ASHTON KUTCHER DENIES AFFAIR RUMORS - PHOTOS EMERGE: ASHTON KUTCHER hit up Twitter yesterday to respond to rumors he cheated on wife DEMI MOORE.

The 'Two and a Half Men' star posted a link to Public Enemy's "Don't Believe the Hype" and wrote that we shouldn't "assume to know that which you know nothing of."

The Latest Hype We're Not to Believe ... are photos of Ashton with a woman who bares a striking resemblance to Sara Leal, the 23-year-old whom the gossip sit The Dirty claims he hooked up with on Sept. 24, taken a full 3 months before the reported San Diego fling.

One of the photos taken on June 1 shows Kutcher leaving the Roosevelt Hotel with friends and a woman who looks like Leal. The other shows Kutcher behind the wheel of his car with the same woman in the backseat ...

Meanwhile, in the least surprising news related to this scandal ... the alleged mistress is trying to cash in on her alleged fling. She says Ashton told her that he and Moore were already separated but the media didn’t know it yet. I’m not sure what she has to sell. That’s pretty much the whole story, isn’t it?

Word is she wants $250,000, but nobodies willing to pay that much. In the meantime, she has supposedly reached out to Ashton's people looking for a payoff to keep her from talking.

And finally ... Demi tweeted this picture of herself a couple of days ago with the caption "I see through you."

Does it mean anything? And if it does, is it directed towards Ashton or Sara Leal? What are you looking at me for, I don't know! Those questions were rhetorical!

'DANCING' COULD BE TRUE BUT PROBABLY CRAP - ROB KARDASHIAN ALLEGES ON SET AFFAIRS: It seems every "Dancing with the Stars" season includes one of the celebrities and their professional partner hooking up.

Yesterday, ROB KARDASHIAN said that's already happening this season. Quote, "I know some of the couples on the show, some of the celebrities that are married that are having an affair with their partner." But he didn't say which ones, leaving it up to us to speculate. So lets ...

Ok, it can't be Rob, since he's not married. Same goes for Kristin Cavallari, Hope Solo, Ricki Lake, and Chaz Bono. It can't be Carson Kressley because he thinks girls are icky.

David Arquette is technically married but he has a new girlfriend. That leaves us with Chynna Phillips or Nancy Grace. We Report, You Decide.But I personally think Rob is just yanking our chain.


MICHAEL JACKSON MADNESS - CONRAD MURRAY TRIAL DAY 3: DR. CONRAD MURRAY'S manslaughter trial continued yesterday with one of MICHAEL JACKSON'S security guards testifying that Murray instructed him to put vials of propofol into a bag before calling 911. Follow THIS LINK for a more detailed synopsis.

GENE SIMMONS TO MAKE THE BIG MISTAKE SATURDAY: Tomorrow at 5:30 p.m. Pacific Time, the world will either come to an end or you will hear a piercing scream as GENE SIMMONS does something he vowed he would never do -- get married.

He will say "I do" for the first time to SHANNON TWEED, his girlfriend of 28 years and the mother of his two children, at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

Simmons has always spoken out against marriage, saying, "It doesn't work. The biggest cause of divorce is marriage", but changed his mind after Shannon threatened to leave him over his womanizing ways.

Even though you nor I were invited, we'll still get to see all the highlights on the October 19th episode of Gene Simmons Family Jewels on A&E.

HOLLY MADISON INSURES HER BOOBS: HUGH HEFNER'S ex and former "Girls Next Door" cast mate, HOLLY MADISON, has taken out a one million-dollar insurance policy on what she considers her best assets -- her surgically enhanced girls. She says she did it because, quote,"They're my primary money-makers right now."

IS JOHN TRAVOLTA A TIME TRAVELER???!!!: First NICOLAS CAGE was accused of being a vampire. Now JOHN TRAVOLTA is suspected of traveling through time.

The so-called evidence is a photo from the 1860s that features a man who looks like the ‘Grease’ star. In the auction's description, the seller writes, "For those of you who don't know, John Travolta is a Scientologist and many Scientologists believe in a type of reincarnation. Of course, time travel can't be ruled out as well." The asking price? $50,000.


RELATED: Can you believe this??? Some people in Brazil actually want GISELE BUNDCHEN to cover up!!! A government agency in Brazil wants lingerie ads featuring Tom Brady's baby-mamma taken off the air because they feel it reinforces stereotypes of women as sex objects.

