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 CHARLIE'S SHEEN-ANIGANS: CHARLIE SHEEN ended the week the way he started ... calling nationally syndicated radio shows and putting on blast "Two and a Half Men" creator CHUCK LORRE, CBS and whoever else he feels is out to get him.

Friday, Sheen phoned in to the Fox Sports Radio show "Loose Cannons", hosted by PAT O'BRIEN - whom you may recall had his own dealings with COCAINE AND HOOKERS a few years back. In this interview, Charlie called "Two and a Half Men"  "drivel" and a "pukefest that everyone worships."

He also had a message to his fans..."Find the most comfortable chair in their frickin' house, open a beer and watch the show because it's about to get gnarly."

2.) In addition to the radio show he called in to, Charlie also did an interview with ABC News. Some of it airs TODAY on "Good Morning America", which will dovetail into a full-on "20/20" special tomorrow night. Sheen has an interview lined up with NBC's "Today" show this morning as well.

3.) How determined is Charlie to prove he's clean??? Enough to let RadarOnline test both his urine and blood for drugs.

The gossip site says he PASSED the preliminary urine test, which he took Friday night after returning from the Bahamas. The results of the blood test should be in today.

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SHOW US YOUR TWEETS: "Contrary to the rumors, i am not replacing Charlie Sheen on Two and Half Men. however, Martin Sheen has asked me to be his son."

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 -- JOHN STAMOS responding to a rumor he was going to replace Charlie on "Two and a Half Men".

ROMANCE REPORT: TAYLOR SWIFT may or may not be hooking up with CHORD OVERSTREET from "Glee". What we know for sure is the two were seen seating together at an L.A. Kings hockey game last Thursday night ...

That's good enough for me!!! They are soooo doing it!!!

TWIT PIC: CHRIS BROWN Tweeted this pic of himself over the weekend rockin' the Goldie locks ...
Remind you of anyone???  "Thong Song" guy Sisqo, anyone???
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CHARLIE'S SHEEN-ANIGANS MAY HAVE COST HIM HIS T.V. SHOW: "Two and a Half Men" has been shut down for the season -- and CHARLIE SHEEN has only his big mouth is to blame. Charlie made a slew of controversial comments on the syndicated Alex Jones radio show yesterday, bashing the show's co-creator, Chuck Lorre, Alcoholics Anonymous, his ex-wives and his one-night stands.

He called Lorre a "clown" and a "turd" and said he had been turning the producer's "tin cans into pure gold." After the bizarre on-air railing, CBS and Warner Bros. released the following statement: "Based on the totality of Charlie Sheen's statements, conduct and condition, [we] have decided to discontinue production of Two and a Half Men for the remainder of the season."

Charlie fired back with an open letter, which reads in part: "What does this say about Haim Levine [Chuck Lorre] after he tried to use his words to judge and attempt to degrade me? I gracefully ignored this folly for 177 shows... I fire back once and this contaminated little maggot can't handle my power and can't handle the truth."

He later told TMZ, "I violently hate [him]. He's a stupid, stupid little man and a punk that I'd never want to be like." The Wrap reports Charlie won't be paid for the remaining salary left on his contract. (--He earns $1.8 million an episode. There were eight shows left on the season.)

TMZ has the rant and more details here.

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LOHAN vs THE LAW: The prosecution's theft case against LINDSAY LOHAN seems to hinge on surveillance video from the jewelry store where she allegedly stole that $2,500 necklace. Yesterday a "law enforcement source" described what's on that video to RadarOnline.

It allegedly shows a male friend of Lindsay's intentionally distracting a store clerk while Lindsay puts on the necklace. Then it shows Lindsay and her friend leaving, with Lindsay still wearing the necklace. If true, it would call into question Lindsay's claim the store LOANED her the necklace and that all she's guilty of is forgetting to return it in a timely manner.

BABY NEWS: ALYSSA MILANO announced her pregnancy Tuesday, but she's obviously already pretty far along. Check out her well-developed baby bump, which was on full display at Wednesday's premiere of the movie "Hall Pass" ...

