KIM KARDASHIAN IS THE MOST OVEREXPOSED CELEBRITY: This probably won't come as much of a surprise to you, but KIM KARDASHIAN is the Most Overexposed Celebrity, according to the E-Poll market research firm.

And sisters KOURTNEY and KHLOE also made the Top 10 at numbers 8 and 10.

 E-Poll insists, however, overexposure is not necessarily a bad thing -- especially in the Kardashians' case.Quote, "A decade ago being overexposed was the kiss of death. But today it's necessary to fuel reality TV."

After Kim, the rest of the Top 5 was LINDSAY LOHAN, SNOOKI, THE OCTOMOM, and PARIS HILTON (???)

Speaking of Kim ... she posted this picture of herself experimenting with colored contact lenses on Twitter, with the caption: 'What I would look like with light eyes.'

Most everyone, however, was distracted by her very ample cleavage and didn’t notice Kim even had a head, much less eyes.

LINDSAY LOHAN OFF PROBATION: After numerous trips to court, rehab and jail, plus dozens of hours of community service and therapy, LINDSAY LOHAN is in the clear. Almost.

A judge ended Lindsay's five-year probation yesterday, but before she did, Judge Stephanie Sautner gave her some advice. 
"I am not going to give you a lecture," The judge said. "Live your life in a more mature way. Stop the nightclubbing and focus on your work. OK?" Linds responded by saying, "I just wanted to thank you, your Honor, for being fair. It's opened a lot of doors for me."

Lindsay is still on INFORMAL probation until May of 2014 for stealing that necklace from a California jeweler. But she doesn't have to actually DO anything. She just has to stay out of trouble

"The only terms left for you on that case are to obey all laws. Not that hard," Sautner explained. "I know it's kinda hard when people are following you all over the place ... but that's the life you chose."

LINDSAY'S COURT STYLE:  So, yeah, she's off probation ... blah-blah-blah ... let's get to what you really want to know. What did Lindsay wear???!!!

Linds showed up looking more business-like and conservative than ever in a blue Givenchy suit, black platform pumps and a white Céline bag ...


QUOTE/UNQUOTE - MEGAN FOX WOULDN'T TRADE PLACES WITH AN UGLY GIRL: MEGAN FOX knows she's got it going on. In an interview with French magazine 'Jalouse', Fox opened up about her good looks.
"I cannot complain," she says. "I would not trade my place with an unattractive girl."

BABY POOP: REESE WITHERSPOON hasn't confirmed rumors that she's preggers, but when she wears something clingy like she did yesterday, it sure makes it look like she is. Baby bump or not?

CELEBRITIES WITHOUT MAKEUP - COURTENEY COX: COURTENEY COX went bare-faced on the set of some movie she's directing ...

SNOOKI SHOWS US HER TWEETS: SNOOKI tweeted her “official” engagement picture yesterday. The photo shows her and fiancé Jionni LaValle, as he holds up her hand to show off the bling …
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COULD BE TRUE BUT PROBABLY CRAP - JESSICA SIMPSON SPENDS $2 MILLION ON BIRTH SECURITY: JESSICA SIMPSON has reportedly dished out $2 million on security for when she gives birth next month.

Jess and fiancé Eric Johnson are due to welcome their first child, a girl they are said to be planning to call Maxwell, into the world in the coming weeks and word is are planning to spare no expense to keep the little one safe.

In addition to the $500,000 they have spent booking out an entire wing of the hospital so Jessica can give birth in private, the pair are also said to be hiring 30 armed guards to protect the baby around the clock!!!

Jessica is apparently terrified that someone is going to kidnap her baby. A source told In Touch Weekly magazine: "She's turning the maternity ward into Fort Knox. If her friends and family want to visit her, they'll have to make it through numerous checkpoints! She's terrified of kidnapping.”

CELEBRITIES IN TROUBLE - BOBBY BROWN CHARGED: BOBBY BROWN was charged yesterday with three misdemeanors, including drunken driving. Brown, who was arrested Monday in suburban Los Angeles, had a blood alcohol level of more than .08 percent.

Bobby’s legal team begged to differ with one of the charges. They claimed in a statement that, quote, "Mr. Brown was not driving erratically. He was speaking on his cell phone.”