BABY POOP: A make-up free PINK was spotted doting all over daughter Willow Sage while waiting on her chauffeured car in NYC yesterday ...

2. MIKE MYERS and his wife, Kelly Tisdale, have welcomed their first child together. A boy they’ve named Spike.
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COULD BE TRUE COULD BE CRAP - DEMI DUMPS ASHTON???!!!: Is it over for DEMI MOORE AND ASHTON KUTCHER???!!! According to a report in Star magazine and its sister site Radaronline it is.

Radar reports that Demi has dumped Ashton after he cheated on her last weekend with a 23-year-old woman. The woman, Sara Leal (pictured below), has reportedly gone into hiding and hired a lawyer. Kutcher and Leal reportedly met during a booze-fueled night at the Hard Rock Cafe in San Diego.

Meanwhile ... Star magazine is reporting that Demi and Ashton's marriage is "officially over." According to a source, "The relationship ended because of Ashton's serial cheating.

Many gossips are pointing to the fact that the couple have taken a break from Twitter as evidence of their marital troubles. In fact, one of Demi's last tweets, from the night of the alleged tryst, might be telling.

In it she quoted a Greek philosopher, writing, "When we are offended at any man's fault, turn to yourself and study your own failings. Then you will forget your anger."

While we're on the subject of Ashton ...  he's also managed to tick off his bosses. CBS is reportedly steamed that their new Two and a Half Men star slipped in some unauthorized product placements on Monday's show. Ashton's character Walden Schmidt was seen using a laptop covered with bright-colored decals, promoting specific companies. Companies Ashton has a financial stake in.

JESSICA SIMPSON POSTPONES WEDDING: The rumor yesterday was that fiancé Eric Johnson had knocked up JESSICA SIMPSON, but new rumors today make it sound like there may be something wrong in their relationship.

Sources tell Us Weekly that as of now, plans for their wedding have been put on hold.

An insider tells the tab, "Everything is up in the air.She can't figure out what kind of [wedding] she wants." But some friends think that there's more to the delay than just Jessica's inability to make a decision.

"She was so gung ho about planning their wedding, and now...she won't commit to a date." Maybe she just wants to wait until the unconfirmed baby is born.

Word is Jessica wants to let him down easy, so she's "delaying the wedding indefinitely", hoping he'll get the hint. A friend of hers says "He treats her well, but he's so lazy, she doesn't want to take care of him the rest of her life."


SUSPICIOUS WHITE POWDER SENT TO 'DANCING WITH THE STARS': There was a major freak out on the set of "Dancing With the Stars" yesterday after a letter containing a mysterious white powder was received.

TMZ reports that emergency vehicles were called to the CBS Studios in Hollywood after the powder spilled out of the letter inside the mail room. It was later determined the substance was not harmful. What hasn't been determined is if the letter was meant for a specific cast member on the show.

GEORGE CLOONEY FLIPS OUT ABOUT US WEEKLY STORY - DEFENDS EX GIRLFRIEND: The notoriously private GEORGE CLOONEY never responds to gossip magazines or gossip site postings, but he just about had a fit with something Us Weekly wrote about his ex-girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis.

According to a report in the new "US Weekly", Elisabetta sent Clooney a series of angry texts after finding out about his new romance with former female wrestler Stacy Keibler. Clooney is not only dismissing the report, he's demanding a retraction.

He tells TMZ, quote, "The report in "US Weekly" was completely fabricated to sell magazines. I never comment on my private life unless it affects others. And this lie does affect others. Since I'd be the only actual witness, I demand you correct your story immediately. But, of course, that would assume you cared at all about telling the truth."

MICHAEL JACKSON MADNESS:  We learned a sad fact in day two of the manslaughter trial of DR. CONRAD MURRAY: MICHAEL JACKSON'S two eldest children, Prince and Paris, saw their father die.

Michael's head of security testified yesterday that Prince and Paris watched as Murray desperately tried to resuscitate their father. He said Paris was, quote, "on the ground, balled up crying" while Prince was, quote, "shocked and slowly crying."

You can read a more detailed synopsis HERE

WE REPORT, YOU DECIDE - DID NICOLE RICHIE GET THE GIRLS DONE???: Did NICOLE RICHIE get a boob job???!!! A source tells Us Magazine she did indeed get implants over the summer."The pregnancies took a toll," said the source. "She said breast-feeding killed what boobs she did have!"

