KARDASHIAN KNEWS: Days after "Dancing with the Stars" producers vowed to go after "more high profile", "A-list" stars for next season multiple sources are reporting that KIM KARDASHIAN'S little brother,ROB KARDASHIAN, has signed on for the next season.

Kim, if you recall, lasted just three weeks on the show in 2008.

2. Invitations for Kim and KRIS HUMPHRIE'S August 20th wedding have gone out. The ceremony, a black tie affair, will be held in Montecito, California. Hmmm. Mine must've gotten lost in the mail.

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SCARLETT TURNS DOWN MARINE BALL INVITATION: SCARLETT JOHANSSON is the latest celeb to receive an invitation to a Marine ball, and the latest to politely decline.

In a recent YouTube video, Sgt. Dustin L. Williams asked Scarlett to be his date for the November 10th event, but Scarlett said no, and sent him some champagne as well as her gratitude instead.

Scarlett said in a statement ... "Sergeant Dustin L. Williams, unfortunately due to prior commitments I will not be able to attend the Ball with you this year, but I am sending you a case of Moet and Chandon with gratitude."

She added, "In my absence, I raise a glass to you and all the men and women of the U.S. Marine Corps, past and present, in thanks for your continued commitment to preserving the safety of our nation."

Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis recently accepted invitations to the ball, prompting an avalanche of YouTube invites to other stars.

Meanwhile ... "Terminator" LINDA HAMILTON is going to the Marine Corps Ball with Sergeant Ray Lewis. Lewis was the one who did a video asking BETTY WHITE to accompany him, but she'll be busy filming her sitcom "Hot in Cleveland" so she had to turn him down.

Linda jumped in and made a video of her own, offering to go with Ray in Betty's place. And he accepted.

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KAT VON D OPENS UP ABOUT BREAKUP: After the break up with JESSE JAMES, and then walking out on an interview with Good Day L.A., KAT VON D cancelled all promotional commitments yesterday and took to Facebook to address her fans.

In a page titled "What Can I Say? I Suck," Kat wrote that she “made a mess of things” and that she "never planned on walking away from this relationship." Click here to read Kat's complete post.

KATY PERRY - BLONDE OR BRUNETTE?: KATY PERRY is the voice of Smurfette in the new "Smurfs" movie that opens today, and recently showed up at the premiere working a new lighter 'do.

But which look do you like best? Katy Perry - Blonde or Brunette? Follow the link to our Facebook page and hit us up with your preference.

QUOTE/UNQUOTE: "I have the smallest penis in the world. I'm serious." -- ENRIQUE IGLESIAS during a show in Melbourne, Australia Tuesday night.

Iglesias’ confession happened after he brought three guys up on stage and starting talking about losing your virginity. Enrique admitted to losing his at 17. One of the guys made a comment about Enrique's, quote, "Spanish good looks," and that's when Enrique let the crowd in on his shortcomings ...


He's talked about this problem before. You can read more about it here.
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WAS ANOTHER WOMAN THE CAUSE OF KAT VON D/JESSE JAMES BREAK UP?: RadarOnline is claiming that KAT VON D and JESSE JAMES ended their engagement after a huge argument about another woman.

According to their source, the tattooed couple had a verbal blowout outside of Kat's Los Angeles home.

“Kat kept throwing some woman’s name out and arguing about how she didn’t like him living so far away,” said the anonymous nosy neighbor. “Jesse finally said, ‘Fine, f**k you!’ and sped away on his motorcycle.”

The source adds that judging by the tone of the conversation, "Kat was accusing Jesse of something with this other woman."

KAT TO GOOD DAY L.A. - HOW DARE YOU MENTION JESSE'S NAME!!!: Kat Von D was scheduled to appear on Good Day L.A. yesterday to promote tonight's season premiere of "L.A. Ink", but walked off the set minutes before air time after the anchor mentioned her Jesse James.

TMZ says Kat flipped out a teaser promoting her segment touched on the pair's recent breakup, and used the clip from the TLC show we posted in yesterday's Hollywood Dirt in which she gets Jesse's face tattooed on her body

And what did the host say that apparently set Kat off? Quote, "She just broke up with fiancé Jesse James, but not before getting a tattoo of his childhood picture." Kat later tweeted ...

