TAYLOR SWIFT THREATENS LAWSUIT OVER TOPLESS PIC: TAYLOR SWIFT is threatening to sue a gossip site for publishing a less-than-innocent photo they identified as a "leaked" nude pic of her.

According to TMZ, Taylor insists it is not her and is considering filing a suit charging the site with copyright infringement and distributing "false pornographic images." The site, which is said to be weighing its options, published the pic along with what they referrred to as "evidence" the photo was legit.

Here's the so-called evidence they lay out: They point out that "after careful examination of the photo" it has to be Taylor because the girl in the photo has strawberries on her panties and Taylor has been known to eat strawberries, and the top of the line wood paneling on her bedroom walls is so "hoity-toity" only a "country star like Taylor Swift would splurge" on something like that.

The "evidence is so idiotic I gotta believe it was meant to be tongue in cheek. I mean, the girl barely resembles Taylor.

ROMANCE REPORT - IS EVA LONGORIA SCORING WITH ANOTHER BALLER???: Has 'Desperate Housewives' star EVA LONGORIA drafted another NBA baller  to replace ex-husband Tony Parker?

According to the 'New York Post', she has. Eva was spotted with Los Angeles Lakers Matt Barnes at a Manhattan restaurant last week, and according to a witness, "There was definitely a spark between Eva and Matt. They weren't seated next to each other, but you could tell there was something between them. There was a little hand-holding over the table and a lot of eye contact."

Asked for comment, Longoria's rep trotted out the old "they're just friends" response.

That, however, wasn't good enough for Longoria ... "First Jessica Simpson, now this," she wrote on her WhoSay page -- alluding to rampant chatter about Jessica Simpson's possible pregnancy. "Once again, press gets it wrong, Matt barnes and I are not dating!" She added: "We are doing a charity event together for Padres and Athletes vs Cancer."

Eva Longoria's photo Me and @georgelopez and Matt Barnes @troplv at Club Nikki
L to R: Matt Barnes, Eva, George Lopez and friend - Eva Longoria on WhoSay

LINDSAY LOHAN SHOWS US HER PICS: LINDSAY LOHAN got her jacked up teeth fixed. And she's so happy with her new look she posted a picture of it on Twitter, along with the message, "Thanks, Dr. Dorfman for the zoom . . . My gums are so sore though!"


WATCH - HEIDI KLUM DRESSED AS DEAD BODY FOR HALLOWEEN: HEIDI KLUM, known for her elaborate Halloween costumes, really outdid herself this year transforming herself into a skinless autopsy body for her annual Halloween party in Las Vegas ...

MORE CELEB HALLOWEEN COSTUMES: The stars were out for early Halloween festivities this weekend! Here are a few choice costumes:

Nicole Richie as Jennifer Lopez
Kim Kardashian as Poison Ivy
Gwen Stefani as Cinderella
Lindsay Lohan as a French maid

SNAPSHOT: DEMI MOORE left a nail appointment in West Hollywood the other day and got totally hounded by the paparazzi. According to an eye witness, Demi, quote, "lashed out and screamed obscenities at them as she pushed through the group on the way to her car."

Another witness says it was only because one of the photographers goaded her into it by blocking her path, then shoving his camera in her face.

Meanwhile ... the photographer has filed a battery report against Demi, claiming she struck him as he tried to take her picture on Friday. He told X17Online, "Demi was crazy; she was totally losing it. I was just standing on the sidewalk, trying to get a few shots of her and she was going completely mad. She tried to jump on me and swipe my camera."

TMZ reports is calling bull**** on the photogs story saying he displayed no visible injuries and that, quote, "judging from the photos of the incident, it appears the pap was way too close and in her face."

The West Hollywood Sheriff's Department will reportedly be given the complaint to investigate.
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IS DEMI MOORE STARVING FOR ATTENTION???!!!: OK! Magazine is claiming that DEMI MOORE is literally starving for attention. The rag claims Demi has been “subsisting almost entirely on cigarettes and energy drinks” and is now down to 90 pounds!!!

According to an "insider", Moore stopped eating in a bid for even more sympathy following the whole ASHTON KUTCHER cheating scandal. “Demi gets morbid comfort from people feeling sorry for her. She’ll take whatever attention she can get right now – even pity,” the source said.