Here's a side-by-side of Nicole. The one on the left was taken last September, the one on the right 5 days ago. And here's what some of our Facebook friends have to say.

BABY POOP - FIRST PIC OF ALYSSA MILANO'S SON MILO: ALYSSA MILANO is showing off her 5-week-old son Milo Thomas Bugliari in the new edition of Us Weekly ...

Meanwhile ... BRITNEY SPEARS baby daddy, Kevin Federline, and his girlfriend Victoria Prince took their six week old daughter Jordan Kay out for a stroll ...

ANGELINA JOLIE took her daughters to get their ears pierced the other day, but only 6 year old Zahara went through with it. Five year-old Shiloh chickened out after Zahara, quote, "screamed and then burst into tears" when she got hers done, which freaked Shiloh out.

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BABY POOP - JESSICA SIMPSON COULD POSSIBLY BE PREGNANT!!!: JESSICA SIMPSON has supposedly, allegedly been fetused!!! Though it's been reported before, In Touch Weekly "can exclusively confirm" it's for real this time. She's reportedly due in the spring.

A source was quoted as saying that "she's already having kooky cravings," such as nacho chips dipped in chocolate. The insider goes on to says that Jess plans to make an honest man of fiance Eric Johnson in November.

Pregnancy rumors first began in July but Jessica's spokesperson insisted at the time she was not expecting. Her clothing choices, however, are not helping her put those rumors to rest.

Just this past Monday, Jessica was spotted in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico wearing a loose-fitting animal print top that could easily have been disguising a growing baby bump. We Report, You Decide.

MJ MADNESS: The manslaughter trial of DR. CONRAD MURRAY got underway yesterday, and prosecutors wasted no time getting to the shock and awe.

During their opening statements, they used a photo of MICHAEL JACKSON'S corpse as a backdrop for their slideshow. They follwed that up with audio of a slurring and obviously under the influence Michael talking about his "This Is It" shows.

Follow this link to peep the pic and listen to the audio.

IN DENIAL - NANCY GRACE: NANCY GRACE is denying having a wardrobe malfunction on Monday's "Dancing With the Stars." She tells TMZ she will "go to my grave denying the nip slip."

After the show, she explained further to reporters: "There was a little bit of movement, but it did not rise to a wardrobe malfunction. There may have been, as [my partner] Tristan said, a little bit of jiggling but there was absolutely not a wardrobe malfunction."

The home audience didn't get to see it anyway ... the show was on a delay and producers cut away during the telecast. In fact it wasn't even alluded to on last night's Results Show. If it didn't happen, why then did ABC to cut away to a pre-taped, zombie-like shot of the audience? Tom Bergeron even joked about it, saying, "On the European version that would be perfectly fine."

Here's a screen-grab. Judge for yourself.

Nancy insists to TMZ that she was wearing a pedal shaped pastie under her bra so the nip slip was impossible, then later Tweeted this picture of herself holding a package of them ...

'DANCING' UPDATE - ELISABETTA ELIMINATED: GEORGE CLOONEY'S most recent ex, Elisabetta Canalis, was eliminated on last night's Dancing With the Stars. Which means CHAZ BONO will dance for you again next week, America!!!

In leaving, Elisabetta said, "It was a gift every day staying here." Joining her in the bottom three were Chaz, who had the previous night's lowest score of 17, and DAVID ARQUETTE.


DID ASHTON KUTCHER CHEAT ON DEMI MOORE AGAIN???!!!: ASHTON KUTCHER is facing new allegations that he cheated on DEMI MOORE. This time on their anniversary weekend!!!

Ashton and Demi's sixth anniversary was Saturday. Friday, Ashton was having a boys' night at a bar in San Diego. They supposedly partied well into Saturday morning, which is when Ashton allegedly hooked up with some random!!!

The 23 year-old woman has supposedly hired a lawyer and gone into hiding.

OR IS IT A SHAKEDOWN OF SOME SORT???!!!: The allegations first surfaced yesterday morning when a gossip site recieved an email calling out the "Two and a Half Men" star for sleeping with a close friend of the emailer.

An update on the gossip site reports that the woman Kutcher purportedy slept with is asking for a payday of $250,000 for her story. You can read the email and other naughty details HERE.

COULD BE TRUE BUT PROBABLY CRAP - ANGELINA AFTER JENNIFER'S MAN: The "National Enquirer" has taken it upon himself to keep the ANGELINA JOLIE/JENNIFER ANISTON beef alive. They now claim that Angie is courting Jen’s new man to be her co-star in the upcoming sequel "Salt 2".

