Dear Friend,
Hard to believe this is the 16th Christmas that I’m informing you of the radio show’s plan to take some time off to celebrate, gyrate, masticate, and sleep in late. Time sure flies when you love what you do!

As you yourself get ready to settle in for a nice holiday break, and visions of tamales and other assorted holiday treats dance in your head, I want you to know that I am very grateful and extremely thankful that you choose to wake up to Tricia and I, and/or allow us to drive you to work or school every morning.

I’m sure I speak for Tricia when I wish you, your family a very Merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year! And if you happen to do something stupid or newsworthy — or both — over the holiday break, feel free to tell us about it on our Facebook page, since I’ll no doubt be checking in due to my unconquerable Internet addiction. Otherwise… see you next year!
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ROMANCE REPORT - BRITNEY'S BOYFRIEND TO PROPOSE TONIGHT: TMZ is reporting that "multiple sources who are definitely in the know" say BRITNEY SPEARS' boyfriend plans to pop the question tonight in Las Vegas, y'all!!!

Word is Jason Trawick asked Brit's dad for permission to marry his daughter and was given the stamp of approval. But because of Britney's conservatorship, it still has to go before the judge. However, those in the know believe the judge will give his approval as well.

According to TMZ,  Britney knows she's getting proposed to tonight and she couldn't be more thrilled.

On a related note … check out the $45,000 motorcycle Britney bought Jason for his 40th birthday yesterday. If dropping 40 grand wasn’t enough, she also gifted him with a $940 leather jacket. Heck, I’d make her my wife too!!!


Mimi was supposedly set to join JUSTIN BIEBER for a duet of “All I Want for Christmas Is You” last night on X-Factor, but her demands were just too expensive. Between stage set-up, hired dancers and backstage help, Mariah would have cost the show a reported extra $300,000, so the duet was axed.

KRIS' KARDASHIAN KASH-IN: KRIS HUMPHRIES' paycheck is rolling in again now that the NBA lockout is over, but he still wants some extra cash from the folks behind that long-wrapped reality show he did with then-wife Kim Kardashian.

The not-always-reliable "Star" tabloid says reports that Kris is threatening to sue the E! network unless they immediately hike his salary from $28,000 an episode to an even 50 grand.

So what could Kris sue E! for? Emotional distress, of course. Kim has a lot of editorial control over the show. Kris has NONE. And he feels that Kim and the network are making it look like he's the villain and she's the victim.

A friend of Humphries says, "He was nothing more than a disposable groom, used for ratings [and] it's his storyline that is making the show a success this season. He feels he deserves some type of compensation."

WHO'S THE CELEBRITY CUTIE PATOOTIE???: Who’s the celebrity who shared a see-through rear-view thanks to thin, tight, stretchy pants and the glare of the LA sun coupled with the paparazzi’s flashbulbs?

Hint: the ABC star is known for her Colombian accent and ample cleavage. Scroll down to the "bottom" for the answer!

WATCH - MATT DAMON AS SANTA TRYING TO CONVINCE KIDS A WATER BOTTLE IS BETTER THAN A PRESENT: This is actually a pretty funny promotional video for a nonprofit.

MATT DAMON dresses up as Santa Claus and tries to convince little kids to ask for a reusable water bottle for Christmas. Obviously, they're not into the idea …


IN DENIAL - KATY PERRY: KATY PERRY showed up at a promotional event Wednesday in her usual tight attire, re-igniting chatter that she’s been fetused by husband RUSSELL BRAND.

While she admits there’s a bit of a paunch there, Katy is once again denying it’s because something is growing inside her. On the BARBARA WALTERS special the other night, she blamed it on junk food, specifically calling out Taco Bell.

I don't think they prove anything other than she does seem to be chubbing up, but We Report, You Decide.

X-FACTOR NICOLE SCHERZINGER HELD AT GUNPOINT IN MEXICO: Even celebrities are not immune to the violence in Mexico. NICOLE SCHERZINGER was held at gunpoint during her recent trip to Mexico.

The singer and X Factor judge was in Mexico to shoot the video for her new song, and as she was traveling to the set, she and her choreographer were pulled over by mysterious gunmen said to be wielding big, scary machine guns!

Nicole was on ‘X-Factor’ last night, so obviously the pair managed to escape unharmed.

