CHARLIE SHEEN-ANIGANS: Two days after being rushed to the hospital and reportedly being treated for a hernia, CHARLIE SHEEN has checked in to an undisclosed treatment facility.

Charlie’s decision to go to rehab is a bit surprising, considering how many people were quoted Friday as saying Charlie didn’t think he had a problem. Charlie himself being one of them.

Saturday, Charlie sent a text to RadarOnline that read,quote, “I’m fine. People don’t seem to get it.... Guy can’t have a great time and do his job also?” He ended the text by calling his critics and detractors a “bunch of turds.”

(--The move has forced CBS’s Two and a Half Men to suspend production until ... well, whenever Charlie is ready to work again.)

In other Rehab News ... 1.) DAVID ARQUETTE has left rehab a month after seeking help for "alcohol and other issues." Presumably to make room for Charlie. Ha! J/K. David checked out of a treatment center yesterday.

2.) 18 year old Disney star DEMI LAVATO has finished her treatment as well.

Demi checked in to the center in late October for "emotional and physical issues" after allegedly punching one of the Jonas Brothers' dancers in the face.

BLOW BY BLOW DETAILS: Kacey Jordan - one of the mattress actresses who was with Charlie during his 36 hour binge - was all over the TV and ‘net talking about the now infamous night. She tells TMZ Charlie was chugging vodka, smoking huge amounts of crack and watching porn before being taken by ambulance to the hospital. (Watch her play-by-play here.)

Oh, and Jordan also claims Charlie gave her a check for $30,000 which, of course, she immediately cashed.

ROMANCE REPORT: 1.) TMZ is reporting TONY PARKER is now free to send inappropriate texts to any woman he chooses to. Tony's lawyer walked into a San Antonio courthouse Friday with the required papers to officially ended his marriage to EVA LONGORIA. Word is all issues connected with the divorce were resolved amicably.

2.) "My Name Is Earl" star JAIME PRESSLEY filed divorce papers herself late last week. She's citing the classic "irreconcilable differences", and is asking the judge to deny her husband any spousal support.

SNAPSHOT: TAYLOR SWIFT celebrating her accomplishments with a party at the Hard Rock in Nashville this past Friday night …

Taylor's family, friends and music industry colleagues were on hand to present her with awards for number-one radio single and number-one music video for "Mine," as well as recognizing her historic million-selling debut week for her album “Speak Now” and for being the best-selling artist of 2010.

BRITNEY WALKS DOWN THE AISLE: BRITNEY SPEARS walked down the aisle Saturday in Miami.

No, not with Husband #3. Brit-Brit didn't get married. She was the bridesmaid in her assistant and close friend Brett Miller's wedding.

WTW???!!!: How’s this for two worlds colliding: JUSTIN BIEBER and OZZY OSBOURNE are co-starring in a commercial that will run during the third quarter of the Super Bowl. And judging from this picture that's making the rounds online, it will involve Justin and Ozzy wearing "Tron"-like costumes …

Speaking of the Big Game … "Glee" star LEA MICHELE will sing "America the Beautiful" during the pre-game show, CHRISTINA AGUILERA will perform the National Anthem, and the BLACK EYED PEAS are doing the halftime show.

RELATED: Super Bowl National Anthem performances of the past decade

SNAPSHOT: KHLOE KARDASHIAN and NICOLE RICHIE courtside at a Lakers game over the weekend ...
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CHARLIE'S SHEEN-ANIGANS: CHARLIE SHEEN was rushed to the hospital yesterday late morning with severe abdominal pains. Of course, everyone immediatley thought 'overdose' ... well, except for me. I thought for sure he'd been crushed to death under a pile of porn stars. But I digress ... TMZ, however, claims he suffered a hernia, not an overdose. ??? What did he snort too hard???

Charlie was reportedly in the middle of a marathon bender with five women - including two porn stars - before he ended up in an ambulance at 7 a.m. During his 36-hour "party," he allegedly had a briefcase full of cocaine delivered to his home and was smoking the drug non-stop, while watching and critiquing porn with a porn star prior to the 911 call.

As for the hernia, TMZ claims Charlie's had it for years. It's what's known as a hiatal hernia. That's a condition that affects the upper part of the stomach and the esophagus. It causes acid reflux, and can also produce symptoms in the chest similar to those of a heart attack.