Meanwhile ... ASHTON KUTCHER showed up at the GQ Gentleman's Ball in New York City earlier this week sans Demi.

What makes more absence more intersting is that he was there being honored by the charity he co-founded with Demi. Although Moore was absent, Kutcher did have a date for the night: Rabbi Philip Berg, his rumored spiritual mentor and the current Dean of the worldwide Kabbalah Centre organization.

JESSICA SIMPSON'S GROWING BABY BUMP: Okay, I'm done waiting for JESSICA SIMPSON to make it offical. I'm going to go out on a limb and officially declare that Jessica has been fetused by her unemployed fiancé, ERIC JOHNSON. And as further proof, I offer you these pictures courtesy of Radar Online of Jess out and about in New York City yesterday ...

An OB-GYN who is NOT treating Jessica, by the way, tells the gossip site she looks about SIX MONTHS along.

LINDS GETS OFFERED SEX TOY DEAL: By now you've heard that LINDSAY LOHAN is going to strip down to her alabaster freckled skin for 'Playboy' magazine, and that they paid her close to one million dollars. Well, now the unemployed actress has the opportunity to make even more bank.

She's reportedly being offered a $1 million sex toy deal. TMZ reports that an adult entertainment company wants to take a mold of her lady parts in order to produce “authentic” Lindsay Lohan sex toys.

Lindsay supposedly hasn’t seen the offer yet, but sources close to her say she would never agree to it. I wouldn’t be so sure.The crack don't buy itself. Allegedly.


KIM KARDASHIAN HAS UPSET SOME OF THE 'DANCING' STARS: KIM KARDASHIAN's Twitter prank allegedly has some 'Dancing With the Stars' contestants calling for her brother ROB'S ouster. Here's what happened ...

Kim was trying to get people to vote for ROB KARDASHIAN after his performance this week on "Dancing with the Stars", and Tweeted, quote, "OMG I have JustinBieber's phone #!!!! CALL HIM! He's taking calls for the next hour!!!!" But it wasn't Justin's number she posted, it was the 1-800 number to vote for Rob.

Radar Online claims some of the other dancers were NOT amused. They quote an on-set insider as saying, "It is totally unfair that Kim did that. The other celebrities on the show don't send out fake information to trick people into voting. "Some of the contestants think that Rob should be disqualified for having his family cheat like that for him."

JUSTIN BIEBER, meanwhile, has been too busy having a life to comment on this.

IN DENIAL - NICOLE SCHERZINGER: The word on the World Wide Web of Romance Rumors was that singer DRAKE and X Factor judge NICOLE SCHERZINGER were seen having dinner at a popular West Hollywood restaurant Wednesday night (October 26th). According to Mediatakeout.com, the couple had a "romantic diner" in a private booth, but left separately so that paparazzi couldn't snap any pics of them together.

Nicole, who just last week broke up with her boyfriend of four years, hit up Twitter to respond to the rumors. "Wow," she wrote. "Now anyone that happens to be in the same restaurant is linked to me."

HOTTEST BLONDE CELEBRITY: The New York Blondes website just released their picks for the "100 Hottest Celebrity Blondes for 2011" and the winner is the, quote, "beautiful and wholesome...All-American girl", CARRIE UNDERWOOD.

The rest of the Top 5 consisted of CHARLIZE THERON at #2, follwed by BROOKLYN DECKER, HEIDI KLUM, and ... PARIS HILTON???!!!

ROMANCE REPORT - HAS BLAKE LIVELY MOVED IN WITH RYAN REYNOLDS???: After just a few short weeks dating, words on the street is BLAKE LIVELY and RYAN REYNOLDS have quickly become roommates. Sources say Blake is practically running a shuttle service between the upper east side of Manhattan where she works on "Gossip Girl" and Ryan's Boston condo.

CREEPIEST CELEBRITIES: 1,100 people were recently asked to rank various celebrities' creepiness on a scale of 1 to 100, and evidently the majority of those surveyed still think it's the mid 1990's because MARILYN MANSON was the top vote-getter with 69%.

Casey Anthony was the next closest with 57%, followed by O.J. Simpson (56%)mSpencer Pratt (49%), and "Octomom" Nadya Suleman (41%).