Their un-named source says Angelina thinks Justin Theroux would be perfect for the part and it also, quote, "gives her a rush to stick it to Jen." But Jennifer isn't going to sit back and let it happen, oh no. The source says, quote, "After Angie's brazen play for Justin, Jen told her rival through her handlers: 'Keep your hands off him!'"

The tab says Angelina hasn't responded yet because “she wants Jen to stay frantic and not know what she is going to do next."

KARDASHIAN SISTERS DISH ABOUT SCOTT'S MANHOOD: Those KARDASHIAN sisters talk to each other, and the press, about everything. Not even SCOTT DISEK’S man thing is off limits. During an interview with the website xoJane, the subject of Kourtney's man not wearing underwear came up. "Honestly, it's way too much," Kim said. "He has to start wearing some tighty-whities."

That’s when Kourtney revealed a bit too much information about the size of Scott's manhood, bragging, "It's like an elephant's trunk!" Khloe, however, seemed less impressed, joking that Scott was "trying to compete" with her husband Lamar Odom.


ON THIS DAY IN TABLOID HISTORY: It was on this day in 2001 that JENNIFER LOPEZ secretly married back up dancer Cris Judd at a private ceremony in Calabasas, California. It lasted 9 months.

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NANCY GRACE'S BOOBS MAKE 'DANCING WITH THE STARS' DEBUT: NANCY GRACE had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction on "Dancing with the Stars" last night when her quickstep performance jarred one of the girls loose!!!

The nip-slip happened about 34 seconds in, but because the TV camera cut away so fast, it was impossible to see it in real time. 

I'm going to give you the link to UNCENSORED version of the above pic, but before you hit it up, please click THIS LINK FIRST.

Ok, now that you've been thouroughly warned, here's the UNCENSORED pic.

Was It Caused By Good Luck Charms from Her Kids? ... Nancy's chest was getting quite a workout during her quickstep, but there could be another explanation for the wardrobe malfunction: The fact that she stuffs her bra.

Nancy's three-year-old twins, you see, have been sending her "special" objects as good luck charms.

Things like a barrette and a little stone, and according to TMZ Nancy keeps these things with her as she's dancing, but since the dresses don't have any pockets she stuffs them in her bra.

DID JESSE JAMES CHEAT ON KAT VON D TOO???: Well, this shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Radaronline reports KAT VON D ended things with JESSE JAMES for good because he cheated on her.

A woman who goes by LisaJa posted a rant on a website where people can put the cheater in their life on blast, claiming she had a fling with Jesse after he and Kat called off their engagement in July, and also after they reunited.

“Why don't you finally be a man and tell everyone why Kat dumped you this time?,” she wrote. “Is it because you lied to her and said that you didn't see anyone while you two were ‘on a break.’ She then added, "You're beyond an a**hole, you're a sick predator who doesn't respect women."

AND DID HE GIVE THE WOMAN AN STD???!!!: The woman also seems to suggest Jesse gave her an STD. She writes, quote, "Oh by the way, thanks for the parting gift you left me . . . that's the ONLY REASON why I'm not telling the world exactly who I am but you most certainly know." So did Jesse give her an STD or did he knock her up??? We may never know.

You can read the entire post HERE.


WE REPORT YOU DECIDE - HEATHER LOCKLEAR IN A BIKINI: HEATHER LOCKLEAR turned 50 Sunday and showed off what she's still got while on vacation in Hawaii with fiancé JACK WAGNER

Heather Locklear in a bikini: Yes or No? We Report, You Decide

'DANCING' UPDATE - RICKI RULES, BONO BUNGLES: On last night's "Dancing With the Stars", the 11 remaining celebrities took on jives and quick-steps with RICKI LAKE's jive getting the top score of the night -- a 23 out of a possible 30.

CHAZ BONO danced a quickstep that Judge LEN GOODMAN called slower than a car-wash conveyor. Chaz scored 17 points, the lowest of the night.


LINK- A LIST OF ALL THE FOODS BRAD PITT HAS EATEN IN HIS MOVIES: If you watch a lot of BRAD PITT movies, then you may have noticed food is one of his favorite props. New York" magazine did and put together a list of all the foods Brad has eaten in his various movies.

WATCH: CHRIS BROWN slipped and fell during his show in Indianapolis Sunday night ...