Getty Images

NEW PICTURES OF RIHANNA'S BRUTAL BEAT DOWN HAVE SURFACED: When CHRIS BROWN assaulted RIHANNA in February of '09, a shocking picture of her bruised face leaked online. And now, two years later -- and just two days after a judge softened Rihanna's restraining order against Chris, allowing contact between the two of them for the first time since the attack -- the MediaTakeOut website has posted two more.

Media Take Out claims there's some kind of Rihanna / Chris Brown reconciliation in the works, and that's why they decided to publish the photos. You can see the two new pics here. But before you click, I must warn you, they are pretty brutal.

RELATED: Tricia's "What's Love Got To Do With ... Chris Brown and Rihanna"

JLO'S IDOL MOMENT: JENNIFER LOPEZ "suffered" an on-screen "breakdown" Wednesday night after telling fan favorite CHRIS MEDINA he would NOT be in "American Idol's" Top 24 this season. (--Chris is the guy who's taking care of his fiancée, who suffered brain damage in a bad accident in '09, just two months before they were supposed to get married.)

On RYAN SEACREST'S radio show yesterday, J-Lo explained why ... "I just couldn't believe I had to deliver this news to this person who had been through a lot and is going through a lot. I felt like I didn't do it well enough to send him into where he needed to go in his life and be OK.

And I didn't want to be a part of that moment in his life. He handled it with such dignity and such class, that made it worse for me"

Now that we've had about a month to evaluate the SIMON COWELL-less judging panel, what are your thoughts? Better? Worse? Like it? Hate it? What about "Idol" in general?

DANCING WITH the STARS CAST REVEALED???: A super reliable-sounding site ( RumorFix)claims FAYE DUNAWAY has signed on to do "Dancing with the Stars"!!!

Getty Images
 And yes, this is supposed to be exciting news. Faye turned 70 last month, which would make her this season's token old person, you know, like FLORENCE HENDERSON last season, and CLORIS LEACHMAN before her.

Unlike the last few seasons, however, there aren't many solid rumors out there this time, but we've heard these names: Brett Favre, talk show host Wendy Williams, WWE champ Chris Jericho, Portia De Rossi and Madonna's mid-'90s boyfriend Carlos Leon.

QUOTE/UNQUOTE: "Lady Gaga is Madonna with diarrhea." -- CHARO, in a satellite radio interview proving she's obviously not one of LADY GAGA'S "little monsters."  

Getty Images
Added the '70s singer, actress, and MDA telethon staple, "I don't like it when somebody copies somebody and just adopts, [it was] their own idea."
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LOHAN LUNACY: 1.) If LINDSAY LOHAN was hoping for mercy yesterday in her felony theft case, she left the courthouse sadly disappointed. A no-nonsense judge told her if she accepted a plea deal from prosecutors, he would sentence her to jail.
Getty Images
Superior Court Judge Keith Schwartz said, "This case does involve jail time. Period. If you plead in front of me, if this case is resolved in front of me, you are going to jail. Period."

Linds was reportedly offered a deal that would have landed her behind bars for six months. Judge Schwartz also told Lindsay that if she settles the case with him, he'll make her get therapy and a reliable sponsor, someone outside her family who is, quote, "not moved by anything other than seeing that you succeed."

She's set to return to court on March 10th, when she has to decide to take a plea deal or go to trial for allegedly stealing a $2,500 necklace. (--If she decides to fight the charges, the case will be heard by a different judge.)

2.) But enough about the legalities, what did Lindsay wear to court this time is what we want to know!!! You'll recall she caused a sensation in a tight-fitting dress during her last visit to court.

Getty Images
This time she looked a little classier in high-waisted white pants and a low-cut black top -- although she *did* show a bit of cleavage ...

3.) Video of Lindsay's arrival, and the judge brow-beating her ...