BABY POOP: ELTON JOHN and his man hit the streets of New York City yesterday with son Zachary in tow. Check out the priceless expression on Zach's face ...

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COULD BE TRUE COULD BE CRAP - KIM KARDASHIAN SHOPPED AROUND FOR A TELEVISION BOYFRIEND: Despite celebrating KIM'S birthday together last weekend in Vegas, and showing up on the set of "Dancing With the Stars" to cheer on ROB KARDASHIAN, rumors persist that the honeymoon is over for KIM KARDASHIAN and new hubby KRIS HUMPHRIES just 9 weeks after their extravagant $10 million wedding!!!

One of the rumors going around is that Kim and the E! network actually shopped around the NBA looking for a boyfriend for Kim. And Humphries wasn't even their first choice.The gossip site Wetpaint claims producers wanted a New York player since Kim and Kourtney's reality show was filming in NYC, and first approached DANILO GALLINARI (below) of the Knicks.

He, however, wasn't interested in dating Kim or being on a reality show. Apparently they figured Jersey was close enough and settled on Humphries, who plays for the Nets.

Meanwhile ...  sources tell 'Us Weekly' the couple is not getting along because "Kris is not drinking the Kardashian Kool-Aid" which is leading to "major problems.” And while Kim works on her reality show and other various business endeavors, Kris remains unemployed thanks to the NBA lockout.

Word is her constant urging to do something productive with his free time led to a huge blowout just days before Kim’s October 21st birthday, causing Kim to question whether she should have ever married him in the first place.

JESSICA SIMPSON PREGNANCY STORY FINALLY BOUGHT BY PEOPLE MAGAZINE: You can bet they didn't pay half a million dollars for it, but word is 'People' magazine won the bidding war to announce Hollywood's worst kept secret: that JESSICA SIMPSON is pregnant. 

An internal memo that was leaked yesterday revealed how they had originally planned to fill up at least two pages with information everyone already had: by using photos.

The memo read "Jessica finally revealed her baby news. Now see how the mom-to-be stylishly kept her growing belly under wraps." However the announcement is not on the cover of the new issue or in one of those little boxes on the side so it looks like Jessie and Pappa Joe held out too long until the story finally lost its value.

LINDSAY WILL REVEAL ALL IN PLAYBOY!!!: LINDSAY LOHAN won't hide even one freckle in her upcoming Playboy spread. TMZ reports that Lindsay went full-frontal -- no side-boob nonsense or semi-nude shenanigans. She insists it's all "tastefully done." We would expect no less from La Lohan.

So what did she do after completing her four-day shoot Tuesday? She headed back to the morgue for some court-ordered community service. She even showed up 20 minutes early. Here's video of her arrival ...
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UPDATE - NANCY GRACE NIP SLIP TRAUMATIZED KIDS: The FCC has released the complaints they received after "Dancing with the Stars" inadvertently broadcast a millisecond of NANCY GRACE'S nipple last month. (--Nancy has denied the nip-slip ever happened, but she's full of it, it happened.)

TheSmokingGun website got their hands on the complaints, and here are a few highlights from several angry viewers' letters:

-"Nancy Grace had a wardrobe malfunction where her nipple private came out and scared my children. She should be fined."

-"I want action!!! I am so offended to see her boob. My kids are traumatized. I want action against her and this network!!!"

-"Although by accident, these types of things should not be allowed on television. Children were most likely watching this program, and the nipple could have traumatized the poor things."

You can hit up the Smoking Gun website for more.

WATCH: Rihanna Releases Behind-the-Scenes Clip From Day 2 of 'We Found Love' Video Shoot

MAKSIM CHMERKOVSKIY SLAMS DEREK HOUGH - WHO YOU GOT???: MAKSIM CHMERKOVSKIY is continuing to make enemies on 'Dancing With the Stars'. Two days of sparring with the judge LEN GOODMAN over his critique of celebrity dance partner HOPE SOLO, Maks took aim at fellow pro dancer DEREK HOUGH for defending Len, CARRIE ANN and BRUNO.

When asked about Derek's comments on 'Good Morning America', Maks replied, "With all due respect, if I had Nicole Scherzinger followed by Jennifer Grey followed by Ricki Lake, I probably would not be very upset with the judges either." Oooh, sas! Your move, Derek.