UPDATE - HUGH HEFNER SAYS CRYSTAL HARRIS LIED ABOUT HIS (LACK OF) SEXUAL PROWESS: HUGH HEFNER is defending his reputation as a ladies' man after ex CRYSTAL HARRIS said the one time she had sex with the 85-year-old it lasted all of "two seconds."

Hef tweeted, "Crystal convinced me that she adored me. That was the first lie... I feel sorry for Crystal. She seems lost."


GENE AND SHANNON SHOW US THEIR TWEETS: Did SHANNON TWEED accept GENE SIMMON'S marriage proposal? They're tweeting but they're not saying.

Shannon tweets, "We are taking it day by day. Stay tuned." Gene adds, "Shannon and I work on our relationship every day. One day at a time. Thanks for watching. When we figure out our lives, you will know." The seventh season of their reality show premieres in the fall.

JULIA ROBERTS AD BANNED IN THE U.K: Most of us can agree JULIA ROBERTS is a very attractive woman. But an advertising watchdog group in Britain thinks she’s just a little too attractive.

The group has banned the above L'Oreal ad claiming the digitally altered image is too misleading because all the retouching makes Julia’s skin appear way too flawless. (--Click the pic to enlarge.)

KRISTIN CAVALLARI'S BAD TIMING - POSED IN WEDDING DRESS DAYS BEFORE SPLIT: Just two days before KRISTIN CAVALLARI was dumped by NFL QB JAY CUTLER she had the misfortune of doing a "Life&Style" magazine photo shoot in an assortment of wedding dresses.

The mag quotes the "The Hills" star as saying, "I want a romantic, mystical wedding with lots of flowers."

The day after the shoot took place ... Cutler reportedly asked Kristin to fly to Chicago to spend some time with him. When she refused, things are said to have gotten ugly.

“Kristin said she didn’t want to because she’s working on a new TV project and had a full day of shooting scheduled for Tuesday [July 26],” an insider explains. “He told her that she needed to commit to him, and to move to Chicago.” When she said no, Jay dumped her

LADY GAGA - SO YOU THINK YOU CAN JUDGE: LADY GAGA was a guest judge on "So You Think You Can Dance" last night, and unlike some previous celebrity judges, she really got into it.

That included weeping, dissing some of the choreography and costume choices, and throwing one of her ridiculously large shoes on the stage.


FROM THE GROCERY STORE CHECKOUT: This week's "Star" has this pretty humorous and ironic side by side ...

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PARIS AND LINDSAY TOGETHER AGAIN - THE ANGELS REJOICE!!!: PARIS HILTON and LINDSAY LOHAN are buddies again! The two had been feuding for years, but all signs point to the hatchet being buried.

Lindsay and Paris circa 2005
Linds partied at Paris's Malibu pad over the weekend and while they're not exactly besties, an insider tells TMZ Paris "loved seeing her again" and is  said to be "very excited" about rekindling her friendship with LL.

COULD BE TRUE COULD BE CRAP - LADY GAGA GOING BALD!!!: Is LADY GAGA going bald???!!! According to London's not-always-reliable "Sun", quote, "Over the years, Lady Gaga has put her locks under a lot of stress. She's poured so much chemical over them that it's damaged her follicles."

Gaga's answer to her hair raising problem is reportedly Rogaine. Lots of Rogaine. So much that the tab claims she has developed a Rogaine addiction to battle the hair loss caused by her constant dyeing, teasing and other abuse. A source tells the Sun, " She's hoping by using Rogaine, she can repair some of the harm."

AMY WINEHOUSE - FAMILY AND FRIENDS SAY GOODBYE: About 90 family members and friends of AMY WINEHOUSE said their final farewells yesterday at her funeral in London. Guests included KELLY OSBOURNE, who wore her hair in a beehive as a tribute to her friend.

As her coffin was carried out, Carole King's "So Far Away" played as mourners, including her mother Janis, wept. After the ceremony, Amy was cremated.