CRYING TIME: Why was JENNIFER LOPEZ sobbing uncontrollably on last night’s “American Idol”??? Scroll down for the answer …

REVEALED! WHY JEN-AN GOT RID OF 'THE RACHEL': Like JUSTIN BIEBER'S before her, JENNIFER ANISTON'S new 'do has received mixed reviews. Love it or hate it, the REAL reason behind the OTHER HAIR CUT THAT SHOCKED THE WORLD was revealed by her longtime hairdresser yesterday.
Getty Images
Jen, he said, didn't want to look like an extra from the "Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills." ... "There are so many long, layered hairstyles and — don’t get me wrong, I love that," Chris McMillan told Allure magazine. "But The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills all have that. You know what I mean?"

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CHARLIE SHEEN-ANIGANS: 1.) Best. Rehab. Ever. If I ever have to rehab, I want to do rehab CHARLIE SHEEN style! Sheen hopped on a jet yesterday with his two new girlfriends AND his ex-wife, Brooke Mueller, and headed to an island near the Bahamas. TMZ says Charlie and the ladies are enjoying a "private adult vacation" without the kiddies. He is either back on the crack, a stone cold pimp or both!!!

2.) Yes, Brooke is apparantly back in the picture. RadarOnline is reporting she's even moved back in with Charlie along with their twin boys and the nannies. No word on exactly the status of Brooke and Charlie's relationship, but Brooke's dad says she's not in Charlie's house permanently. Just until Charlie buys the house he promised for her and the kids.

ROMANCE REPORT: 1.) Us magazine says RIHANNA is secretly dating RYAN PHILLIPPE. According to an insider, "She thinks he's hot. They totally had sex. And it wasn't even the first time!" The source says their first hookup occurred back in December, when Rihanna broke up with the L.A. Dodgers baseball player she was seeing.

Let's not forget yesterday's rumor Rihanna is supposedly sexting COLIN FARRELL. If you had to make a choice, who'd you rather ladies?

Getty Images
2.) KATHY GRIFFIN has reportedly been spending some quality time with ISAIAH MUSTAFA, the super sexy OLD SPICE GUY. Although his rep says they're just friends who enjoy hanging out together.

3.) DEMI LOVATO, The 18-year-old Disney star who recently left rehab, is said to be getting all smoove up with former "That '70s Show" star WILMER VALDERRAMA, aka "Fez"!!! According to Us magazine, the two have been "quietly" dating since her May 2010 split from JOE JONAS Joe Jonas. (--Wilmer, by the way is 31!!!)

COVER SHOT:  "Real Housewives of Atlanta"'s KIM ZOLCIAK really needs to lose some weight!!!

MARIAH'S MILLION: WikiLeaks' latest unearthed scandal involves ... wait for it ... MARIAH CAREY. According to some "diplomatic cables" the site recently released, Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi offered Mariah $1 MILLION for a private concert in 2009, and she readily agreed.

(--Technically, it was Gaddafi's son who paid the bill, and it went down at a private party on the Caribbean island of St. Barts, not in Libya.)

So what did Mariah have to do to earn the dough? Perform FOUR songs. That means she was paid a quarter-million per song. Nice work if you can get it, huh? The documents also reveal the family had another party in St. Barts last year, and had BEYONCÉ and USHER on the bill. Supposedly, that also came with a $1 million price tag.

MILEY MANIA: BILLY RAY CYRUS is backpedaling after making daughter MILEY mad. In an interview with "GQ" last week, Billy Ray said fame "destroyed" his family and that he was "scared" for Miley. Now, he tells "People" magazine those comments were "explosive" and that he's working on "mending my family right now."

CRYING TIME: So why was Jennifer Lopez sobbing uncontrollably on last night’s “American Idol”???

Last night was the night she and STEVEN TYLER, and RANDY JACKSON had to narrow the field down to the Top 24, and J-Lo was driven to tears when she had to give fan-favorite Chris Medina the boot.

(–Chris is the guy who’s been taking care of his fiancee, who suffered massive brain damage after a car crash in 2009.)
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RIRI ROUNDUP: 1.) It's official! And legal. RIHANNA and CHRIS BROWN are now free to reunite. Two years after CHRIS BROWN brutally assaulted her,a judge has lifted the restraining order that had forced him to stay at least 50 yards away from her.