BABY POOP: BRUCE WILLIS is going to be a dad again! The 56-year-old actor and his 35-year-old wife Emma are expecting their first child together. No word on a due date yet.

2. Former "Dawson's Creek" star JAMES VAN DER BEEK is expanding his brood as well. He and his wife Kimberly are expecting their second child together. Their first, Olivia, is 13 months.
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IN DENIAL - JENNIFER ANISTON NOT ENGAGED OR PREGNANT: Attention everyone! JENNIFER ANISTON would like you to know that she is neither engaged to boyfriend JUSTIN THEROUX nor has she been fetused by him. And, yes, she's looking a little round these days, but it's NOT a baby bump, it's a too-much-food bump.

While doing press in Europe, Jennifer Aniston directly responded to rumors that are often associated with her: "Rumor number one: I am not planning to get married any time soon," she told reporters during a press conference to promote 'Five', her directorial debut.

"I've been married once, and I don't know if I'll get married again," she said. "But I can tell you that as of this very moment, I have no plan to get married. Got that?" "And rumor number two," she continued, "No, we're not pregnant. It's just I quit smoking, so I've gained a couple of pounds."

BABY POOP - THE TONY ROMO vs. JESSICA SIMPSON BABY RACE!!! IT'S ON!!!: JESSICA SIMPSON still hasn't confirmed or denied being pregnant, but her ex, TONY ROMO, has just revealed that he and wife Candice Crawford are expecting.

Romo made the announcement during a drug prevention event at a Dallas area high school after one of the students asked him if he had any kids...

A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS: Confirmed or not, these pictures via Radar Online of JESSICA in NYC yesterday speak volumes ...

Kinda hard to hide it now, Jess. There's always the Jennifer Aniston I-quit-smoking defense!

JESSICA SIMPSON TWEETS PHOTO OF HERSELF FROM BATHROOM: Check out this pic Jessica tweeted of her bare legs are hanging from the top of a toilet bowl, but not quite reaching the floor. Jess was at an NYC department store bathroom, and you know how it is when you're pregnant and you gotta void.

Jessie's TMI tweet was accompanied with the caption, "Short Girl Problems." For the record, Jessica is about 5-foot-3.


'DANCING' UPDATE - BUH-BYE BONO: The dream is over for CHAZ BONO.  Our man Chaz was bounced on last night's "Dancing With the Stars." Sure, Chaz had his fans, but in the end, they weren't enough to make up for the fact that he's a terrible dancer. So, thank you America for keeping what's left of this season's integrity in tact.

Going into last night's show, we saw how fed up Chaz was with being compared to different animals by Judge Bruno, and how he came thisclose to crying while venting about it to the cameras. (--On Monday's show, judge BRUNO TONIOLI compared Chaz to a PENGUIN. A few weeks ago, Bruno compared him to an Ewok.)


DANCING AND X FACTOR AT WAR OVER BATHROOMS: The New York Post reports that there's a turf war brewing at CBS Television City between Dancing with the Stars and The X Factor over the bathrooms.

Now that X Factor is shooting live shows, they moved to the CBS lot and as soon as they arrived, insiders say they tried to claim the bathrooms as their own, with someone actually putting up a sign that read "X Factor Bathrooms." Well, the folks at DWTS didn't take that too well, and someone calling himself "Rob" put up his own sign.

Countered an X Factor spokesperson, "Please tell Rob he's welcome to use our restrooms anytime." Ooooh, it’s sooo on!

DID LINDSAY LOHAN'S MOM CONFIRM LINDSAY WILL APPEAR IN PLAYBOY???: Is she or isn't she? The word yesterday was that LINDSAY LOHAN had reached a deal to strip down to her freckles for 'Playboy' and that -- according to TMZ --the photo shoot had already gone down at a Beverly Hills hotel this past weekend.

Today, the gossip site X-17 Online is claiming that Linds mom, DINA LOHAN confirmed to them that, yes, Lindsay did pose for "Playboy". They're reporting she told them, quote, "The photo shoot went well."

They don't have a quote from Dina specifically stating that the photo shoot she referenced was for "Playboy", and the magazine itself refuses to comment on the topic so ... we'll have to wait and see. But, wow, talk about reaching your last resort. How the mighty have fallen. I'm talking about "Playboy" not Lindsay. Hi-Yo!!!

