up THIS LINK to check out the slide show.

BABY POOP: KATHERINE HEIGL and her husband JOSH KELLEY have adopted their second daughter.

Their rep has refused to reveal any other details.

So we're forced to turn to that bastion of journalistic integrity, "The National Enquirer". They were actually the first to report that Heigle and Kelley quietly adopted an 8-day-old baby girl from Louisiana earlier this month.

“The whole adoption process for Katherine and Josh’s second child was like a covert operation,” a source told The Enquirer. “As soon as they got the word the baby was born, Katherine and Josh flew from California to Louisiana to pick up their new daughter."

The source added that her rep is only now confirming the adoption because Katherine wanted to keep the news on the DL until their daughter had a chance to acclimate to her new sibling.

SPLITSVILLE - POPULATION MARTIN LAWRENCE: MARTIN LAWRENCE and his wife Shamicka have called it quits.

They dated for 15 years before making THE BIG MISTAKE two years ago.

According to Martin’s rep, it was a "joint decision", they still "love and respect...one another" and will "remain friends." Blah, blah, blah. You know the drill.

WATCH - FAMOUS ACTORS MOVIE DEBUTS: Here's a pretty cool montage of some now famous actors making their movie debuts.

It includes "Mad Men" star JON HAMM in "Space Cowboys", MADONNA in 1983's "A Certain Sacrifice", and JONAH HILL in "I Heart Huckabees" from 2004.

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ASHTON, MILA HEAT UP ROMANCE RUMORS: Her rep denies they're a couple, saying "they have been friends for years", but the ASHTON KUTCHER/MILA KUNIS romance rumors won't go away.

Of course, it doesn't help that they recently went on a three-day getaway to the coastal town of Carpinteria, California together. I mean, who does that -- unless you're more than just friends, right?

The two reportedly had a sushi lunch date and were spotted buying sunflowers and blueberries from a roadside fruit stand.

According to a 'People' magazine source, Ashton has had the hots for Mila since their "That 70's Show" days. Quote, "He thought she was a goddess, was always talking about how beautiful she is. But she was with Macaulay [Culkin] for a lot of that time and also just generally gave off a not interested vibe."

However another source offered a different opinion, saying, "They're definitely close pals and have been [for years]. I think if anything she's a good time for him. He's not looking for anything serious."

'DANCING' UPDATE : After recieving the night's lowest score on Monday, GLADYS KNIGHT landed in the bottom two on last night's "Dancing With the Stars", forcing her to dance for her life.

Gladys was pitted against Disney star ROSHON FEGAN in the dance-off to save their spot. Watch the dance duel below ...


IS PAMELA ANDERSON TOO OLD TO FLAUNT IT??? WE REPORT, YOU DECIDE: PAM ANDERSON has been called the quintessential blonde bombshell, and has made a name for herself thanks to the Baywatch bathing suit.

But Pam is a 44 years old mother of two now, and many on the World Wide Web of Celebrity Judgement think it's time for her to change out the booty shorts and into something more, well, age appropriate after these photos of a recent appearance hit the 'net ...

Do you think Pam is too old for the mini shorts and should dress her age?Do age appropriate dress rules even apply to someone like Pam? Discuss.


ROMANCE REPORT - KATY PERRY CAVORTING HER WAY ACROSS AMERICA: KATY PERRY and her new man were spotted canoodling yet again. This time popping up at the Chateau Marmont for dinner last night.

Eye witnesses tell the Just Jared gossip site that Perry kept her arm around the Florence + the Machine guitarist throughout the night and that the pair looked, quote, "really happy with each other."

"They both had smiles on their faces and held hands on the way out," the source added. Alas, the blabbermouth did not have the foresight to take a couple of pics for our perverse enjoyment.