That order has been replaced with a level one order, which means Chris can have contact with Rihanna as long as he doesn't harass, annoy or molest her. RiRi's lawyer told the judge she did not object to the new order.

2.) It's on between DONALD TRUMP and Rihanna!!! Rihanna was supposed to sing at some charity event The Donald was hosting in Florida over the weekend, but she backed out due to illness. Donald was cool and understanding ... UNTIL he saw Rihanna performing at the NBA All-Star Game in Los Angeles Sunday night.
Getty Images
 Quote, "I thought that [Rihanna bailing] was insulting to everyone. But for Rihanna to go to the All-Star game and perform after she told us she was sick, that is just a lack of respect." Rihanna's rep says she was recovering from bronchitis and it was her doctor who advised her not to get on a plane, "as she would risk losing her voice and damaging her vocal chords."

3.) The not-always-reliable British Sun tabloid is claiming that after Rihanna met COLIN FARRELL on a British talk show recently, she's been sending him some naughty - dare we say raunchy - texts. Their un-named source thinks there's a really good chance the two will be conjoining groins in the near future!!!"They're both single, so why not?"

LOHAN LUNACY: LINDSAY LOHAN has a court hearing scheduled today. But don't expect her to show up wearing another tight mini dress like the last time. DINA LOHAN told E! Online yesterday she's already advised her daughter to "wear a black pantsuit." She added Lindsay didn't mean to cause such a sensation...

"People made such a big deal about it, but Lindsay, being a well-endowed girl, she couldn't help but look good in it. The dress wasn't risqué, it came down to her knees." Nice try, Dina, but that dress was nowhere near her knees ...
Getty Images
 Lindsay is in court today regarding her THEFT case. The judge is hoping to broker a plea deal between Lindsay and the DA. Sources for TMZ claim the prosecuter's terms DO include jail time. Lilo's then due back in court Friday for a probation hearing.

QUOTE/UNQUOTE: "I (effed) too many chicks and did too many drugs" -- GEORGE CLOONEY in an interview with Newsweek on why he could never run for office. He added he's better off using his fame to bring attention to various causes, like BONO does.

MILY MANIA: It's MILEY vs BILLY RAY!!! Who you got??? According to the Popeater gossip site, Billy Ray was supposed to appear on "The View" today -- but Miley "went nuts" when she found out and forced him to cancel.

"Only last week, Billy shot his mouth off in 'GQ', and now he planned to sit down with [Barbara and Whoopi] and talk more crap about his family. No way would Miley or her team let that happen."

Getty Images
(-- Billy is quoated in the GQ interview as saying he feels isolated from his daughter, blaming everyone but himself. "I'm scared for her," he says in the interview. "She's got a lot of people around her that's putting her in a great deal of danger. I want to get her sheltered from the storm.")

His rep confirmed the "View" appearance has been cancelled but would not say if it had anything to do with Miley being the boss of him.

CHARLIE'S SHEEN-ANIGANS: A few days after flying in current and former baseball stars to watch a private screening of his 80's movie, "Major League", TMZ reports CHARLIE SHEEN screened the movie "Jaws" aboard a 100-foot yacht with some of his pals.

Charlie was spotted leaving the boat with the mystery blonde he was seen kissing Monday ...

 But she might not be his only girlfriend. In a chat with TMZ yesterday, Charlie mentioned he has two,quote, "goddesses" in his life. He wouldn't name either of them, but the other might be a mattress actress pal of his who was also seen aboard his yacht. She later Tweeted:

ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER LADY GAGA CONTROVERSY: LADY GAGA recently did a RAUNCHY photo shoot for a New York clothing store, and ,naturally, a video of the shoot has surfaced. It shows Gaga posing bra-less, wearing a see-through t-shirt, and,oh, she's also not wearing any pants.

But that's not the controversial part. What's got people talking is a scene where Lady Gaga poses with a two or three years old boy doing a "thumbs-up" while while next to GaGa who's in a bra and fishnets.

Here's the vid. We Report, You Decide ... ***WARNING*** There are several scenes in which you can see some of Lady Gaga's naughty bits!!!