MICHAEL BUBLE TREATS 'LIVE' TRIVIA LOSER TO VACATION: MICHAEL BUBLE was obviously feeling the Christmas spirit yesterday. Buble was the guest host Wednesday on “Live! With Kelly” and showed viewers a glimpse of his generous side.

Every day on the show, there is a trivia question asked to a viewer. If the viewer gives the right answer, they win an all inclusive vacation. Sandra Salins from Florida was yesterday's "Travel Trivia" contestant playing for a trip to Antigua.

When she was asked to guess how old actor Jude Law would be on his upcoming birthday on December 29, she gave the incorrect answer of 31. But Buble pretended not to hear the number and responded, "Didn't she say 39? I heard 39. I heard 39 years old."

After finding out that Salins would only get a small consolation prize for getting the trivia question wrong, Buble decided to foot the bill for the whole vacation! He told Salins, "Screw that! OK, listen. I know you lost but I had a good year this year - I'm paying for your trip... It's on me, kiddo!"

WHO'S THE CELEBRITY CUTIE PATOOTIE???: So who’s the ABC star with the see-through rear-view? It's "Modern Family" star SOFIA VERGARA!!!

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IS MARC ANTHONY STILL PINING AWAY FOR J-LO???: Would it surprise you to learn that MARC ANTHONY is a bit upset that his soon-to-be ex has moved on? According to "Us" magazine, it's taking its toll on his health.

A pal of his tells the mag "he has fits and tantrums and he's very stressed. He's lost a lot of weight."

J-Lo's own friends are also apparently less-than-thrilled with the new guy. A Lopez insider tells 'Us', "They don't feel Casper is good enough for her. They are worried because she really puts her heart out there for love."

JENNIFER KNOWS HOW TO LET GO: Word is JENNIFER LOPEZ is getting rid of anything having to do with Marc Anthony. She apparently doesn't want any visual reminders of him around. The only place she supposedly allows photos of him is in their kids' bedrooms.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, "J. Lo also reportedly is quietly selling all the jewelry Anthony gave her, and he gave her quite a lot. She also is said to have given away any clothing gifts as well." A source told the Sun-Times that this is how Jennifer operates -- "When Jennifer moves on, she totally moves on," the source said.

LOHAN LUNACY: LINDSAY LOHAN not only made it into court yesterday, she got a glowing report! Here's what you really care about, though, what Linds wore ...

E! Online described her attire as "pleated brown slacks, a cream cardigan, and matching brown platform pumps and sunglasses." Oh, and her "long blond locks were tied back in a low ponytail."


"People" magazine reports Cammie and Diddy seen being "very affectionate" as they knocked back bottles of booze at a party in New York early yesterday morning. Diaz's rep gave the magazine the standard "they're just friends" story.

SNAPSHOT: MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY stepped out in Beverly Hills yesterday wearing a baseball cap concealing most of his newly shaved head!!!

No word yet on if the movie he's currently filming is the reason why he ditched his lovely locks. As late as this past Saturday Matt was photographed with a full head of hair on the film's set ...


UPDATE - GIULIANA RANCIC DOING WELL AFTER UNDERGOING DOUBLE MASTECTOMY: E! News host GIULIANA RANCIC underwent her double mastectomy on Tuesday night and husband BILL reports it went well.

"G had a little bit of pain through the night but is feeling much better this morning and was cracking jokes."

Giuliana later delivered her own message: "The tweets and notes have not gone unnoticed. I am very grateful."

LISTEN – KARDASHIAN’S RESPONSE ON NOT HAVING TALENT: On last night’s ABC special “Barbara Walters Presents: The Most Fascinating People”, Barbs asked the KARDASHIAN sisters about being famous for being famous.

Khloe responded honestly, “None of us think we have talents.” Kim and Kourtney tried to convince us only someone with real talent can pull off a reality show ...


On a related note … In an interview with the Huffington Post actor JONAH HILL let it all hang out, bashing the Kardashian family for its tendency to hog the spotlight.

"The truth of it is, I have friends who work in TV and the Kardashians get higher ratings than their TV shows. Shows that people actually work hard on -- writing and creating and trying to tell stories. The fact that the Kardashians could be more popular than a show like Mad Men" is disgusting."