BABY POOP: It's a girl for OZZY OSBOURNE'S son, Jack Osbourne, and his fiancee. The couple welcomed daughter Pearl yesterday.
Jack's mom SHARON OSBOURNE tweeted, "Today I witnessed my first grandchild being born, life changing experience. She is an angel."
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BREAKING NEWS!!! KIM AND KANYE PUBLICLY DECLARE THEMSELVES A COUPLE!!!: Neither KIM KARDASHIAN nor KANYE WEST have commented publicly on their relationship status, but if it's true that a picture is worth a thousand words then they are sooooo ON!!!

London's "Daily Mail" has the first photos of the pair engaging in a public display of affection commonly known as holding hands.

KIMYE'S hand holding was caught on camera as they attended last night's opening of sister Kourtney's boyfriend Scott Disick's restaurant in New York City.

Peep the PDA's here, here and here.

ROMANCE REPORT - KATY PERRY PHOTOGRAPHED KISSING HER ALLEGED NEW MAN: Perhaps KATY PERRY does have a new man after all!!! At the very least, the photos confirm she and the new guy are at least having fun together -- if you know what I mean, and I think you do.

Friday, a photo of  Katy leading Rob by the hand as they walked in front of the crowd barrier was all over the 'net. But these latest pics are a bit more intimate. They show Perry hugging, kissing, and cuddling the guitarist for Florence + the Machine at the recent Coachella Music Festival. Peep the pics here, here, and here.

WAS SEAL PLEASURING HIMSELF DURING A PERFORMANCE ON 'THE VOICE'???!!!: There's a ten-second clip floating around the Internet today featuring SEAL on the Australian version of "The Voice".

In it, Seal -- who's one of the judges on the show, looks like he’s doing unspeakable things to himself during one of the performances. Now I'm pretty sure he wasn't, but the camera shot of him from the chest up and his arm movement sure make it LOOK like he is.

We Report, You Decide. But check it out quick because the TV show’s parent company keeps pulling the video as fast as people can upload it …


JENNIFER ANISTON IN DENIAL - NOT GETTING MARRIED IN GREECE: You knew this was coming ... the minute BRAD PITT put a ring on ANGELINA JOLIE'S finger, JENNIFER ANISTON was going to announce she was getting married, too, because that's the way tabloids and gossip sites work.

And sure enough, TMZ reported yesterday that Aniston was scouting wedding locations on the Greek island where her father John Aniston was born.

But don't run off to Target to get her a wedding gift just yet. Her rep denies the story, telling 'Us Weekly', “"[This is a] total fabrication. She was not in Greece."

Then added, "How is it that one of the most photographed people in the world supposedly goes to Greece to check out a hotel she never heard of and is not spotted or photographed?"

BABY POOP - GIULIANA RANCIC EXPECTING VIA SURROGATE: GIULIANA and BILL RANCIC are expecting a baby in late summer. They're using a surrogate, but they're the biological parents.

They've been trying for a long time, but have been unsuccessful for various reasons, including a miscarriage and Giuliana's battle with breast cancer. Giuliana is currently cancer free.

BABY POOP - IS MEGAN FOX PREGNANT???!!!: Has MEGAN FOX been fetused??? E! Online seems to believe so, reporting she’s pregnant with her first child. Nothing is official, though. They got the word from an unnamed source.

MADONNA EXPOSED!!!: MADONNA has always been willing to tell all -- and as a vintage photo about to go up for auction proves, she's also been willing to show plenty.

The snapshot is an outtake from her 1992 book "Sex", and shows Madge sprawled on a bed with a sheet covering her private parts. Her breasts, however, on a full display. Word is the black-and-white photo could fetch up to ten grand.


JENNIFER HUDSON TAKES WITNESS STAND IN HOMOCIDE TRIAL: JENNIFER HUDSON broke down on the witness stand yesterday as she recalled the 2008 murders of her mother, brother and young nephew -- allegedly at the hands of her brother-in-law, William Balfour.

In a surprise move, Jennifer was called as the prosecution's first witness. She testified that no one in the family wanted Balfour to marry her sister Julia Hudson, mostly because they didn't like the way he treated her.