ROMANCE REPORT - GENE SIMMONS/SHANNON TWEED ON THE ROCKS DESPITE PROPOSAL: Don't run out and spend any of your hard earned bucks on a wedding gift for GENE SIMMONS and SHANNON TWEED just yet.

That proposal that aired on "Gene Simmons Family Jewels" last night was taped months ago, and sources say things between them haven't been going well since.

I think we've all learned over the years that there's very little reality in reality shows, and because they are taped months in advance, what we see on TV may not reflect the present, so there is a possibility anything you've heard Gene and Shannon say in promotional appearances over the last few months may have happened AFTER the proposal.

And that includes Shannon telling "People" magazine recently, quote, "You're seeing this happy family, but in my heart, I am dying. I need some sort of commitment. Something has to give."

CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS FOR WEDNESDAY JULY 27 Include Julian McMahon and Alex Rodriguez

KAT VON D TATOO REGRET STORIES: In another example of how things can change between the filming of a reality show and present day, not long before she and JESSE JAMES broke up, KAT VON D got Jesse's 5th grade school picture tattooed under her arm.

You can see Jesse's reaction in this preview clip released ahead of tomorrow night’s season premiere of her TLC show "L.A. Ink". The best part has to be at around the 1:15 mark when Kat says ... Naw, I won't spoil it for you. See for yourself.

JENNIFER GARNER - YES OR NO?: There have been rumors on the internets over the last few months that JENNIFER GARNER is pregnant again. Each time, they are met with a denial. Recent pictures, however, suggest SOMETHING is going on around her middle.

Has she been fetused by the manly seed of BEN AFFLECK, or is it just a case of Middle Aged Mommy Belly? We report, You decide ...


Meanwhile ... the guessing game over Ben's Bieber 'do is over. The haircut IS for a movie role.

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CRYSTAL HARRIS OUTS HEF AS A TWO PUMP CHUMP: Now that the dust has settled and CRYSTAL HARRIS and HUGH HEFNER have nothing to promote and have gone their own way, Harris is dishing the dirt about what we’ve all wondered about: what it’s like to have sex with the 85-year-old.

Here’s what the 24-year-old revealed during a radio interview yesterday …

1. Sex with Hef took “like two seconds.”
2. She and Hef only had sex once.
3. "He doesn't really take off his clothes. I've never seen Hef naked."

BABY NEWS: After what seemed like the longest pregnancy ever, SELMA BLAIR and boyfriend Jason Bleick, welcomed son Arthur Saint Bleick on Monday.

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AMY WINEHOUSE - AUTOPSY INCONCLUSIVE: It looks like we'll have to wait a while longer to find out the exact cause of AMY WINEHOUSE'S death. An autopsy "did not establish a formal cause of death," according to London Metropolitan Police, who will now "await the results of further toxicology tests." These usually take two to four weeks.

Police also revealed yesterday there was no sign of drugs near Winehouse when she died. Probably because all the drugs were already inside Amy! What? Too soon?

CELEBRITY SPLITSVILLE - JESSE JAMES AND KAT VON D: JESSE JAMES and KAT VON D have broken up and called off their engagement, according to "People" magazine.

Jesse, who tells the tab he's "sad because I really love her", blames "the distance between us" saying it "was just too much." The 'distance' he's reffering to is the fact that he lives in Austin - a move he made to be closer to SANDRA BULLOCK after he humiliated her last year - while Kat lives in LA.

Two months ago, Jesse gave an interview where he said of Von D, "We have something special that I've never felt with anyone I've ever been with. We like the same music, we like tattoos, we like art, everything." Sadly, liking the same music, tattoos, and art wasn't enough.

IN DENIAL – JENNIFER LOPEZ: There was a crazy rumor going around yesterday that JENNIFER LOPEZ and DIDDY were rekindling old feelings.

According to the hardly-ever-reliable Mediatakeout website, Jennifer had reached out to Diddy last year when she realized that her marriage to MARC ANTHONY wasn't working. The two allegdly kept in contact, and last Wednesday they supposedly went on a date in New York City.