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

ON THIS DAY IN TABLOID HISTORY: On this day in 2008 ... HEATHER LOCKLEAR is arrested in Santa Barbara, California on suspicion of driving while impaired.

Locklear was pulled over by a California Highway Patrol officer after a resident reported seeing her leaving a parking lot and "driving erratically."
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WE REPORT, YOU DECIDE - DID OPRAH MAKE HERSELF LOOK THINNER THAN ROSIE O'DONNELL FOR "O" COVER???:  OPRAH and ROSIE O'DONNELL appear together on the cover of the new issue of "O" magazine, and that supposedly has led to a beef between the BFF's.

According to the "National Enquirer", Rosie is not pleased that Orpah is Photoshopped to look a lot thinner than she really is, while she herself looks pretty bad. The "Enquirer" says Oprah's cover designers reduced her weight by a good 50 pounds by shrinking her belly, removing her double chin and, quote, "refining her nose."

WATCH - JENNIFER GARNER TELL ELLEN A STORY ABOUT HOW BIG HER BUTT IS GETTING: In an interview that airs tomorrow on "Ellen", JENNIFER GARNER reveals that she's still rocking the thong. She wasn't bragging, though. It came out while she was telling a story about how big her butt is getting during her current pregnancy ...

Jennifer tells Ellen ... "You know how once you have kids you never pee by yourself again? They're always, at least one of them is always in there with you at all times. "So, the other day, I had on a dress, and my daughter [Violet] was in there with me, and all of a sudden, she went, 'Gasp! Mom, we have to have a talk.

"'Mom your bottom has gotten so big that your panties don't even begin to cover it.'" Jennifer said she tole her daughter, "It's called a thong, you wear it when you're a grown up." Violet's response? She thought it was gross.


QUOTE/UNQUOTE: "People keep saying I'm gay, and I'm not." -- KELLY CLARKSON about her lack of a dating life to E! News.
She adds, "No boy wants to hit on me because I make mean songs about them, and they think I'm gay."

KIM KARDASHIAN IS THE MOST ANNOYING CELEB: KIM KARDASHIAN has been named the Most Annoying Celebrity in a poll by Parade magazine and Yahoo's OMG. The newlywed took 29-percent of the vote, edging out CHARLIE SHEEN.Rounding out the Top 5 were Snooki, Lindsay Lohan, and Donald Trump.


MARIO LOPEZ SHOWS US HIS PICS: What does it take to humble Mario Lopez? Meeting another celebrity! “I'm actually kinda starstruck.Whoa,” MARIO LOPEZ tweeted recently.

So who is the celebrity who humbled the guy who interviews celebs for a living? Nadya Suleman!!! …

Really, Mario? The Octomom?

SPLITSVILLE: It's over again for JESSE JAMES and KAT VON D. Kat wrote on her Facebook page she was no longer in a relationship, and aplogized “for all the "back and forth" if it's caused any confusion." As for why they broke up, she told "People" magazine, quote, "It was clear to me that we were just on two different paths in life.”

2. TAYLOR LAUTNER is a lone wolf again. He's reportedly broken up with his "Abduction" co-star Lily Collins. "It was a clean break that Taylor initiated," claims an Us Weekly source.

3. NFL hall of famer and former Dallas Cowboy and reality show star DEION SANDERS has filed for divorce papers from his wife of 11 years, Pilar Sanders. No reason for the split has been given.

SHOWBIZ PHOTO LINKS: JASON ALEXANDER, who turned 52 this past Friday, showed up at a charity poker tournament with more hair than he's had in decades. This picture was taken June 4th ...

And this is Jason at the charity poker tournament.

2. JENNIFER LOPEZ flashes the junk in her trunk at a music festival in Las Vegas over the weekend.

THE BIG MISTAKE: Former ‘Las Vegas’ star MOLLY SIMS made THE BIG MISTAKE over the weekend when she wed producer Scott Stuber Saturday in Napa Valley.

This is Molly's first marriage. Guests included Sims’ ‘Las Vegas’ co-star JOSH DUHAMEL and his wife FERGIE.
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LINDSAY LOHAN IGNORES COMMUNITY SERVICE: LINDSAY LOHAN seems to be asking to be sent back to jail.

According to Radaronline, no matter how many times her team tells her she needs to focus on completing her community service, Lindsay just keeps putting it off.

Judge Stephanie Sautner ordered Lindsay to complete 480 hours of community service in connection with her no contest plea in her theft case, but so far Lindsay has only finished about 60 hours.