Note it does not address accusations their client was drunk behind the wheel? If convicted, Brown faces a maximum penalty of six months in jail for each offense. He's set to appear in court April 16th.

WHITNEY'S MOM CALLS BOBBY 'A BAD INFLUENCE': Whitney Houston's mother, CISSY, says Bobby Brown's DUI arrest proves he's “a cancer” and a poor influence on Bobbi Kristina’s life.

TMZ reports that Cissy sees the DUI incident as just one more good reason for Brown to “keep his distance” from Bobbi Kristina, who she says is in “a vulnerable place.”

A bad influence. Really? I would have guessed the crack habit, car accidents, domestic abuse, failure to pay child support and crippling alcoholism would have proven that.

RIHANNA DODGES QUESTION ABOUT RELATIONSHIP WITH ASHTON: Rihanna expertly side-stepped questions about her rumored relationship with Ashton Kutcher during a London press conference to promote her role in the upcoming "Battleship" movie.

If you recall, the speculation began after RiRi paid a late-night visit to Kutcher's L.A. home a couple of weeks ago. According to AOL Music, Rihanna did NOT appreciate a reporter asking her if Ashton would be joining her on the promotional trip.

"Wow," she replied, "how disappointing was THAT question?" After pausing a beat, she added, "I am happy and I'm single, if that is what you are asking." Not exactly a denial, huh? These reporters need to learn to ask the right questions.

FREE AT LAST! LINDSAY LOHAN: Our long national nightmare might finally be over. LINDSAY LOHAN'S four year probation could end today! Lindsay has a court hearing later this morning that could mark the end of her probation. Her rep says she has successfully completed all her obligations, including her morgue duty and therapy sessions.

So barring any unforseen problems, Linds will be free to drink, snort, crash, party, guest star on 'Glee'...whatever! You go, girl!!!

KATY PERRY’S BESTIE CLAIMS RUSSELL BRAND CHEATED: According to one of KATY PERRY'S friends, RUSSELL BRAND cheating is what eventually led to their divorce.

Markus Molinari, Katy's bestie, put Russell on blast via Twitter. Molinari doesn't give too many details, but he makes it quite clear that he's not a fan of Brand.

Molinari retweeted a post from actor John Schaech, then added in his own commentary. "@MDMOLINARI Seeee Russell! RT @JohnSchaech: Cheating is easy, try doing something challenging and be faithful."

BABY POOP - MEGAN FOX IS PREGGERS!!! OR IS SHE???: The not-always-reliable "Star" tabloid claims MEGAN FOX has been fetused by hubby BRIAN AUSTIN GREEN.

A ubiquitous Hollywood source went and blabbed to ‘Star’ that Meg and hubby Brian Austin Green "just found out and are incredibly excited.” So far, the couple hasn’t confirmed the news.

Probably because, according to the insider, “It's still early, so they are only telling close friends and family members." And we’re neither. And, plus, 'Star' could be full of crap.


NEW COUPLE ALERT - JASON SEGEL AND MICHELLE WILLIAMS: "Muppets" superstar JASON SEGEL is apparently getting all smoove up on HEATH LEDGER'S ex, MICHELLE WILLIAMS. The two are said to be "smitten and very serious," Us Weekly reports.

Jason and Michelle were spotted having dinner Saturday night in Brooklyn. “He put his arm around her and made her laugh as they walked,” said one witness. The next day, Jason was seen spending some quality time with Michelle's 6-year-old daughter Matilda.

SPLITSVILL - POPULATION BRADLEY COOPER: BRADLEY COOPER and ZOE SALDANA have split after a three-month romance. He's supposedly the one who ended it, but friends say Zoe isn’t that torn up about it. A source assures 'Us Weekly' the two were never "super serious."

IN DENIAL - KIM KARDASHIAN: EVA LONGORIA recently broke up with PENELOPE CRUZ'S younger brother Eduardo. Was KIM KARDASHIAN the reason? "In Touch" magazine says yes. Kim says no.
Kim tweeted the following denial yesterday: "It's not ok when magazines involve my close friends in their made up stories. They were told by multiple people that their current cover isn't true, but they decided to go ahead and run it anyway. So there you have it."