JANICE DICKINSON is not a fan either. In an interview with “Star” magazine the former supermodel and reality show star didn’t hold back calling Kim’s ample bottom “ a heap of lard”, and Kim a “fraud” and a “slut”.

KIM KARDASHIAN CONTRIBUTES TO LIZ TAYLOR'S RECORD HAUL: An auction of ELIZABETH TAYLOR'S jewelry Tuesday night fetched a record haul of almost $116 million!!!

Total, the auction broke seven world records, including "most expensive single-pearl jewel." Liz wore it on a necklace that was designed by Cartier and given to her in 1969 by her two-time husband, RICHARD BURTON. (Below) That piece alone sold for $11.8 million.

One of the buyers, according to TMZ, was KIM KARDASHIAN ... who spent $65,000 on three jade and diamond bracelets. A source told the gossip site Kim idolized Taylor, more so after she interviewed Liz for "Harper's Bazaar" magazine earlier this year, shortly before her death.

SURVEY SAYS - THE CELEBRITIES WE MOST WANT TO KISS ON NEW YEAR'S EVE: JENNIFER ANISTON and GEORGE CLOONEY are the celebrities we'd most like to share a New Year's Eve kiss with, According to a Yahoo! Poll.

HALLE BERRY was second behind Aniston, followed by SCARLETT JOHANSSON. Clooney finished ahead of JOHNNY DEPP -- who was a very close second -- and RYAN REYNOLDS.
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DID KRIS HUMPHRIES CHEAT ON KIM KARDASHIAN???!!!: How's this for a twist on KRIS HUMPHRIES/KIM KARDASHIAN blink-and-you-missed-it marriage ...

Radar Online has published photos that appear to show Humphries partying with a couple of blonde chicks in the New York City hotel suite he shared with Kim leading many to wonder if the NBA baller cheated on her!!!

I dunno. I smell a rat. We Report, You Decide. You can peep all the pics HERE.

WILL SMITH SPOTTED PARTYING WITHOUT HIS WEDDING RING: The World Wide Web of Speculation is wondering what's up with WILL SMITH partying in Trinidad recently without his wedding ring.

According to "Star" Magazine, Will partied with longtime friend Duane Martin at some local hot spots until 4 am, and both Jada and Tisha Campbell -- Duane's wife -- were nowhere to be found. The gossip site Bossip adds that Will was also spotted chilling with 'Project Runway 9' winner Anya Ayong Chee and Soca Queen Fay Ann Lyons.

Is this just an innocent case of a couple of bros hanging, or do you believe where there's smoke there's fire? We Report, You Decide!

BEING JLO’S BOY TOY HAS ITS PRIVILEGES: Being JENNIFER LOPEZ’S rebound sure has its privileges. I mean, besides getting your swerve on with Jennifer Lopez.

According to TMZ, that Casper Smart guy she’s said to be dating is not only flying all over the world on her dime, he’s now been given the keys to her Bentley. And word is he’s not just using her pimped out wheels to chauffeur her around, he can hop behind the wheel anytime he wants to. Niiice.


LINDSAY MISSES 'ELLEN', BUT ON FOR DATE WITH JUDGE: LINDSAY LOHAN missed another important date yesterday, but luckily for her, it was only a TV appearance and not the court date that she is expected to make this morning.

LiLo was supposed to tape an interview for the ELLEN DeGENERES SHOW yesterday to promote her just-published 'Playboy' spread, but she missed her flight back from Hawaii "due to a travel-related issue," her spokesman said. The guest spot was booked two months ago as part of Lindsay's contract with the magazine.Lindsay offered to sit with Ellen today, but yesterday was the show's last day of taping for the season so that ain't happening.

Lindsay will, however, make it to her scheduled court appear later this morning so the judge can determine if she's been a good girl and is keeping up with her probation requirements.

SNAPSHOT - LINDSAY'S NIP SLIP: Prior to her 'travel-related issue', Lindsay spent time cavorting  on the beach in Honolulu. Her bikini top promptly used the opportunity to malfunction ...

That's it? Awww, man. If only there was some sort of publication with pages of photos featuring Lindsay showing way more than a slight nip-slip. If only.