A friend of his told the TV show "Extra" he aggravated it by ... wait for it .. LAUGHING TOO HARD while watching a TV show.

As far as we know, he's okay now. ... His parents were with him yesterday, as was ex-wife DENISE RICHARDS. Charlie's other ex-wife, BROOKE MUELLER, did NOT go. She told reporters, quote, "I'm not going to the hospital, Charlie's doing good.

ANOTHER KENDRA SEX TAPE SURFACES: Less than a year after "Kendra Exposed" became a huge success, a new KENDRA video - this one featuring Kendra with with a high school friend named Taryn - is being shopped around. An insider tells Radar Online, "It's a long tape, about 45 minutes. And there is nothing left to the imagination."

Like the previous tape, this one was shot by her ex-boyfriend. There's no word when this one will come out or if Kendra will try to block it like she did the last one. Like most celebrities,though, Kendra ended up signing a deal to let them release that first sex tape and has since made millions off of it.

"WORST CELEB INFLUENCE": The category is "Worst Celebrity Influence." And the winner is ... the bong-smoking MILEY CYRUS! At least according to the tweens who voted in the AOL poll.

Miley took 58-percent of the vote, beating out the rehabbing LINDSAY LOHAN, accused baby-daddy assaulter and MTV "Teen Mom" Amber Portwood, and the currently rehabbing troubled Disney star DEMI LOVATO. It's a repeat for Miley, by the way. She received the dis-honorable title last year, too.

KATE HUDSON IN DENIAL: KATE HUDSON is denying rumors she's engaged to her baby daddy. She tells, "I don't like putting that sort of pressure on it, and I don't feel it necessary to get married." She also doesn't know what she's having, but, quote, "It feels like a girl."

In Other Baby News ... 1.) ARE ENRIQUE IGLESIAS and ANNA KOURNIKOVA EXPECTING? The website X17Online seems to think so. They're reporting the long-term couple announced the news to a small group of friends recently. No confirmation or denial from either of their reps yet.

2.) "Top Chef" host PADMA LAKSHMI is squaring off against her ex over their 11-month-old daughter. According to the New York Post the baby daddy filed a suit in Manhattan Supreme Court asking for custody of Krishna, because Padma allegedly won't give him more time with her.

ROMANCE REPORT: SCARLETT JOHANSSON and DREW BARRYMORE'S ex, JUSTIN LONG, were seen checking out a concert Wednesday night in L.A. Sources described them to People as being "flirty."

But her rep is sticking to the "they're just friends" line, insisting, "They've worked together [on He's Just Not That Into You]. They're not dating."

WHO'S THE BIGGEST LOSER??? WE REPORT, YOU DECIDE:  Which Reality TV personality is hooked up with the biggest NFL loser? The nominees are former "Hill" cast member KRISTIN CAVALLARI, KENDRA WILKINSON, AND JESSICA SIMPSON

Kristin had the bad fortune to fall in love with Bears QB JAY CUTLER, who last weekend shocked football fans every where when he came out of the championship game with a mysterious injury he doesn’t even remember getting. An injury many in the sports world say 31 other quarterbacks would’ve played through - especially with the Superbowl on the line.

Then there’s Kendra. Her husband, HANK BASKETT, has been traded 5 times in 5 years, and is best known for not coming up with a crucial onside kick in last year’s Superbowl while playing for the Colts. It’s unlikely he’ll still be in the NFL next season.

And finally, there's Jessica Simpson. Simpson is engaged to be married to ERIC JOHNSON, a former tight end who hasn’t worked a day since being cut by New Orleans in 2008 and who's referred to by "friends" and "sources" as a 'Gold digger'.

So who's hooked up with the biggest loser? We report, you decide.
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IS JENNIFER ANISTON NOT ADOPTING MEXICAN BABY???: JENNIFER ANISTON is usually denying romance rumors, but this week her peeps are setting the record straight on some baby gossip started by Star magazine.
Her rep - Steven Huvane - tells People magazine that Jen "is not adopting a baby from Mexico, nor does she have a nursery in her home and she has not hired a nanny. It is all a work of fiction."

However ... There are those in Hollywood who believe a denial from Huvane is just as good as a confirmation from someone. Steven, you see, has a reputation for being the #1 liar in Tinseltown.