WTW!!!???: Someone actually paid 300 dollars for this creepy "one of a kind" painting of JESUS holding WHITNEY HOUSTON'S face ...

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16 YEAR-OLD KENDALL JENNER TWEETS BIKINI PHOTO OF HERSELF – THE WORLD WIDE WEB IS AGHAST!!!:  KIM KARDASHIAN'S 16 year old sister, Kendall Jenner, tweeted what is being referred to in the media as a ‘provocative’ bikini picture.

Naturally, because of who her mom and sisters are, the blogosphere is on fire over this. Girls a lot younger than Kendall wear bikinis all the time, so why is it such a big deal?

You tell me ... Kendall's pic, Inappropriate – Yes or No?

WATCH - ALICIA SILVERSTONE FEEDS SON BIRD STYLE: ALICIA SILVERSTONE recently blogged about how she shares breakfast with her son by chewing it for him and spitting it into his mouth! As if being named Bear wasn't bad enough! Hey well, at least she doesn't let him poop on her windshield afterwards!

So what say you, Gross or Good Mother?


COULD BE TRUE, COULD BE CRAP - KRIS HUMPHRIES REPORTEDLY REFUSING TO SIGN DIVORCE PAPERS: KRIS HUMPHRIES is reportedly refusing to sign papers that would officially end his marriage to KIM KARDASHIAN.

Sources told E! News that Kim offered Kris a generous settlement, but he's holding out for something in the neighborhood of $7 million. Inside word is that "Kim is ready to move on, but Kris is hoping that stretching it out will get him even more money."

Although Humphries claims to have made no demands on his ex, those blabbermouth sources insist he's asking for 7 mill in return for both his silence and signature.

'DANCING' ELIMINATES SEASON'S FIRST COUPLE: Last night, tennis-champ MARTINA NAVRATILOVA, and pro-partner TONY DOVOLANI, were the first couple to get eliminated on the new season of Dancing with the Stars.

Martina didn't seem surprised at the news. Or anyone else for that matter! GAVIN DEGRAW, who joined Martina in the Bottom Two, lived to dance another week.


LEANN RIMES + SOME CHICK = THESE RACY PHOTOS: Check out what went down over the weekend on the balcony of a ski lodge in Mammoth, California between EDDIE CIBRIAN, LEANN RIMES and some unknown chick.

In the photos, LeAnn and the mystery chick appear to be getting all smoove up on each other while Eddie has his camera out and looks to be snapping away at the show LeAnn and the chick are putting on. Peep the pics, yo …
Man, ever since Rimes met Cibrian she's let loose, hasn’t she? I mean, she’s constantly in teeny bikinis, and they're always photographed sexed-up and wrapped around each other. I'm not complaining. Just noticing.

MADONNA SHOWS US HER TWEETS: To promote her new album, MADONNA launched a Twitter account and spent yesterday answering fans' questions. Here are some highlights ...

-Do you like your toast buttered or plain? "Buttered, of course. Dry toast yuck."

-Do you believe in ghosts? If so, have you ever seen one? "I believe in other worldly spirits and energy."

-What is your favorite place to hide? "In my bathroom."

-What do you think about Katy Perry? "She's hot. If she was my girl I'd never cheat on her."
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MILEY CYRUS IN DENIAL - SLAMS ENGAGEMENT RUMORS: Despite the photo MILEY CYRUS tweeted wearing a rock on her ring finger

and another of her standing with boyfriend LIAM HEMSWORTH with the same rock on her ring finger, Miley would like you know it is NOT an engagement ring.

She Tweeted the denial yesterday, writing, "I'm not engaged. I've worn this same ring on this finger since November! People just wanna find something to talk about! It's a topaz people!"

CELEBRITIES IN TROUBLE - BOBBY BROWN ARRESTED FOR DUI: WHITNEY HOUSTON'S ex, BOBBY BROWN, was arrested in Reseda, California yesterday on suspicion of DUI.

According to TMZ, Brown was pulled over for driving while talking on a cell phone, and subsequently given FOUR field sobriety tests -- ALL of which he failed.

He was booked for driving under the influence and for driving with the blood alcohol content of .08 or higher. This isn’t Bobby's first DUI arrest, by the way. He was convicted of DUI in Georgia in 1996 and spent eight days in jail.