ROMANCE REPORT - DIAZ AND DIDDY: Things seem to be getting more serious between CAMERON DIAZ and SEAN 'DIDDY' COMBS.

Last month, they were spotted lunching in Beverly Hills and dining in Manhattan, but Diaz's rep insisted that both times they were just discussing a new movie project. Well, the New York Post reports that the two superstars were seen in LA last weekend, and they were definitely not discussing work.

The pair was spotted at the nightclub where unnamed and totally unverifiable witnesses say they were at each other's side all night. "They were kissing and making out," said a spy, who added that they were being "very affectionate" while dancing. Public tongue-sharing! It's so on!!!

DID MILEY CYRUS GET THE GIRLS DONE???!!!: We posted a couple of pics yesterday of MILEY CYRUS on the red carpet of some CNN event showing off some mega-cleavage, and now "experts" consulted by “Star” are suggesting she had some work done on the 19-year-old girls.

The tab spoke to three plastic surgeons that have surmised by the photos and the photos alone that Miley had surgery. One thinks Miley COULD be wearing a push-up bra, but that that wouldn’t account for everything. Quote, "Push-up bras are great for cleavage, but don't help out a whole lot when it comes to the exterior breast volume, which is also what I notice in these photos."

Another discounts Miley putting on a few pounds as the reason. Quote, "Even a large weight gain would not produce breast enhancement to this degree without implants."

MILEY TWEETS DENIAL: Miley got wind of these critiques and promptly DENIED them. She Tweeted, quote, "Thank you for the compliment but these babies are all mine. I wish they'd realize you don't have to be fake to be beautiful!" My, my, someone thinks highly of herself.

On a related breasteses note ... CHRISTINA HENDRICKS is making her cleavage look like an upside-down butt again. Check her out in these photos from a Johnny Walker ad ...

SPLITSVILLE - KATIE COURIC: KATIE COURIC is getting a fresh start in her career, and she's also making some changes in her personal life breaking up with boyfriend Brooks Perlin after five years.

According to the New York Post, Perlin, who's 17 years younger than Couric, is packing his things and moving out of her high-end Manhattan brownstone. A friend tells the paper the whole thing is amicable, saying,” They enjoyed their time together, but after five years, they've decided to go their separate ways."
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HERE'S WHAT'S MISSING FROM LINDSAY LOHAN'S 'PLAYBOY' PICS: After the LINDSAY LOHAN 'Playboy' pictorial popped up online late last week, HUGH HEFNER decided to push up the issue's availability to this Friday.

But, of course, by the end of the day yesterday almost everyone who cared to peep the pics already had. And most were shocked (shocked!I tells you) to find the pictures have been Photoshopped to the max. Most notably her tatts.

In real life, she's got the Billy Joel lyrics, "Clear as a crystal, sharp as a knife I feel like I'm in the prime of my life," inked on her rib cage, "La bella vita" on her butt, and the Marilyn Monroe quote, "Everyone's a star and deserves the right to twinkle" on her forearm.

Also airbrushed away were assorted hand and wrist tattoos. In addition, the freckly Lohan has been de-freckled in some of the pictures.

E! GOING TO DALLAS WITH KHLOE AND LAMAR: This shouldn't come as much of a surprise -- TMZ reports that when KHLOE KARDASHIAN and LAMAR ODOM move to Dallas, now that Lamar has been traded to the Mavericks, the E! cameras will be moving with them.

Word is the couple's move to Texas will be a major plot line on the next season of "Khloe and Lamar". As for the move itself, Khloe told E! News she "can't wait to...get to know the city and all the wonderful people there."

MARC ANTHONY WON'T ALLOW JLO'S BOYFRIEND TO DRIVE THE KIDS: MARC ANTHONY has banned JENNIFER LOPEZ'S boyfriend from driving his children anywhere.

According to Radar Online, Marc laid down the law after finding out Casper Smart has been arrested for drag racing. A source said, "Marc went ballistic when he found out about Casper's criminal record. He explicitly told Jen that Casper wasn't allowed to drive their children anywhere."

The gossip site's source adds that if Jen doesn't play ball,"[Marc} will go straight to family court [and]get a judge involved to make sure Casper doesn't get behind the wheel with his kids in the car."

Smart has reportedly been arrested twice for speeding and driving on a suspended license.