The believers cite these previous Jen denials as proof: In November of ‘99, he denied BRAD and Jen were dating ... Two weeks before their breakup, he said “They’ll be spending the holidays together. there’s no split. They’re fine” ... In July of 2005, he denied multiple reports Aniston was dating her co-star at the time, VINCE VAUGHN, calling them “totally false”.

WHY JAKE GYLLENHAAL REALLY TOOK TAYLOR SWIFT TO DINNER LAST WEEK: Do you remember us relaying reports to you last week that JAKE GYLLENHAAL and TAYLOR SWIFT were spotted having lunch at a Nashville dinner? One eyewitness told People, "They were cordial to one another, but not affectionate."

Well, that's because according to “US Weekly”, he did it “for closure”. He didn't feel he ended things right, and wanted to talk to her face to face.

You have to wonder, though, since whatever they had — real or perceived — was over, and Jake had already reportedly ended things via text, why fly so far to do it in person instead of over the phone?

Could it be he learned for some one else’s mistake? Like, say, JOE JONAS

IDOL LUNACY: Vernika Patterson, one of last night’s “American Idol” wannabees, is convinced she didn't get a "Welcome to Hollywood" because she's fat. Click the pic to watch the clip. We report, you decide.
Speaking of “Idol” … You can forget all the talk it’s on its last legs: “Idol” still towers above everything else on TV. Last week’s premiere episodes were seen by an average of nearly 12 million viewers, the next biggest series not on cable drew about half of that

Meanwhile ... PAULA ABDUL left the show in a huff after they wouldn't pay her what she thought she was worth. Well, whatever CBS is paying her to star in “Live to Dance” is way too much. After a pretty decent first couple of shows, last Wednesday’s episode drew about 1/12th the audience of “Idol”, making it was the least-watched original series on CBS.

QUOTE/UNQUOTE: "My weight is always going up and down. I'm always fighting that." -- KHLOE KARDASHIAN, in a video blog on her website while denying pregnancy rumors.

Pehaps she should make a habit of standing next to husband LAMAR ODOM as often as possible. Check out how petite he makes her look ...
SHOWBIZ QUICKIES: 1.) MIKE TYSON'S eight child, a boy, was born Tuesday, RadarOnline reports. It's the first child for Iron Mike and his new wife. They haven't named the baby yet.

No pic of Mike and his boy either, but I'd like to believe he looks something like this ...
2.) NeNe Leakes from The Real Housewives of Atlanta is getting a divorce. Her stepson tells RadarOnline, "Nothing has been filed, but lawyers have been retained."
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BABY NEWS: "Us Weekly" is reporting PENELOPE CRUZ had her baby yesterday. Spain's "Hola!" magazine is reporting she had a baby boy, but no word yet on a name. This is the first child for Penelope and husband JAVIER BARDEM, who by the way, was nominated for the Best Actor Oscar yesterday as well.
Little known Javier Bardem fact: Acting wasn’t his first career choice. He started out as a male stripper!!! Bardem said in a recent interview with The Time newspaper, quote, “I did it as a joke, at first, for some friends. But a guy spotted me in a nightclub and hired me for the next day. I was so bad. I had to get my mother and sister to cheer me on.”

JESSICA SIMPSON PARTIES LIKE A ROCK STAR: Word is JESSICA SIMPSON was so drunk at a Hollywood "hot spot" the other night, she was "wobbly" and had to be led out on fiancé Eric Johnson's arm!!!
Friends told the New York Post's Page Six it's because she hadn't eaten in days. Apparantly she was sipping on sake after she'd, quote, "just finished a (detoxing) cleanse" and the Japanese Juice hit her hard. "This was the first meal she had eaten in days."

Onlookers said Simpson sat in her car's passenger seat with her eyes half-closed. Unfortunatly, no one thought to take a picture!!! Perhaps she should take some drinking lessons from 89 year old BETTY WHITE. Scroll down to read about her partying ways ...

IS J-LOVE BEING EFFICIENT OR PATHETIC???: Remember the KIM KARDASHIAN Tweet we told you about earlier this week?

The one where she tweeted a childhood picture of her boyfriend and added she wanted her son to "look like this", and we were all "Whoa, girl, you're gonna scare him away"? OK, well me thinks JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT has her beat.