For the record, PETA denies any connection to the activist who dumped flour on Kim, but they have no problem with what she did, and have even offered to pay her legal expenses.

That's not cool with Khloe , who famously posed for a "I'd rather go naked than wear fur" ad for the organization in 2008 ...

Khloe released a statement yesterday denouncing PETA's stance.  "I’ve been a vocal supporter of PETA for a long time," she wrote. "But I have also been very vocal about anti-bullying, so this was a huge disappointment for me."

"As you all know, I don’t condone violence and bullying and what happened last Thursday was just that." She concluded by saying she still does not believe in wearing fur, but would not be doing stuff on PETA's behalf any longer.

MADONNA KISSES NICKI MINAJ - THE PHOTO!!!: Remember a few months ago when MADONNA reportedly kissed NICKI MINAJ on her birthday? No? Well, let me tell you then …

Minaj tweeted about the big kiss, "OH MY f'ingggg Gahhhh!!!!! MADONNA jus kissed me!!!!! On the lips!!!!!!! It felt sooooo good. Soooo soft!!!! *passes out* aaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!"

She tweeted about it, but we never saw the proof, until now! Video of the birthday smooch has finally hit the web!
Says Madonna about the kiss, "It was her birthday…it was the end of one of those long days. We were having a few sips of champagne and I kissed her, yes."

LADY GAGA SHOWS US HER TWEETS: LADY GAGA Tweeted a picture of herself with no makeup -- okay, very little makeup -- along with the caption, "Have a beautiful day!!"

On a related note ... Radar Online put together a photo gallery of 'Five Stars Who Look Great Without Makeup And Five Who Don't' ... Peep the pics HERE

RUSSELL BRAND GETS KATY PERRY TATTOO REMOVED: As if to put a punctuation mark on the end of their relationship, RUSSELL BRAND has had his matching Sanskrit tattoo with KATY PERRY "permanently removed."

The former couple got the matching tatts on the inside of their right arms shortly after they got in engaged in 2010, but now that both Brand and Perry have seemingly moved on, Russell decided to have the etching removed for good.

And this has got to hurt at least a little for Katy: Russell went to get the tattoo removed with his new girlfriend Nikolett Barabas!!!


COULD BE TRUE COULD BE CRAP - JUNE WEDDING FOR DREW BARRYMORE: DREW BARRYMORE is planning a summer wedding. So claims a source who went blabbing to the not-always-reliable 'Us Weekly.'

The allegedly pregnant Drew and fiancé Will Kopelman supposedly plan to wed in June, “because she wants to get married before the baby comes and doesn’t want to be huge.” For a definition of 'huge', see story below.

SNAPSHOT - PREGNANT JESSICA SIMPSON IS BRIDESMAID AT FRIEND’S WEDDING: A very pregnant JESSICA SIMPSON was a bridesmaid over the weekend at the wedding of her friend and former assistant Lauren Zelman.

Jess wore the same dress as the other bridesmaids, and walked “very slowly” down the aisle to avoid falling. "It definitely wasn't easy for her to get around and help the bride," said the tab's source.

Meanwhile ... Jessica is telling "Hello" magazine she's only gained 40 pounds of pregnancy weight, and has loved EVERY MINUTE OF IT.

"I had a great pregnancy. Eating and not having to worry too much about it has been fun. Taking a break from working out has definitely been fun," she said. "But I'm ready for it to be over. I'm ready to have my body back!"
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ARE MILEY CYRUS AND LIAM HEMSWORTH ENGAGED??? - WE REPORT, YOU DECIDE: Is MILEY CYRUS trying to tell us something, or is it some kind of marketing ploy? We Report, You Decide!

First she Tweeted a picture of her hand -- supposedly to show off her nail foundations. “I am soooo obsessed with jennahipp nail foundations! It looks so chic and classic!” Cyrus wrote.

But the photo of her left hand clearly showed her wearing what looks like a massive rock on her engagement finger. If Miley didn't want us to see the ring, she could have taken a picture of her RIGHT hand instead, dontchathink?

Unless the tweet was a bit of marketing genius. If people hit up her Twitter account to see her ring, they’ll inevitably see her hand and whatever a nail foundation is, you follow?