STEVEN TYLER: I'VE FALLEN AND I CAN'T GET UP!!! Aerosmith's tour of South and Central America is off to a rough start as last night's second show in Paraguay was postponed to tonight because Steven Tyler was unable to perform.

His manager blamed it on food poisoning, but a spokesman for the shows promoter says Tyler fell in his hotel bathroom, cut his face and lost two teeth, a claim that is backed up by Gustavo Perez, a bellman at the Bourbon Hotel in Asuncion.

He says Tyler had a "nasty fall" and had a bloody face when taken from the hotel by ambulance. Tyler reportedly received stitches and two dental implants during his four-hour hospital stay.

ROMANCE REPORT - BLAKE LIVELY'S ADORABLE BIRTHDAY SURPRISE FOR RYAN REYNOLDS: BLAKE LIVELY helped alleged boyfriend RYAN REYNOLDS celebrate his 35th birthday in Boston Sunday and she did so with this adorable surprise.

As Ryan was leaving for the set of his film R.I.P.D., Lively who was in his trailer, sent out her tiny maltipoo pup named Penny wrapped in dozens of balloons. Adorbs!!!

MAZEL TOV: "The Big Bang Theory" star KALEY CUOCO has gotten engaged to Josh Resnik, an addiction specialist, "People" magazine reports. "The surprise proposal took place during a quiet date night at home," the rep says. "The couple are very happy and excited to begin planning their wedding."

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ASHTON AND DEMI REUNITE: There may be hope for DEMI MOORE and ASHTON KUTCHER after all. They've barely been seen together since Ashton allegedly cheated with 22-year-old Sara Leal, but 'Us Weekly' reports that Demi hung out with him on the set of 'Two and a Half Men' Friday.

"Demi didn't come on the actual shooting set or anything -- she never does -- but she spent the day on the lot in his massive trailer," claims an insider. Another source said, "[Ashton] put his arm around Demi and they acted like a couple."

But before you start toasting to love conquering all, another source, this one supposedly close to Demi, says that although "she loves him, [she] can't forgive him for the embarrassment he has caused."

TARA REID - MARRIAGE WAS A SHAM:  Remember when the hot mess known as TARA REID married some guy in the Greek Isles this past August? Well, it turns out they were never really married. We know this because Tara herself said so. Check out what she told a paparazzo below. And do you think she's FUBAR or does the camera just make her look that way?

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

IS LINDSAY GETTING NAKED FOR 'PLAYBOY'???: We may soon be seeing a lot more of LINDSAY LOHAN. And by 'a lot more' I mean some or all of her goodies!!! Yeah, I know, it probably would've been a bigger deal 5 years ago or so when she didn't look as cracked out as she does now, but with the right lighting and Photoshop, who knows.

Lindsay is reportedly getting nearly $1 million dollars to take it off for 'Playboy' magazine. According to TMZ, she was initially offered $750,000, but demanded $1 million. 'Playboy' came back with an offer that came close enough and word is not only did she agree to get naked, but the photo shoot already took place over the weekend. Her rep tells E! News, "I can neither confirm nor deny at this time." Which we all know by now means "Hell, yeah, it's gonna happen!!!"

THE REAL REASON JENNIFER LOPEZ BROKE DOWN: We now have video of JENNIFER LOPEZ tearing up onstage during her gig in Connecticut Saturday. It's pretty underwhelming, but if you're curious, here it is ...

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

By the way, she tells 'Extra' it had nothing to do with MARC ANTHONY or the impending divorce. It was the sight of her mom in the audience that did it. "I didn't see her the whole time until this one moment, and I was a bit emotional," she told Extra.


'DANCING' DRAMA: Pro dancer MAKSIM CHMERKOVSKIY got into it with one of the judges on last night's 'Dancing With the Stars'

It happened after judge LEN GOODMAN called HOPE SOLO'S rumba her "worst dance of the season." That's when partner Maks sprang to her defense, telling Goodman that the audience reaction mattered more than his opinion, and that Len might be too old for his job ...


WATCH: It goes down at about the 1:30 mark ...

Once again, the lowest score of the night went to CHAZ BONO, a 19. The top scores went to RICKI LAKE and J.R. MARTINEZ, each receiving a 29. Seriously, America, it's time for Chaz to go. He may be a lot of things, but a dancer he's not. And this is, afterall, a DANCING competition. Say No to Bono!!!