Julia then took the witness stand and testified that Balfour threatened to kill her several times. She said that a few months before the murders, he tried to get back with her, and she turned him down. He told her, quote, "If you leave, you will be the last to die."

The prosecution claims Balfour committed the murders after flying into a jealous rage over a gift of balloons he believed came from his wife's new boyfriend.
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BABY POOP - JESSICA SIMPSON STILL PREGNANT: Word on the World Wide Web of Misinformation over the weekend was that JESSICA SIMPSON had given birth. She didn't.

We know this for sure because Saturday she Tweeted, quote, "To everyone who keeps congratulating me on the birth of my baby girl, I'm still pregnant!! Don't believe what you read ladies and gents."

It's possible a recent issue of 'OK' magazine featuring Jessica on the cover with a baby who belongs to someone else and the headline "My First Days as a New Mom" is to blame.

ROMANCE REPORT - KIM AND KANYE TOGETHER IN THE NYC: KIM KARDASHIAN and KANYE WEST spent time together in New York City again this weekend. They were spotted having drinks Friday night at the Mercer Hotel.

Then, after a sleepover at Kanye's pad, they spent Saturday shopping together. Saturday night, they had dinner with Kim's mom KRIS, plus KHLOE and her husband LAMAR ODOM.

Although neither has confirmed they are a couple, Kim was back in L.A. yesterday wearing earrings with the  initials "K.W."


CHELSEA HANDER SAYS ANGELINA CAN'T BE TRUSTED WITH YOUR MAN: CHELSEA HANDLER graces the cover of "More" magazine this month, and, in the accompanying interview, was asked to name someone who would be the opposite of a "girl's girl." Her reply?
"Probably Angelina Jolie," she said. Then added, "[Angelina] doesn’t strike me as someone I would have a close friendship with. You just know as a woman, when you see another woman, if that's a woman you can trust."

It should be noted, though, that Chelsea is totally TEAM ANISTON. Not only are she and Jen besties, but Handler has0publicly dissed Angie before, calling her a homewrecker in the past.

On a related note ... The "National Enquirer" claims BRAD PITT called Jennifer to tell her he was marrying Angelina about a week before we all heard the news, and Jen supposedly "sank to the ground in a heap."

The news supposeldy "hit Jennifer like a ton of bricks" because "Jen never actually believed that Brad would actually marry Angie."


SPLITSVILLE - POPULATION 'THE DOG WHISPERER': "Dog Whisperer" CESAR MILLAN'S divorce has been finalized. And according to court documents, he's been ordered to pay his ex-wife a lump sum of $400,000 -- plus $23,000 a month in alimony and $10,000 a month in child support.

Millan stated in the divorce proceedings his income is about $170,000 a month! Wow! Dog whispering pays way more than I ever imagined.

Here's where it makes you go 'hmmmm': In return, TMZ says she had to sign a privacy clause that  would bar her from releasing "intimate, personal and/or private information about [Cesar], including details of their personal and/or sexual relationships." 

In addition, any "photograph, film, videotape, recording ... which is not commercially available" must remain private. That sounds like legal speak for sex tape to me. Yikes!!! What the hell was he whispering to all those dogs???!!!

ROMANCE REPORT - ARE JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE AND JESSICA BIEL PLANNING ITALIAN WEDDING???: JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE and fiancée JESSICA BIEL were spotted in Italy earlier this month, prompting Us Weekly to suggest they may be planning to tie the knot there.

According to the mag, Justin and Jessica traveled to Naples, and took a boat tour to the island of Capri, where they reportedly checked out a wedding venue.

Meanwhile ... it seems JT has a lot more work to do then helping Jessica pick out the wedding venue. According to "Star" magazine, Jessica may have forgiven him for his reported infidelity but her parents are supposedly less willing to let it go.