Today, Jennifer's rep is denying the rumor. Not only are they not dating, Her rep says J.Lo was on the set of her new film in Atlanta on the day in question.

IN DENIAL - LINDSAY LOHAN: It's been awhile since we've had a LINDSAY LOHAN denial story. So here it goes...

Referring to a report in RadarOnline that she was so drunk at a pal's birthday party Saturday night she was "barely able to walk.", Linds tells TMZ, "Reports of me being intoxicated and not even able to stand are nothing but absurd."

CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS FOR TUESDAY JULY 26 Include Sandra Bullock, Mick Jagger, and Helen Mirren

ROMANCE REPORT - GENE SIMMONS FINALLY PROPOSES: GENE SIMMONS and SHANNON TWEED have been together for 28 years and have raised two children together. Despite being pretty much married, Gene has vowed to never make THE BIG MISTAKE all the while allegedly hooking up with whichever random woman he pleased.

And if you’ve been watching their A& E reality show, "Gene Simmons Family Jewels", then you know it’s been taking its toll on Shannon. Well ... on tonight's season finale, Gene finally gives in and proposes!!!


OZZY AND SHARON OSBOURNE SPEND $10,000 ON YORKIE PUPPY: OZZY and SHARON OSBOURNE just dropped ten grand on a new dog. "People" magazine reported that for their money, the Osbournes got an eight-week-old Yorkie rescue puppy named ... wait for it ... Ozzy!

The buy went down over the weekend at the 13th Annual Design Care -- an event that benefits Holly Robinson Peete's HollyRod Foundation. (--Holly and Sharon work together on "The Talk".) The bidding started at 5 grand, and quickly went up as Ozzy vowed to make the puppy his.

WATCH MARIAH CAREY’S "INSANE" HOME SHOPPING NETWORK APPEARANCE: MARIAH CAREY was on the Home Shopping Network Sunday night to sell stuff from her fashion collection, and many viewers are talking about how weird she acted, such as not wanting the cameras on her because she "just had babies."

The gossip site “Gawker” condensed her “insane” appearance to a manageable 4 minutes, which succeeds in making her seem more annoying than “insane”. Check it, yo …


Is it for real? Is it for a movie role? Don’t look at us we don’t know either. And frankly, we're too busy laughing to care!

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AMY WINEHOUSE - DEAD AT 27: AMY WINEHOUSE was found dead in her London apartment Saturday. She was 27. Although cause of death is still officially listed as “unexplained,” everyone in the known universe is assuming it was an overdose of some kind.

Even police are “operating under the suspicion" it was an overdose. An autopsy originally scheduled for Sunday is now due to be done sometime this morning.

Amy Winehouse: Tragedy in Pictures - Gallery
Amy Winehouse: Her Last Public 'Performance' [Video]
Amy Winehouse Joins the 27 Club

KATY PERRY ACCIDENTALLY FLASHES HER UNDIES: KATY PERRY accidentally flashed some underwear-clad booty at the premier of "The Smurfs" yesterday. The wardrobe malfunction happened after a gust of wind blew her incredibly short skirt up.

Here's what scantily clad Katy badunka-dunk looks like.

ROMANCE REPORT: JENNIFER ANISTON and JUSTIN THEROUX are reportedly going from being "pre-engaged" to shacking up. The couple is said to be house hunting after Jen recently sold her Beverly Hills mansion for a reported $38 million.

2.) Looks like those LEONARDO DiCAPRIO/BLAKE LIVELY breakup rumors were premature. Despite reports last week that Leo dumped Blake because his mother didn’t approve, the pair was spotted together in California late last week.

According to Usmagazine.com, Blake and Leo were seen shopping for sunglasses at a boutique in Santa Barbara. “They seemed very much in love," a store rep tells Us Weekly. "They were in the store for about 10 minutes before a crowd of fans noticed them and they rushed out."

3.) "Hills" star KRISTIN CAVALLARI and Chicago Bears quarterback JAY CUTLER have spiked their wedding plans. A source close to the couple says it's because Cutler got cold feet.

Another source tells "People" magazine, quote, "[Kristin] got dumped." It's not clear if the relationship itself is over. The end comes just a week after their engagement party.