But then on Saturday, she showed up at a charity event with LIAM HEMSWORTH, and she was still wearing it. Neither Miley, Liam, nor their peeps have commented on the pic or the ring.

KIM KARDASHIAN TO PRESS CHARGES IN FLOUR BOMB INCIDENT AFTERALL: KIM KARDASHIAN intends to press charges against the woman who hit her with a flour-bomb on the red carpet afterall.
Kim originally told police to let it go, but upon furhter review, she's changed her mind. She says, quote, "I don't want someone to think they can really get away with that. So we are going to handle that."

That's right, no one should ever sprinkle useless products on someone else, unless it's an exclusive Kardashian Kollection perfume or body spray!!!

Kim adds, quote, "Now that [I've] had some time to digest it, I think, 'What if that was some other substance? What if that person had a dangerous weapon?' It's scary."

You know what else scares Kim? That a Greek collapse could lead to a slip in Italian and Irish securities, eventually destabilizing Europe and eroding economical gains domestically. Kidding! 73-day long marriages do.

Meanwhile ... People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wants you to know they were not behind it. But while a rep for PETA said they had nothing to do with the attack, they aren’t exactly condemning it.

“It was not [us],” a rep told TMZ. "[But maybe] whoever threw that flour may reach her when our polite appeals [have] not."

CELEBRITIES IN TROUBLE - ROB KARDASHIAN DETAINED BY POLICE: ROB KARDASHIAN was handcuffed and put in the back of a police car after he pretended to chase down a paparazzo.

It happened late Saturday night in Miami. Rob was hanging with some friends when he saw the photographer taking pictures of him from across the street. So as a “joke”, he started running at the guy.

They photog failed to see the joke aspect of Rob running towards him, so he took off, screaming for help, and ran into a nearby smoke shop.

Rob kept after him, but supposedly only to tell him that he was just kidding. Unfortunately for Rob, police witnessed the whole thing and also failed to catch on that it was all a “joke”, so they followed Rob into the shop and cuffed him.

In the end, though, the Kardashian's little brother was let him go after police spoke with both him and the photographer and straightened things out.

CRAZY LADY BREAKS INTO SIMON COWELL'S HOUSE WHILE SIMON'S WATCHING TV: Check out what happened to SIMON COWELL over the weekend as he was watching TV at his house in London Saturday night…

Simon had reportedly just finished watching HIMSELF on "Britain's Got Talent" when he heard a noise coming from one of the upstairs bathrooms. When he stupidly bravely went to check it out, he found a 29-year-old woman standing there with a brick in her hand!!

The woman is said to have gotten in the house through a downstairs window, and had apparently been wandering around the place for a while before Simon found her. At one point, she was also believed to have been lying in his bed.

Members of Simon’s staff eventually detained the woman, and police called. The woman was arrested for suspicion of burglary, although there are no reports of anything taken from the premises.

DID MEGAN FOX SPEND TENS OF THOUSANDS TO TRANSFORM HER FACE?: "In Touch Weekly" is claiming that MEGAN FOX has spent upwards of $60,000 on cosmetic procedures "to transform herself into what she [believes] to be beautiful."

The magazine consulted an "expert" to look at a bunch of pictures of Megan and speculate on what procedures she's had. Here’s what he thinks: an eye lift, botox, work on her nose, cheek implants or fillers, plumped up lips, a mole removed, and either laser skin resurfacing, chemical peels or both.

“In Touch” also quotes a source who claims that being dumped from the "Transformers" movie is what led to Megan getting work done on her. "She was terrified [it] was bad for her career,” says the source. "So she decided to transform herself into what she believed to be beautiful."

SNAPSHOTS: 41-year-old UMA THURMAN in a bikini. Man, for a model/actress she's really let herself go!
Kidding. I know she's pregnant.

A STILL-pregnant JESSICA SIMPSON wearing a crazy muumuu getting caught in the rain in L.A. over the weekend ...
Wow. All I can say is 'wow'.

BABY POOP: TORI PREGNANT AGAIN: TORI SPELLING didn’t waste any time getting knocked up again. Just five months after giving birth to daughter Hattie, Tori announced on her website Friday that husband Dean McDermott has fetuesed her with baby number four!