Justin has reportedly tried to win over Jessica's family with gifts and getting a job for Jessica's brother but the tabloid claims it isn't working as much as Justin would like.

MAZEL TOV!: 71-year-old NEIL DIAMOND married his 42-year-old girlfriend - slash - manager Katie McNeil on Saturday. This is Diamond's third marriage and McNeil's first.
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LINDSAY LOHAN INVOLVED IN ANOTHER BAR ALTERCATION: LINDSAY LOHAN is already facing allegations that she got into a fight at a club two weeks ago.

Now, sources say she got into ANOTHER altercation at the same Hollywood nightclub on Wednesday night

TMZ says Linds was a passenger in a car that hit a parked car as they arrived at the hotel. Lindsay then called her dad Michael to help and he showed up at the club -- supposedly neither was drinking.

As closing time neared, a woman made a snide comment about Lindsay showing up with her dad so Lindsay told her to, quote, "Shut the [eff] up." The woman responded by throwing a drink in Lindsay's face.

The gossip blog says Michael then grabbed his daughter and they left the club.

Meanwhile ... LiLo's sister ALI is catching heat again for being too skinny. She was spotted out in Malibu on Wednesday looking pretty bad. ( L to R: Ali on Wednesday, Ali in 2010)

The Hollywood Life gossip site consulted a "beauty expert" named Alicia Hunter who says, quote, "Ali is definitely showing signs of malnutrition."


According to 'Star Magazine', the two are at odds over money. The source explained, "Kim is obsessed with money, and it was starting to irritate him how that's all she can talk about." The source adds that during their date at NYC's Serafina restaurant, Kim "kept asking him about his touring revenue, the properties he owns and his savings. Kanye finally had to tell her to back off and chill out.

The source continued, "She feels like she got burned by Kris Humphries because he wasn't totally honest about his income. She wants to make sure that Kanye's worth as much as she thinks."

"Kim really loves Kanye, but she loves money just as much, if not more."

ROMANCE REPORT - IS KATY PERRY DATING FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE'S GUITARIST???: KATY PERRY has sent the blogosphere a twitter with speculation of a new romance after she was photographed with Florence And The Machine guitarist Robert Ackroyd at California's Coachella festival.

The two were snapped holding hands as they walked in front of the crowd barrier prior to bestie RIHANNA'S performance.

Speaking of RiRi ... Photos of her appearing to roll a marijuana blunt at the music festival have sparked all kinds of drama and criticism.  MTV tweeted the photos earlier this week along with the caption, "Yikes. Rihanna's marijuana photos from Coachella spark controversy."

Rihanna tweeted back, "Yikes... rihanna ran out of f***s to give." Then, after seeing all of the comments others had written about the photos, Rihanna tweeted yesterday, "I'm crazy, and I don't pretend to be anything else."

HEIDI KLUM SHOWS US HER TWEETS: "Wow! Check out this picture from 1992," Tweeted HEIDI KLUM yesterday along with a photo of herself from her first photo shoot at the tender age of 19.

Klum, now 38, added, "This is my original hair color!"


BABY POOP - HILARY DUFF KEPT BABY'S BELLY BUTTON STUMP: If you've ever had a baby, then you know that what's left of the umbilical cord hangs onto the belly button for a little while before falling out on its own.
And when it does, some people like to keep it. Like HILARY DUFF. Duff -- who welcomed baby Luca on March 20 -- calls the belly button stump a "huge milestone," and says keeps it in a Ziploc bag in the back of her makeup drawer.

R.I.P - ORIGINAL 'DARK SHADOWS' VAMPIRE JONATHAN FRID: JONATHAN FRID, the man who originated the vampire role JOHNNY DEPP is playing in the "Dark Shadows" movie, died last Friday of natural causes. He was 87.

Depp, in a statement remembering the actor, said Frid "was the reason I used to run home from school to watch 'Dark Shadows'. His elegance and grace was an inspiration then and will continue to remain one forever more." Frid has a cameo in the new movie.
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