On a related note ... PAUL MCCARTNEY was at her New York Madison Square Garden show Monday night, and was filmed grooving to the GaGa!!! Check it out, here. You can see McCartney 14 seconds in.

There's talk MADONNA was also been in attendance, although no photographic evidence has turned up. Of course, it would be interesting if she really was there because that would suggest Madge truly is NOT upset with Gaga for ripping off "Express Yourself". This concert, along with another show at the Garden last night, was being filmed for Lady Gaga's upcoming HBO special that'll air May 7th.

BABY NEWS: ALYSSA MILANO will soon be a mom. The 38-year-old actress has been fetused by her agent husband of less than two years.

Getty Images
 She's due in early fall. She confirmed the rumor via Twitter yesterday, writing "I couldn't be happier."

SNAPSHOT: ROSEANNE BARR strikes a SUPER-SEXY pose for the prying cameras while enjoying some beach time in Maui yesterday ...

 QUOTE/UNQUOTE: "She can do whatever she wants." -- San Antonio Spurs TONY PARKER when asked about EVA LONGORIA'S alleged relationship with PENELOPE CRUZ'S younger brother EDUARDO.

Tony hosted a party in Vegas over the NBA All-Star Weekend and had all the sexy waitresses at the club wear his San Antonio Spurs jersey ...
David Becker/LAVO
ROMANCE REPORT: CHRISTINA AGUILERA and Matt Rutler have only been dating for a few months, but already her friends don't like the two of them together. According to sources that spoke exclusively to People magazine, "Matt is no good for the singer."

Getty Images
 Her friends are concerned saying Matt is a "bad influence on her" and "never tells her to slow down." (--There have been reports Christina has been partying too much in the wake of her divorce -- with some blaming her new lifestyle for unfortunate events like her National Anthem flub at the Super Bowl and her slip on the Grammy stage after the over-sung Aretha Franklin Tribute.)
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JESSICA'S WEIGHT GAIN: Remember last week's tabloid story which claimed JESSICA SIMPSON'S boyfriend was threatening to call everything off  if Jess didn't start shedding for the wedding? And we all thought 'well, how fat really can Jessica be', right?

Here's Jessica at the recent Gracie Awards.

   We Report, You Decide ...

CHARLIE'S SHEEN-ANIGANS: CHARLIE SHEEN must be using again. Listen to what he wants to do ... He wants to move both ex-wives - DENISE RICHARDS and BROOKE MUELLER - into his neighborhood!!! But wait there's more!!! He'll not only BUY THEM A HOUSE each, he'll pay for the moving expenses for both ladies, too.

RadarOnline says he wants to do it to be closer to his four kids, and the kids can get to know each other as well. A source says Brooke loves the idea, and is likely to take Charlie up on it. No word yet about Denise.

2.) Charlie went back to work yesterday, and he brought his new girlfriend along with him. When asked her name, he replied ... and I quote, "None of your f-ing business."
 ROMANCE REPORT: "Glee"'s MATTHEW MORRISON - he plays the club's teacher - and "The Daily Show"'s OLIVIA MUNN heated up the stands with all kinds of PDA at Sunday night's New York Rangers hockey game ...

So, does this mean Olivia is done with rumoured part time side action, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE???

MILEY GETS YOUTH INSPIRATION AWARD; IRONIC FIRST WORD THAT COMES TO MIND: Miley was CELEBRATED over the weekend by a group called the Global Action Youth Leadership, which gave her an INSPIRATION AWARD. When she stepped up to the mic to accept the award, Miley had a message for children around the world ...

 "I want [kids] to do something they love. Not something that seems like a chore because someone tells them that that's the right thing to do, or what their parents want, or what's important to people around them, but what's on their heart." Soooo, basically what's she's saying is IGNORE YOUR PARENTS???!!!

QUOTE/UNQUOTE:  "I want to give my fans everything they deserve and they do not deserve sweat pants and sneakers" -- LADY GAGA in an interview with about her wacky and plentiful costumes.