Speakin of "Dancing With the Stars" ... Radar Online posted a couple of yearbook photos of NANCY GRACE back when she was a high school cheerleader. The one below, and the one you'll find here ...

HOTTEST CELEBRITY BODIES: "Fitness" magazine recently conducted a survey to determine the most desired celebrity bodies, and according to the 2,000 men and women participated those bodies belong to JENNIFER ANISTON and WILL SMITH.  Aniston's bod was also voted Best Body Over 40 (She's 42), but Smith came in second to BRAD PITT in that category. (Brad is 47, Will is 43).

On the other end of the spectrum, the celebrity whose body we're most sick of seeing and wish would keep her clothes on is Jersey Shore's SNOOKI. She garnered 40% of the vote.  You can check out complete survey results here if you're so inclined.

BABY POOP: ROD STEWARTS' daughter, KIMBERLY, is showing off her newborn daughter Delilah in the pages of 'Hello!' magazine.

Kim says that even though she and baby daddy BENICIO DEL TORO split shortly after Delilah was conceived, he is very much a part of the child's life. "The whole family, including Benicio, was at the hospital and my mom and Benicio were in the delivery room with me," she tells 'Hello!' "Benicio is very involved; he and Delilah have a very special bond."

2. MARISKA HARGITAY and daughter show us their Halloween costumes. Too cute!

Meanwhile ... BEN AFFLECK, JENNIFER GARNER and their daughters were out picking pumpkins, as were MARIO LOPEZ and the ladies in his life.

ROBIN WILLIAMS MAKES THE BIG MISTAKE: ROBIN WILLIAMS has tied the knot for the third time.

The actor/comedian wed graphic designer Susan Schneider Sunday at the Meadowood Resort in Napa Valley. The couple met shortly before Williams, 60, underwent heart surgery in 2009, and she reportedly nursed him back to health.
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BABY POOP - MORE ADORABLE PICS OF MARIAH CAREY'S TWINS: Now that MARIAH CAREY and NICK CANNON have showed off twins Moroccan and Monroe on ABC’s 20/20, they have gone picture crazy ...

The couple released 15 personal photos of the 'dem babies, including one featuring Monroe wearing a diamond headpiece ...

DOES THIS PICTURE PROVE JESSICA SIMPSON IS PREGNANT???: There's been no official word -- or denial for that matter, but you have to admit JESSICA SIMPSON definitely looks pregnant in this picture that hit the 'net Friday. I realize she's been known to lean toward the candy-coated side but I don't think there's much doubt left. Jessica Simpson Fetused? We Report, You Decide ...

HAS CHRISTINA AGUILERA RUN OUT OF PANTS THAT FIT???!!!:  It's no secret CHRISTINA AGUILERA has put on a few pounds, but her latest fashion choices have left us wondering if she's run out of pants she can fit into.

For the second time in a week, Christina was spotted out in public without pants. Last Monday night, while out on a dinner date with boyfriend Matt Rutler, Christina wore a white T-shirt over fishnet stockings, then Thursday, while out shopping in Los Angeles, XXTina was snapped wearing a similar outfit, although this time she added a red scarf and trucker hat ...

J.LO BREAKS DOWN ON STAGE: Things got a bit emotional for JENNIFER LOPEZ during a performance Saturday night in Connecticut. Jennifer, who recently split from MARC ANTHONY, told the audience she was "going to sing you the last song I wrote about love" then launched into "Until It Beats No More" while Diddy, Cris Judd, Ben Affleck and Marc Anthony look-alikes re-enacted scenes with her.

After the song, she said, "I took a trip down memory lane," and then started to cry as the crowd applauded.

"Performance" is right. It's not like it was a totally spontaneous moment. I mean, ex-lover look-a-likes don't just appear out of thin air. Don't you think it kind of unfair to pull emotion out of your gullible fans like that? Discuss.


UPDATE - NO MARITAL PROBLEMS FOR KIM KARDASHIAN AND KRIS HUMPHRIES: Despite rumors that they're leading separate lives and already heading for divorce, KIM KARDASHIAN and KRIS HUMPHRIES celebrated Kim's 31st birthday together Friday night in Manhattan. Then Saturday night, they did dinner and hit a club in Las Vegas.