ASHTON KUTCHER'S SIDE ACTION WOULD LIKE YOU TO KNOW IT RUINED HER LIFE TOO: Sara Leal, the chick who bumped uglies with ASHTON KUTCHER on the night of his sixth wedding anniversary, would like you to know DEMI MOORE wasn't the only victim of his trifling ways. It ruined HER life TOO.

Sara says that after the story broke she got a lot of disturbing phone calls, lost her job, lost her best friend and was even shunned by her father. But more importantly, she would like you to know that she is NOT a ho.

She says, quote, "When people say to me, 'I can't believe you did that,' I want to say back that most 22-year-old girls in my position would have done the same thing." Lastly, Leal claims she didn't know Ashton was married.

NO ONE WANTS TONY BENNETT'S NAKED LADY GAGA SKETCH: On her Thanksgiving special, LADY GAGA revealed how TONY BENNETT sketched her "Titanic"-style for "Vanity Fair".

Well, now you can own that drawing. The sketch is for sale on eBay's new celebrity page, with proceeds going to Bennet's Exploring the Arts charity and Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation.

But as of this morning, no one has bid the minimum $5,000 reserve price. The auction will close next Monday.

SNAPSHOT: MILEY CYRUS took the girls out over the weekend ...


SPLITSVILLE - TYRA BANKS: TYRA BANKS has reportedly split from her boyfriend of three years, banker John Utendahl. According to The New York Post, Tyra's dealing with the break up by "island-hopping" with a female friend.

The ex is said to be dealing with things differently. The newspaper claims John was spotted out in NYC with a "leggy supermodel" this past weekend.
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THE LINDSAY LOHAN 'PLAYBOY' PICS HAVE BEEN LEAKED ONLINE: Just days after the cover of LINDSAY LOHAN'S "Playboy" issue was leaked, the entire pictorial hit the Internet.

As previously reported, Lindsay shows her lovely lady lumps, but no baby-making equipment. And bad news for you freckle fetishists: they got rid of or downplayed Linday's sexy little dots in several pics, as well.

The leak prompted "Playboy" to post the issue online early, and moved its newsstand date up to this Friday, December 16th.

Meanwhile ... not only did Playboy get robbed this weekend, so did Lindsay. Lohan spent the weekend in Hawaii with her sister, and it was not without drama.  According to TMZ, Lindsay went to a house party and left her $5,000 Chanel purse -- which had 10 grand cash in it, in the car. When she returned to the car, it was gone!!!

Some random dude showed up later with the purse, claiming he'd found it on the street nearby. The ten thousand dollars in cash, however, was missing.

LISTEN - LINDSAY ON STOLEN PURSE: Thanks to so-called friends, and TMZ's willingness to pay, here's audio of Lindsay going all CSI over her stolen purse.

JENNIFER ANISTON NAMED SEXIEST WOMAN OF ALL TIME: Suck it, Angelina! "Men's Health" Magazine has named JENNIFER ANISTON the Sexiest Woman of All Time.

Naturally, not everyone agrees with their pick. But  it wasn’t just her looks that earned her the title. "Funny is sexy and Jennifer Aniston is funny," the mag's writers explain. "Her down to earth persona makes her seem attainable and her all-too-human love life off screen inspires sympathy that not even a string of bland romantic comedies can diminish.

Other sex symbols drift toward one-dimensionality, becoming flat icons in the process, but throughout her career Aniston has remained sexy, funny and unmistakably real."


Here are a few other random highlights ... KIM KARDASHIAN came in #26, BEYONCE was #33, MARIAH CAREY #40, and JESSICA ALBA was #54. You can check out the complete Top 100 HERE.


LAMAR ODOM TRADED!!! - WILL KHLOE FOLLOW HIM TO DALLAS???: The very landscape of reality TV may undergo a shift because LAMAR ODOM has been traded from the L.A. Lakers to the Dallas Mavericks.

And based on a flurry of Tweets yesterday, it sounds like KHLOE KARDASHIAN is going with him.

Here's some of what she said: "I am sure I will love it but I am a tad thrown off." ... "I have no doubt about it! I am excited :) I know this is for a reason."