Says an insider ...  "Lindsay's rationale is that she has a year to complete the service, so she isn't concerned about it right now.” She's due back in court October 17th for a progress report, and insiders believe the judge will not be happy with her lack of progress.

'GLEE'S' MATTHEW MORRISON vs. JONAH HILL!!! WHO YOU GOT???: Celebrity feud alert! "Moneyball" actor JONAH HILL is calling out "Glee's" MATTHEW MORRISON after Matthew dissed him on two separate occasions.

On "Jimmy Fallon" the other night, Jonah discussed how Matt embarrassed him by loudly telling him to stop talking during the FOX upfront presentation in May. Jonah told Jimmy, "I'm sure he's a good human being, but you don't throw a dude under the bus who's just sitting there being quiet. I've never met him before. He bullied me!"

Then at a Hollywood party ... Jonah claims he overheard Matt making him the punch line in a joke told to "Gossip Girl" CHACE CRAWFORD. Jonah then put his new enemy on blast, saying, "Yo, Matthew Morrison, you better bring your s**t next time I see you."

ARE JENNIFER ANISTON AND BRAD PITT REALLY GOOD FRIENDS?: BRAD PITT keeps insisting that JENNIFER ANISTON is still a "dear friend" but a source close to Jen says they aren’t even on speaking terms.

The "Aniston insider" told ‘Us Weekly’, quote, "They don't talk. She's 100 percent not speaking to him." Ever since Brad's comments about Jen to PARADE magazine were misconstrued, he’s been repeating that the two are good friends.

Just yesterday he told Matt Lauer, "I don't want them to say anything bad like that about Jen. She's a dear friend of mine." Jen has yet to comment on her ex’s initial comment and subsequent explanation.

ROMANCE REPORT - HAS PETE WENTZ MOVED ON???: PETE WENTZ must have finally moved on from ASHLEE SIMPSON because he was photographed holding hands with some chick yesterday afternoon in Los Angeles. It's Pete's first public display of affection with someone since Ashlee filed for divorce in February.

The sighting comes just days after Simpson and new boyfriend Vincent Piazza made it official by hitting the red carpet at a number of Emmy parties together in L.A.


COULD BE TRUE BUT PROBABLY CRAP - DIDDY IS CREEPING WITH CHRISTINA MILIAN: Rumor has it that DIDDY and CHRISTINA MILIAN have a lil something-something going on. Granted this is according to the rarely-if-ever-reliable Mediatakeout gossip site, but it’s too good a rumor to pass up.
A Palms Hotel waitress alleges the two were looking very cozy two weekends ago in Las Vegas. The waitress told the site that Christina was allegedly sitting on Diddy's lap, and that he was allegedly feeling her up. The thing is, Diddy has a girlfriend – singer Cassie, Christina is good friends with her!!!

RUMOR CONFIRMED - A.ROD AND CAMERON OVER: ALEX RODRIGUEZ has confirmed the rumors – he and CAMERON DIAZ are over. But he assured us all via "People" that they'll "always be friends." Sources say the decision to call it quits was mutual.

RUMOR FIX - SCARLETT AND KIERAN NOT DATING: SCARLETT JOHANSSON and MACAULY CULKIN'S brother, KIERAN, are not dating. According to sources who spoke to 'Us Weekly' they are just old friends who went to high school together. "She has never hooked up with Kieran," the source insists.

REALITY TV BYTES - X FACTOR IS A RATINGS DISAPPOINTMENT: SIMON COWELL told TMZ earlier this week that he wanted to beat "American Idol" in the ratings department. But he's got a ways to go before that's going to happen.

About 12.5 million viewers tuned into the debut of Simon's much-hyped "X Factor" Wednesday night. That's not even half the audience of Idol's season 10 premiere in January, which had more than 26 million watching.

Simon Cowell's worried. You can see it on what's-left-of-his-face. Hi-Yo!!! No, YOU shut up!!!

LISTEN: X Factor commercial - From the Mike and Tricia Vault of Comedy

RELATED: Mike's Blah Blah Blog - X Factor And Other Types of TV Shows We Don't Need Any More Of

COVER SHOT – KATY PERRY: KATY PERRY is on the cover of October's “InStyle” magazine ...
And in the feature article, shares that she's a little jealous of BEYONCE’S baby news, but the singer -- who will celebrate her one-year wedding anniversary next month, insists she's in no rush to have a baby of her own.
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