As for that picture of Kris moving stuff out of the hotel he and Kim have been sharing ... it turns out Kim id done shooting "Kim and Kourtney Take New York" so they're both moving back to Los Angeles.

UPDATE - LINDAY LOHAN FINALLY MAKES IT TO THE MORGUE: One day after reporting to community service an hour late and being turned away, LINDSAY LOHAN made it to the LA County Coroner's office on time.

According to TMZ, not only did Lindsay show up for morgue duty on Friday, she got there super early. And, as a way of making up for her missed appearance Thursday, Lindsay reportedly bought morgue employees burgers and cupcakes.

Linds followed up her morgue duty by hitting a West Hollywood club on Saturday night. And word is she had her sights set on MARK FOSTER, lead singer of the band FOSTER THE PEOPLE, but he wasn't interested.

According to a gossip site source, quote, "Mark turned his back every time Lindsay came to the table to talk. He did not want to be associated with her."

ROMANCE REPORT - RYAN REYNOLDS AND BLAKE LIVELY TOGETHER AGAIN: Rumors that RYAN REYNOLDS and BLAKE LIVELY are dating have been swirling since the beginning of the month, and the two added fuel to the fire over the weekend after they were spotted together outside Ryan’s Boston apartment.

Although there hasn’t been any confirmation from them or their reps, a source tells People, quote, “They are very much a couple."  Over the weekend, Ryan and Blake celebrated Ryan's 35th birthday in Manhattan with SANDRA BULLOCK. Ryan's actual birthday was yesterday.

ROMANCE REPORT - X-FACTOR'S NICOLE SCHERZINGER SPLITS FROM BEAU: The X-Factor's NICOLE SCHERZINER is single again. Britain’s “The Sun” reports that after four years of dating, she and race car driver Lewis Hamilton have called it quits. Distance is to blame for the breakup, since Lewis lives in Geneva, Switzerland and Nicole lives in Hollywood.

ROMANCE REPORT - JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE AND JESSICA BIEL TOGETHER AGAIN: Things definitely look "on again" for JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE and JESSICA BIEL. The couple, which reportedly split in March, was together in Los Angeles for the premiere of Justin's new movie “In Time” (opening Friday).

Although they weren’t at each other's side the whole night, they reportedly did steal a few intimate moments together, and stayed at the party past midnight, even though most guests left. "[They] became more and more affectionate, sneaking kisses, whispering to each other, and sharing quick back rubs and caresses," a spy told People.

BABY POOP - NATALIE PORTMAN AND SON ENJOY DAY OUT IN L.A.: NATALIE PORTMAN gave the paparazzi their first good shot of her four-month-old son when she stepped out with him over the weekend. Here’s Aleph in his green onesie, as Natalie and him were on their way to a friend's home in Hollywood …
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ARE KIM KARDASHIAN AND KRIS HUMPHRIES ALREADY HAVING MARITAL PROBLEMS???!!!: KIM KARDASHIAN and KRIS HUMPHRIES have only been married about two months and already the tabloids have them breaking up.

"Life & Style" magazine's source says they're basically leading separate lives. Quote: "Kim's mapping out 2012, including holidays, and Kris isn't a part of it. Any itineraries for the future don't include Kris very much. That's not a good sign."

The "Star" tabloid claims Kris has been spotted partying in both Miami and New York without Kim and he definitely was "acting like a single man."

Not to be outdone, London's "Daily Mail" has a source who is telling them, quote, "I don't know...why they got married in the first place but they are done. They are divorcing."

And, finally, the New York Post's Page Six publishe a photo of Kris carrying moving boxes out of the New York City hotel he and Kim have been staying in, and point out he wasn't wearing his wedding ring.

On the other hand ... Other sources tell Page Six the couple looked happy Wednesday night over dinner at STK and left holding hands. Kim is expected to celebrate her birthday in Vegas this weekend so we shall see if Kris will be at her side.

LOHAN LUNACY - LINDSAY SHOWS UP LATE TO MORGUE, SENT HOME: After getting booted from her last community service assignment for not showing up nine times, and one day after taking a tongue lashing from a judge, LINDSAY LOHAN continued to make a mockery of the system by arriving late to her new community service assignment at the L.A. County Morgue.