Getty Images
 OH-EM-GEE TIMES A MILLION!!! BIEBER CUTS HIS HAIR!!!: JUSTIN BIEBER Tweeted this pic of his newly trimmed locks yesterday ...
(-- The guy in the pic with him is GARY LEVOX from Rascal Flatts. Justin was on the set of a video he's doing with them.) He told TMZ he, quote, "just got sick of it. It was always in my eyes and I just wanted it out of my face."

 Speaking of the Bieb ... What did you get for Valentine's Day? Whatever it was, it probably wasn't as cool as this:

via Daily Mail
 The teen star surprised reputed girlfriend SELENA GOMEZ last Wednesday by filling her house with flowers. TMZ says the "florist needed every single flower in the shop to complete the order and had to use multiple trucks to pull off the stunt." She reportedly loved the surprise.
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LOHAN LUNACY: Is SAMANTHA RONSON LINDSAY'S main man again???!!! The former lovahs were seen leaving the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel together early Friday morning ...
Ronson tweeted the next morning, "Watching Grey's Anatomy -- my fave show. Lindsay sleeping next to me -- should I wake her up to let her know her mom is going on GMA?"

2.) Lindsay Tweeted herself over the weekend. She's apparantly upset about reports claiming she's back to her partying ways. "I was just at Roosevelt to meet Samantha and say happy birthday to a friend. I take my sobriety seriously. Pease don't believe this accusation. I know the rules and I wouldnt risk probation."

3.) Yes, DINA LOHAN was on "Good Morning America" and "20/20" Friday. She defended herself against those who say she's been in DENIAL about Lindsay's problem. She said she's NEVER been in denial, she's just never been willing to talk about it because, quote, "It was a personal situation."

 (--RadarOnline has the video clip)

OWEN WILSON COULD BE TRUE COULD BE CRAP: The not-always-reliable "Star" tabloid is claiming OWEN WILSON'S kid might not be his!!! Here's the story, according to the tab ...

Jade - the baby mamma- was a federal air marshal, and met Owen on a flight. They had a long-distance relationship that wasn't exclusive as she also had a boyfriend she was living with at the time. When she discovered she was pregnant, she started making plans to move to Los Angeles with Owen. Her boyfriend finally found out about the affair when a co-worker she had confided in told him everything.

Says the Star's source, " I don't know if even she can say for sure who the father is!"

HELD AGAINST HER AFTERALL: It appears the old school country music duo, The Bellamy Brothers, will be suing BRITNEY SPEARS after all.  At the very least, they'll be looking into it. "We will without doubt take the appropriate legal action if our attorneys agree we’ve been ripped off," said Bellamy Brother David to London's the Daily Mail.

Jive Records
 The duo alleges lyrics from her song "Hold It Against Me" are too similar to their 1979 hit "If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body (Would You Hold It Against Me)". "Howard and I have no personal beef with Britney," continues David Bellamy. "She’s a talented gal. But professionally we feel completely ripped off."

HILTON HIJINX: A day after turning 30 on Thursday, PARIS HILTON and Lexus gifting boyfriend were spotted checking out engagement rings in New York!!! Is Paris ready to settle down???!!! A source tells People magazine she didn't leave the jewelry store with the engagement bling, though -- just a measly $25,000 white gold and black diamond encrusted ring she bought as a gift to herself.

On a birthday related note ... "Twilight" star ASHLEY GREENE celebrated her 24th at Las Vegas's Pure Nightclub Saturday. (-- today is her birthday)

Splash News Online via People
 The gold Chanel charm bracelet on her right wrist was a gift from boyfriend Joe JONAS.

SNAPSHOT: JOHN TRAVOLTA celebrated HIS recent 57th birthday with his family in Hawaii over the weekend, but WITHOUT his hair weave ...

Flynet via Daily Mail

NBA ALL STAR GAME: Hollywood continues to infiltrate our sporting events. Several big names watched Sunday's All Star game, including JAY-Z and BEYONCE (--Does this mean their alleged trial separation is over???) ...
Getty Images


Getty Images
 ... and JUSTIN BIEBER, who was named MVP in Friday's celebrity game.