CHRISTOPHER SCHWARZENEGGER HOSPITALIZED: MARIA SHRIVER and ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER'S 13-year-old son Christopher was hospitalized last week after suffering a collapsed lung, broken bones and broken ribs in a boogie boarding accident in Malibu.

In a statement, his parents said, "While it has been a very scary week, Christopher is surrounded by his family and friends. He is a brave boy and is expected to make a full recovery."

LISTEN: Maria's 911 call

Meanwhile ... the paper's Arnold filed last week seeking to deny his Maria spousal support have been revised. Arnold will reportedly submit a revised response to Maria's divorce petition, which will not ask for denial of spousal support.

Sources tell TMZ that "although he signed the divorce docs, he never read them, partly because he was dealing with...Christopher's boogie boarding accident...and partly because he relied on his lawyer."


KIM KARDASHIAN CRASHES FIANCE'S BACHELOR PARTY: KRIS HUMPHRIES had a surprise guest at his Las Vegas bachelor party Saturday -- fiancee KIM KARDASHIAN.

Even though the lovebirds vowed not to see each other over the weekend, Kim crashed Kris’ party at around 2 am, stealing a big kiss from her fiancé. Sisters Khloe and Kourtney, mom Kris, and pals LaLa Vasquez, and Brittny Gastineau mingled with Kris's guests for about 10 minutes before leaving the men to party on their own.

Kim was able to easily crash the bash because her bachelorette party was next door at Tao. Khloe made good on her promise to embarrass Kim, having her big sis wear an illuminated tiara and a sash, and decorating the place in traditional bachelorette accessories such as straws and cakes shaped like penises, and gifting Kim with table dance by a “dwaf male stripper.”

JENNY MCCARTHY SHOWS US HER TWEETS: JENNY MCCARTHY recently came across a picture of herself, fetused and extremely candy coated, from 2002. She posted it online, along with the following caption ...

"For anyone that doubted my 211 lbs at pregnancy here is a photo I found! Meaty meaty ass! Whoa!"

'DANCING' WITH THE RUMORS: TMZ reports that EVELYN LOZADA of “Basketball Wives” fame is in talks to join the upcoming season of “Dancing with the Stars”. Lozada is the current fiancée of football star CHAD OCHOCINCO, whom you recall was a previous contestant on the show.

Other rumored stars, as per "Us" magazine, are SNOOKI from "Jersey Shore", the Kardashian’s younger brother ROB, and MIKE TYSON. Mike’s rep, however, says the rumors are "not true", and Tyson himself denied the rumor via Twitter ...

Season 13 of Dancing with the Stars is set to premiere September 19th.
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AMY WINEHOUSE - DEAD AT 27; LAST 'PERFORMANCE' VIDEO SURFACES: Amy Winehouse -- the Grammy winner who is best known for a song about refusing to go to rehab -- was found dead in her London apartment Saturday. She was 27.

RELATED: Amy Winehouse Joins the 27 Club

London police confirmed the death at a home in northern London but have not released a cause of death. Foul play is not suspected. Police issued a statement, saying, "At this early stage it is being treated as unexplained.”

TMZ is reporting that they are "operating under the suspicion" it was an overdose. An autopsy originally scheduled for today (Sunday) is now due to be done Monday morning.

WATCH: Winehouse appeared on stage in London earlier this week for the iTunes Festival alongside her goddaughter Dionne Bromfield, but did not perform.

Fan video shows her dancing, chewing gum, and at times mouthing the words but never actually singing or holding the microphone.
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LINDSAY SLACKING ON THE CONDITIONS OF HER PROBATION: LINDSAY LOHAN court appearances have become synonymous with drama, and her progress hearing yesterday was no exception.

Judge Sautner got all up in Linds grill after finding out she's only completed four of her 60 days of community service. "I'm not going to give her five extra minutes," warned the judge. "I don't want to hear, 'Oh, I couldn't do it because I was on the set of the John Gotti movie.'" LL has 10 more months to complete her community service or her probation will be revoked.