She was considered a no-show and sent home. Her publicist claimed Lindsay was 40 minutes "due to a combination of not knowing the entrance to go through and confusion caused by the media waiting for her arrival." Yeah, I didn't think it was due to her rigorous morning dental hygiene routine.

Lindsay stuck with that alibi on Twitter later in the day ... "With all of the stress and pressure from yesterday and today, I've never been so happy to go to therapy!!! Also, I'm sorry for the confusion that I may of caused to those at the Coroner's office. Won't happen again, now I know where to go!"

Here's video of Lindsay showing up at the morgue in her $80,000 Porsche ...
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OVERCROWDING WON'T STOP LINDSAY FROM GOING TO JAIL: Judge Stephanie Sautner expressed her frustration earlier this week that even if she sentenced Lindsay to jail, Linds would likely not spend any time behind bars due to overcrowding.

Well, LA County Sheriff Lee Baca told "Good Day Live LA" that's not the case. Baca said the overcrowding issue won't keep Lindsay out of jail, and if she is indeed sentenced to time behind bars, he'll make sure she serves it ...
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SNAPSHOT - WHOA! JOEY LAWRENCE IS SHIRTLESS AND ABSOLUTELY RIPPED: Check out a shirtless JOEY LAWRENCE, snapped workout at an L.A. park yesterday.  Tell me he doesn't deserve a "Whoa!" ...

ROMANCE REPORT - BRADLEY COOPER PURSUING J.LO: "Us Weekly" claims that things are heating up between BRADLEY COOPER and JENNIFER LOPEZ, in part because Bradley is "really trying to woo Jennifer in a big way."

They claim he actually contacted JLo not long after she announced her split from MARC ANTHONY. "He has been after Jennifer, calling her, for ages," claims the source, while another adds, "They've been talking on the phone and texting a lot."

Sources close to J.Lo say Cooper's attention has helped her deal with the end of her marriage. "Considering how depressed she has been since her breakup, it's no surprise that she has finally decided to let him in," said the insider. "For the first time since the split, she is allowing herself to go with the flow."

ROMANCE REPORT - JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE AND JESSICA BIEL TOGETHER AGAIN: The rumor is JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE and JESSICA BIEL are giving their relationship another go, and perhaps they are because Wednesday night (October 19) they were spotted having dinner. With Biel's parents!


SNAPSHOT: This is kind of heartbreaking … PATRICK SWAYZE'S widow was at Madame Tussaud's in Hollywood earlier this week to unveil his new wax figure and she posed with it. Patrick and Lisa had been married 34 years when Patrick died of pancreatic cancer in 2009.

CHARLIE SHEEN SHOWS US HIS PIC: CHARLIE SHEEN has posted a picture of himself holding up a Charlie Sheen Halloween mask. And he said, quote, "Got my Halloween costume... All set”

UPDATE - GIULIANA RANCIC UNDERGOES BREAST CANCER SURGERY: E! News host GIULIANA RANCIC, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, has undergone a double lumpectomy. In an interview with the “Today” show yesterday, her husband Bill Rancic said she had cancerous growths in both breasts removed and that doctors also removed lymph nodes they believed may have been affected.

Bill said, "Giuliana is…doing well at home and recovering -- and I'm adding nurse to my resume. She's having fun with that."

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CONRAD MURRAY MANSLAUGHTER TRIAL - PROSECUTION READY TO REST CASE: Propofol expert Dr. Steven Shafer spent his second day on the witness stand yesterday. Shafer blasted the theory that Jackson gave himself the fatal dose of the drug. "People don't wake up...hell-bent to give themselves another dose," he said. "It's a crazy scenario."

Shafer is the prosecution's final witness. Murray's defense attorneys are expected to cross-examine him today, and then begin their own case.

ASHLEY JUDD SHOWS US HER TWEETS: If you ever happen to run into ASHLEY JUDD somewhere, don't stare because she's had it with people like you ogling her all the time.

“My favorite thing to say to people who stare openly at me: "Get a good look?" reminds them I'm a person, not a curiosity in a display case,” she tweeted. Oh, honey, you haven’t made a movie since the ‘90s. If anyone recognizes you in public you should thank them.
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