Getty Images
 Prior to the game, LENNY KRAVITZ performed, while RIHANNA provided the half-time entertainment.

Getty Images
Check out Los Angeles Clippers' Blake Griffin's winning car-hoping slam-dunk in the annual contest ...
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CELEBRITY SPLITSVILLE; ASHLEE SIMPSON: The New York Times’ Page Six is reporting Pappa Joe Simpson tried to time the news of AHSLEE SIMPSON'S divorce from PETE WENTZ to coincide with LINDSAY LOHAN'S court appearance, hoping it’d get lost in the shuffle.

Of course that didn’t happen because as their source put it, " Lindsay going to court is, these days, as much a surprise as the sun rising in the morning."

Meanwhile ... the Popeater website claims another man DID come between them; the aforementioned Pappa Joe!!!

"Just like when Jessica split from Nick, Joe is doing nothing to encourage Ashlee to give the marriage another try," their insider is quoted as saying. "Joe likes being the only man in his daughters' lives and is happy that Ashlee has moved back into his home [in Encino, Calif.], just like Jessica did after she announced she was leaving Nick."

But Wait!!! There's More!!! ... US magazine's source claims Pete was the one tired with HER antics. Supposedly, Ashlee has taken to hanging out with a crew of pro skateboarders, and when Wentz was on tour he, "would constantly check in on make sure she said she was where she said she was going to be. He felt like he couldn't trust her."

GAGA NONSENSE: 1.) LADY GAGA showed up on "Good Morning America" yesterday wearing ... wait for it ... "a latex condom-inspired outfit." She said it was to raise awareness for AIDS. And herself, no doubt.

It looks more like a latex  SALLY FIELD'S "Flying Nun" outfit to me. Google it, kids!

2.) Call it a gathering of the GaGa's. 121 of LADY GAGA'S "Little Monsters" got dolled up as Lady G in an effort to set a record for the most Gaga impersonators gathered in one place at the same time.

AOL News
And since no one had thought of laying claim to something like that before, the Guinness World Record people have declared them the record holders. For now. I'm pretty sure a Filipino prison is already working on breaking it.

RELATED: Watch a 10 year old's cover version of "Born This Way" that had Lady Gaga Tweeting, "[I] can't stop crying watching this. This is why I make music."

THE BRANGELINA BUDGET BATTLE: Leave it to "The National Enquirer" to reassure us mere mortals we're not the only ones having family arguments about money. According to the tab, BRAD PITT and ANGELINA JOLIE have been at each others' throats about cash lately.

Since they've both been spending much of their time on humanitarian efforts, the paychecks have been less frequent of late. A source close to the couple tells the Enquirer Brad is,quote, "demanding that they scale back on travel, artwork, expensive wine and rein in their charitable donations."

Even though their combined net worth is an estimated $250 million, another source claims, “they’re spending more than they’re bringing in. When Brad warned Angie that they needed to cut costs, she called him selfish and petty." The couple is currently locked in an "uneasy truce."

I KNEW IT!!!: Remember when CHERYL BURKE was paired up with NFL stud CHAD OCHOCINCO last year? Well, it turns out our instincts were right ... Chad DID get all smoove up in dat!!!

Cheryl writes in her new book, "Dancing Lessons", "We didn't date. I wouldn't call that dating. We maybe had a little bit of a fling. I wouldn't take it to that word dating." As to why it didn't go any further, "He was never really available to me. I've had that pattern of dating unavailable men in my life and it was hard to resist."

SHE'S GOT BUNS AND GUNS!!!: CAMERON DIAZ channels her inner MADONNA. Check out the SERIOUS GUNS on her ...

CELEBRITY INK: VANESSA HUDGENS got a new tattoo this week

Former DESTINY'S CHILD KELLY ROWLAND got some new ink to mark her 30th birthday, which was last Friday ...

BABY NEWS: ROD STEWART welcomed his eighth child into the world Wednesday when his third wife gave birth to their second son. The new little Stewart - whom they named Aiden - weighed in at seven pounds, 12 ounces.
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