The judge was also upset that Lindsay hasn't enrolled in psychological counseling, as she's been ordered to do. Lindsay claimed she couldn't afford the treatment, even though she showed up in $1,200 shoes and is renting a multi-million dollar home right now. Judge Sautner told her to figure out a way, even if she has to put it on a friend's credit card, and gave her 21 days to enter counseling or her probation will be revoked.

The judge also gave her until October 19th to complete a Shoplifters Avoidance Program or ... all together now ... her probation will be revoked.

JENNIFER LOPEZ ALMOST LEFT MARC ANTHONY TWICE BEFORE: Now that JENNIFER LOPEZ and MARC ANTHONY have split up, we're hearing more and more about how it was a question of when not if.

According to "Star" magazine, J.Lo has been wanting this divorce since last year. “Jen told him she wanted out of the marriage late last year but he begged her to stay,” one source told the tab. “She stayed but she was miserable until finally she couldn’t take it anymore.”

Meanwhile ... "Us Weekly" reports that the marriage almost ended two years ago after Anthony allegedly became a member of The Mile High Club with a stewardess on a private plane. "Marc and Jennifer almost split up over it," said the source. "Jennifer was going to leave him but Marc begged her to stay." He sure does that a lot. "They went to marriage counseling and decided to give it another shot."

KIM KARDASHIAN NOT PERFECT!!! DOCTORS DISCOVER FLAW WITH HER BODY!!!: Our appetite for breaking news updates about KIM KARDASHIAN'S body will never be satiated. So it's my duty to bring you latest ...

It turns out her voluptuous body is not without flaws. Days after photogs noticed a bunch of spots on her legs, Life & Style is reporting that Kim suffers from the heartbreak of PSORIASIS - a condition that causes dry patches on the skin, which generally turn red and flaky. (--Her mother, KRIS, also suffers from psoriasis and it can be passed down genetically.)

And Kim is said to be very concerned that it could damage her career, which hinges primarily on her looks. “People don’t understand the pressure on me to look perfect,” Kim said. She'll discuss her psoriasis on this Sunday's episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians".

CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS FOR FRIDAY JULY 22 Include Selena Gomez and Don Henley

ROMANCE REPORT - SCARLETT' HAS A NEW MAN: SCARLETT JOHANSSON doesn’t stay single for long. This month she’s supposedly dating “Hangover” star JUSTIN BARTHA.

“The New York Post” is making the claim after Scarlett was spotted at the opening of Bartha's off-Broadway play, and the pair was later photographed backstage. If that’s not even proof for you, witnesses tell the Post Johansson and Bartha were also "completely engrossed in each other," during a cast dinner.

“They seemed pretty fascinated with each other and only talked to each other. It looked sometimes flirty, but also they seemed to be involved in a deep discussion."

ROMANCE REPORT - ANISTON AND BOYFRIEND CAUGHT HOLDING HANDS:Things seem to be going well between JENNIFER ANISTON and new beau JUSTIN THEROUX. Not only are they reportedly “pre-engaged”, but photographers actually caught them holding hands at her London premiere of “Horrible Bosses”!!!

It’s a big deal because the pair had never before been seen showing such a public display of affection.

TV TIDBITS: ROBERT WAGNER has bailed on ABC's upcoming "Charlie's Angels" reboot because of "scheduling conflicts." He was supposed to be the voice of Charlie. ABC has not named a replacement yet. The show, which premieres this fall, features "Friday Night Lights" star MINKA KELLY as one of the "angels".

2. SHARON OSBOURNE will be taking a break from co-hosting "The Talk" in September to spend some "quality time" with her husband OZZY OSBOURNE.

Sharon explains, quote, "I've spent a lot of time away from him. He gets a break at the end of September and so I've asked for a little break so I can be with him." There's no word on how long she'll be away.

CHRIS BROWN AND KESHA GET SLAMMED ON FOX NEWS - Cited as examples of “cultural rot"

BABY NEWS: Former “Desperate Housewives” star NEAL McDONOUGH and his wife are expecting their fourth child together. Neal, who’s in the new “Captain America” movie, tells “People” magazine they’re having a baby girl next month.

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