J-Love, you see, has three engagement rings picked out ... but no fiancé!!! Here's what she told ELLEN DeGENERES on her show yesterday: "I actually have three because I feel like I'm doing the guy a favor.

"Women are very confusing. We never know what we want and we're not very good at nailing that down for them. I feel like I don't want to be upset if he picks a bad ring." She adds, quote, "If it gets to that conversation, if marriage comes up, I'm like, 'You know what's so weird. There is this store and there are three rings in it.

"'And if you chose one of these three, I'm going to be really excited. And if you go off on your own, we can have an awful, awkward moment. So why would you want to do that?'"

Jennifer has been dating some unknown actor named Alex Beh for about seven months.

LEAST DESIRABLE WOMEN OF 2011: According to the website AskMen, SARAH PALIN is the LEAST desirable woman of 2011. ??? I know!!! And even though they, like most men, think she totally rocks the hot librarian look, it's her mouth that gets her the #1 spot:

"Every time she opens her mouth to spew anti-Obama rhetoric, she adds at least one beer on the Molson scale (a determinant of how many beers need to be consumed before one beds her)."

SNOOKIE came in second, (--"She’s a short, stubby, loud-mouth alcoholic who’s garish wardrobe is matched only by her...ability to discuss her own flatulence with the aplomb of a college professor), and KHLOE KARDASHIAN was third.

"In the harsh light of day with the cold truth of sobriety in tow - and especially with her next to her two far more alluring sisters," They write , "well, let’s just say she’s not “the pretty one” for a reason." Sas!

You can check out the rest of the Top 10 here.

WAS BETTY BEHAVING BADLY???!!!: BETTY WHITE turned 89 last week and with her days numbered, you better believe she partied. HARD!!!
The foul-mouthed comedic treasure celebrated her birthday at a restaurant called Le Cirque in New York City with friends that included VALERIE BERTINELLI, and SHERRI SHEPHERD. According to an E! Online source, "She was eating hot dogs and throwing back vodka - Grey Goose, rocks, lime rim. She was amazing."

But despite her borderline alcoholic ways Betty is still a lady, and thus, she would NOT dance on any tables. The source says, quote, "We were all trying to get her to table dance. We were chanting 'Betty! Betty!' and trying to get her up there all night. We thought maybe she would, but (no).

KE$HA $UED: This is pretty amusing. The management firm that used to represent KE$HA is suing her for $14 million. They're claiming she breached her written contract with them when she dumped them for a new manager in 2008.
Here's the amusing part. The management company is asking the courts to act QUICKLY on this case because they're worried that Kesha's career might not last much longer, and they want to make sure they get paid. Quote, "Ke$ha is a very young and inexperienced artist whose 'star' may not continue to rise."

In other words, they want to secure a judgment against her NOW before the only money she has to her name is, well ... the dollar sign that's IN her name.

QUICKIES: 1.) OPRAH WINFREY might be hoping that she has some other family members she doesn't know about, because Monday's long lost half sister revelation was a ratings bonanza. The exact number of viewers hasn't been revealed yet, but according to the "Hollywood Reporter", the preliminary data shows that it was her highest-rated episode in SIX YEARS.

2.) Ex-Cowboy's great TROY AIKMAN is separating from his wife of 10 years, Rhonda. This was Troy's first marriage, her second. They have two girls together. Troy will be calling the Super Bowl game for FOX in two weeks.
3.) Dr. Conrad Murray - you know the guy who killed MICHAEL JACKSON ... allegedly - pled not guilty to involuntary manslaughter yesterday. Asked for his plea, Murray said, quote, "Your honor, I am an innocent man. I therefore plead not guilty."

Jury selection is set for March 28th, and the judge said he is "inclined" to permit live TV coverage of the trial.

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DID GEORGE CLOONEY DISS HIS GIRL???!!!: When GEORGE CLOONEY did an interview on CNN last Friday, he made it clear to the world that he doesn't want to get married again ... something he could've mentioned to his longtime girlfriend, Elisabetta!!!
According to, “Eisabetta had no idea he was going to say that. she thought she’d be the girl who’d finally get George to put a ring on it. She was totally surprised.” Here's a picture of Clooney's first and only wife, Talia Balsam ...
Talia's 51 now, she’s still acting, currently featured in the #1 movie in America, “No Strings Attached”, playing Natalie portman’s mother.