“Dean, Liam, Stella, Hattie, and I are beyond thrilled to announce that another little McDermott is on the way,” she wrote. Dang! Grrl is halfway to being an octo-mom!!!
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KIM KARDASHIAN FLOUR BOMBED AT HOLLYWOOD EVENT!!!: KIM KARDASHIAN got  flour-bombed last night as she was promoting her new fragrance.

A woman -- whom sources claim is an anti-fur activist-- ran up while Kim was on the red carpet and hit her with baking flour!!! The woman was detained by police as Kim was whisked away to safety.

Check out the sequence of events ...

UPDATE - CORONER CALLS WHITNEY HOUSTON A 'CHRONIC COCAINE USER': WHITNEY HOUSTON died from an accidental drowning in a hotel bathtub, but heart disease and cocaine use were contributing factors, according to a coroner's report released yesterday.

The coroner said Whitney used cocaine, quote, "in the time period just immediately prior to her collapse in the bathtub at the hotel."

The report also states, quote, "Something happened that caused her to go down and we know that when she slipped under the water she was still alive. We have evidence of drowning since there was water in the lungs."

An official with the coroner's office told "People" magazine, quote, "She could've passed out first due to the intoxication from the cocaine, or she could've had a heart attack and then drowned. It's probably one of those two scenarios."

Whitney had a 60% narrowing of the arteries, which they say was a direct result of her chronic cocaine use. A full autopsy report is expected to be released in two weeks.

DID SOMEONE REMOVE COCAINE FROM WHITNEY HOUSTON'S HOTEL ROOM AFTER SHE DIED???: We now know that WHITNEY HOUSTON was using cocaine shortly before her death. So why didn't the cops find any in her hotel room?

Well according to a gossip site "source", someone removed the cocaine from Whitney's room right after she died. And it was the same person who SUPPLIED it. There's no word, of course, who that person is.

LINDSAY LOHAN WON'T TALK TO COPS ABOUT HIT AND RUN: LINDSAY LOHAN is not cooperating with police in her alleged hit-and-run case.

TMZ reports she has refused to be interviewed by investigators, but so has her supposed victim. Neither party is under any obligation to a sit down with the po-po. Lindsay's probation is set to end next week -- provided this new drama doesn't blow up in her face.


A Safeway grocery store in Tucson, Arizona, made the decision to obscure her nude "Elle" magazine cover with a piece of cardboard …

A spokeswoman for Safeway says this isn't a company-wide thing. This particular store decided to cover the photo after receiving complaints, mainly from mothers with young children.

STINKY CELEBS (ALLEGEDLY): Sure they look amazing on the big screen, but these sexy celebs all have one embarrassing thing in common -- they all stink! Allegedly.

LEONARDO DICAPRIO: His girlfriend is said to have complained about his aversion to deodorant and showers! Apparently, the environmentally conscious Leo thinks deodorant is unnatural and showering daily is a waste of water.

ROBERT PATTINSON: During the filming of New Moon 2 anonymous crew members divulged that Rob hates showering. He himself even admitted to MTV that he didn't see the point in washing his hair.

BRAD PITT: Brad has admitted to not having time to shower and using baby wipes to stay clean.

CHRISTINA AGUILERA: An Arena magazine reporter is quoted as saying she smells like "a 12-year-old girl's bedroom on school disco night." I'm not sure what that smells like, exactly, but it doesn't sound good.

COURTNEY COX: Her ex David Arquette said that she is absolutely beautiful --but if she doesn't stay on top of things she smells like a truck driver!

KENDRA WILKINSON: According to Star magazine, this former Girl Next Door supposedly smells like urine, hates showers and never wears perfume.

BABY POOP - HILARY DUFF GIVES BIRTH TO BOY: HILARY DUFF gave birth to a baby boy, Tuesday night. She and hubby Mike Comrie hit up Twitter to announce the news yesterday. They named him Luca Cruz Comrie.

EVEN MORE BABY POOP: JEREMY SISTO and his wife Addie Lane welcomed a son earlier this month, and the baby finally has a name.

The “Suburgatory” star tweeted the info writing, “Little man finally told us his name: Bastian Kick Sisto.” Bastian joins equally strange-named big sister Charlie-Ballerina, who is two and a half.
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