OPRAH'S FAMILY SECRET: By now you might've heard, OPRAH'S big secret is that she has a long-lost half-sister! Oprah brought out the Milwaukee woman - named Patricia - on her show yesterday ...

Oprah's mother, Vernita Lee, gave the girl up for adoption at a young age, and she was raised in foster homes until age seven. Oprah said she had no idea about her half-sister because when she was living with her father when Vernita was pregnant.
Oprah said she wanted to wait to reveal everything publicly on her show because, quote, "There is no way a story like this wouldn't get out in the press and wouldn't get exploited. I wanted you to hear it from me first."

O then got all emotional when talking about how Patricia never "sold her out" to the press even though she knew she could be Oprah's sister since 2007, and was having trouble contacting Oprah directly.

SNAPSHOT: KATE HUDSON showed off her baby bump for the first time yesterday as she walked through Heathrow airport in London ...
According to Us Weekly, Kate is about 16 weeks along.

SHOW US YOUR TWEETS: Many have taken to Twitter to pay their respects to the late fitness guru Jack LaLanne. Comedian DANE COOK was among them ...
Too soon, Dane. Too soon.

SHOWBIZ QUICKIES: 1.) KELLY OSBOURNE is replacing TAYLOR MOMSEN as the face of MADONNA'S Material Girl brand. Kelly reportedly got the gig because Lourdes "idolizes" her.
2.) JAIME PRESSLEY and her husband Simran Singh have reportedly split after less than two years of marriage. The couple married in September of 2009, less than a year after the Pressley split from her son's baby daddy.
BRITNEY SHOWS US HER TWEETS: BRITNEY SPEARS Tweeted a pic from her video shoot for Hold It Against Me yesterday ...
"Day 1 of the HIAM shoot," She wrote. "I think this will be one of the best videos I have ever done.'
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SHOW US YOUR TWEETS: Does KIM KARDASHIAN have Baby Fever? Yesterday, Kim tweeted this childhood photo of her boyfriend, New York Nets baller Kris Humphries ...And wrote, "I want my son to look like this!" Whoa! Slow your roll girl!

Speaking of Twitpics ... Reality stars collided over the weekend when SNOOKIE and Kim sat courtside at the Dallas Mavericks/New Jersey Nets game. Check out the pic Snooks tweeted ...
Thursday's episode of "Jersey Shore" by the way - the one which captured the aftermath of Snooki's disorderly conduct arrest last year - was the most-watched series broadcast in MTV's 30-year history with 8.9 million viewers.

RUSHING TO THE ALTER: Looks like JESSE JAMES and KAT VON D aren't wasting any time. According to RadarOnline, they plan to get married next month. "Jesse and Kat don't see any reason why they should wait to trade vows," says their source.
"They are madly in love with each other and want to make everything official." (--This will be for the fourth marriage for Jesse and the second for Kat.)

But not everyone is wishing them well ... Michelle “Bombshell” McGee – the mistress who broke the news of his infidelity to SANDRA BULLOCK - offered Kat these words of advice: “He did it to me, he did it to Sandra, he's gonna do it to you, too—once a cheater, always a cheater”
"I was with Jesse during his marriage," She told RadarOnline. "The guy's not faithful, he doesn't have a faithful bone in his body.” But he sure had one in you!!! Hi-Yo!!! Shut up, you know you were thinking it!!!

DADDY AND ME TIME: ORLANDO BLOOM and new born Flynn at a park in L.A. yesterday ...
MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY at the beach with Levi and Vida ...
SHOW US YOUR TWEETS: "Thank you, Lord, for blessing me with a Man that has the perfect Tush ..."
"Laying my hands upon it with peace." -- JESSICA SIMPSON, referring to fiance Eric Johnson

SHOWBIZ QUICKIES: 1.) JIM CARREY has a new girlfriend; ‘America's Next Top Model’ Season 7 contestant Anchal (on-chill) Joseph.
She’s 24, he’s 49 ... and one lucky dude!
2.) “Celebrity Apprentice” judge and Donald Trump's little girl, Ivanka, has hopped on the Celebrity Baby Boom Bus. Ivanka took to Twitter over the weekend to announce her pregnancey.

3.) Kelsey Grammer wants to get rid of estranged wife and "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" villain Camille this week.
He's asked a judge to grant him the divorce on Wednesday, so she can marry the girl he fell in love with and left Camille for this past summer, Kayte Walsh.

BLASTS FROM THE PAST: '80s Teen Queens DEBBIE GIBSON and TIFFANY sang together for the first time professionally Saturday night at the Canal Room in New York. They each did the hits that made them stars in the late-'80s before joining forces on Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'."
They'll be together again tonight at the world premiere screening of the campy movie they star in, "Mega Python Versus Gatoroid". It airs Saturday night on the SyFy channel.

Here's the cat fight scene between the two everyone's talking about ...
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IS GYLLENSWIFT BACK ON???!!!: TAYLOR SWIFT and JAKE GYLLENHAAL, whose fling may or may not have ended last month, reunited earlier this week for a meal at a Nashville restaurant.
One eyewitness told People, "They were cordial to one another, but not affectionate." Another said, "There was no holding hands, but they seemed happy together." So is Gyllenswift back on? We'll have to wait and see. Stay Tuuuuned!!!

SNAPSHOT: RIHANNA wore a GIGANTIC red afro to a Hollywood party the other night ...
Where have I seen that look before ... Hmmm ...
JESSE JAMES, KAT VON D GETTING MARRIED: Stop me if you've heard this before: JESSE JAMES makes an impulsive decision involving a tattooed chick.
I guess Jesse wasn't kidding when he recently said KAT VON D was his "other half" because less than a year after breaking up with SANDRA BULLOCK, Jesse has asked for Kat's tattooed hand in marriage.

Check out what he told "People" magazine ... "You know sometimes the public and press gets it wrong. This is one of those times. 2010 was actually the best year of my life because I fell in love with my best friend...(Kat's) an amazing woman who stood behind me when the world turned their backs.

He then added, quote, "I would gladly go through all I have been through again, if in the end I could have Katherine." Ouch! Take that Sandra!

Sandy, by the way, was tipped off in advance this would be happening, and while she's not overjoyed, she's in a different place now. As People's source put it, quote, "It may seem like only yesterday that Jesse and Sandra split, but for her, life has changed so much, that (it's) like ages ago."

HALLE'S EX ACCUSES HER OF BEING... UMMM...DIFFICULT: While previous reports have claimed HALLE BERRY and her baby daddy Gabriel Aubry have a good relationship, RadarOnline says the reality is far from the truth.

According to RadarOnline, a source told them Gabriel has allegedly been subjected to screaming fits and angry meltdowns by Halle. "Basically whenever Gabriel doesn't do exactly what Halle tells him to do, or if he does something she doesn't approve of or like, she goes crazy on him, screaming and shouting," said their source.

That's why, they claim, Gabriel filed that petition last month for custody of their two year old daughter. Gabriel wants to legally establish his visitation and custody rights to ensure Halle's mood swings won't get in the way of him staying in his daughter's life.

QUOTE/UNQUOTE: "I'm pretty sure I bought weed from [Snoop Dogg] - I had to have."
-- CAMERON DIAZ on "Lopez Tonight", talking about going to high school with the rapper-slash-cannabis affeciando

BABY NEWS: "Entertainment Tonight" correspondent SAMANTHA HARRIS gave birth to her second daughter, Hillary Madison Hess, Wednesday.

KARDASHIAN KAOS: KIM KARDASHIAN is upset about the MTV reality show "Teen Mom". Kim wrote on her blog, "It seems that shows like 'Teen Mom' are all of the sudden making teen pregnancy seem cool in the eyes of young girls.

The kids from these shows are all over the news, even on the covers of magazines, and have become almost like celebrities, but girls, these are not people you should idolize!" Kim then failed to see the irony of her own words and went back to being famous for having a huge @#*.
Meanwhile ... sister Khloe announced she’s taking a break from Twitter because of all the recent negative comments about her. I guess you could say people weren't TWEETING HER RIGHT? Hi-Yo! Come on, give it up, you know that was funny. Fine, then, YOU shut up!!!

CELEBRITIES ARE JUST LIKE US: Wow, it turns out MICHAEL DOUGLAS is just like me! He too likes to do drive by photo bombs...
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