There's no word yet if or how this will affect any of the Kardashian reality shows or if it will lead to even more. The Kardashians already have a connection with Dallas. Kim briefly dated Cowboys receiver Miles Austin, and Kourtney lived in the city for two years as a student at Southern Methodist University.

HUMPHRIES TRYING TO ''MOVE FORWARD'' FROM KIM: KRIS HUMPHRIES was on "Good Morning America" Friday, and made his first public comments about his breakup with KIM KARDASHIAN, although he didn't really say much.

When asked about the pair's split, Kris simply replied, "I'm just focused on family and preparing for basketball." When questioned about his reaction to the divorce filing, Kris replied, "for me it's just, certain things happen in life and you have to move forward." As for whether he still loves Kim, Kris laughed and said, "I'm focused on what I can control which is being ready to play ball and supporting my mom and baking her cookies."

According to TMZ ... Kris wasn't happy about all the Kim questions and is telling people he felt "ambushed" by them. Insiders say Kris knew he was going to be asked about Kim but didn't think he'd be grilled that hard. He's said to be "livid" with the way the interview turned out.

WEIGHT WATCHERS TO JESSICA SIMPSON - WE'LL PAY YOU TO LOSE THE BABY FAT: JESSICA SIMPSON hasn’t even pushed the baby out and Weight Watchers is said to already have a deal in place with her.

According to TMZ, they’ve offered her $3 million if she promises to start dieting the second the kid pops out. "The deal is in place,” says the gossip site’s source.

“After having her baby, she'll start with Weight Watchers to lose her baby weight." Because nothing is more important after delivering your child than becoming an immediate MILF!
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COUGAR DATING SITE WANTS ASHTON KUTCHER: A dating website has made ASHTON KUTCHER an interesting offer. They're willing to pay half of his potential alimony payments to DEMI MOORE for as long as he remains the dating site's spokesperson.

If he takes them up on it, he must also "exclusively" date women 10 years his senior and post 15 "mutually approved" tweets a month related to cougar relationships.

As one of the highest paid men on TV, I doubt he needs the money. And the way he was clearly flirting with Lea Michele at the "New Year's Eve" premiere, I'm thinking Ashton might be dating younger for now.

LINDSAY LOHAN AHEAD OF SCHEDULE WITH COMMUNITY SERVICE: It's a Christmas miracle!!! LINDSAY LOHAN is said to be ahead of schedule with her court-ordered community service.

Playboy's cover-girl has reportedly been doing more than 12 days a month at the county morgue, where she works as a janitor. Judge Sautner warned her that if she failed to meet the terms of her probation, she'll return to jail for another 270 days.

We'll see if the judge is impressed by Lindsay's newfound work ethic when she appears for a probation update Wednesday.


JANICE DICKINSON vs. TYRA BANKS!!! WHO YOU GOT???: You gotta love JANICE DICKINSON. When asked in an interview with Film On about her feud with TYRA BANKS, Janice called Tyra's show "rigged" then tells her to "eat a bag of royal skank." Watch ...

K-FED TOO FAT FOR AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK: Remember BRITNEY'S ex, Kevin Federline? Listen to what happened to him Down Under: while filming an episode of the Australian version of 'Celebrity Fit Club', K-Fed reportedly collapsed and had to be briefly hospitalized!!!

According to E! News, he shooting in an area of the Outback "widely regarded as one of the most remote and hostile parts of the country" when he began showing signs of heat stress and collapsed. Federline resumed shooting the show soon after being briefly hospitalized.

Your man K-Fed appeared on 'VH1's Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp' last year and lost 30 pounds, but has since gained it all back.

COULD THERE BE FOUR MORE KARDASHIAN SHOWS COMING???!!!: Bonnie Hammer, the entertainment chairman for NBC Universal which owns the E! network, has vision for the future of the network. And that vision includes "two, three, even four new Kardashian [spinoffs]."

Thankfully, this is just talk for now, and there are no new Kardashian shows in the works ... yet. But if her vision ever does become a reality word is future Kardashian shows could focus on Kim's newly single life, a series revolving around brother Rob Kardashian, a show about Kourtney's second pregnancy, and a show about younger sisters Kylie and Kendall.

ROMANCE REPORT: “Glee” star DIANNA AGRON has reportedly split with "Captain America: The First Avenger" star SEBASTIAN STAN. A source tells ‘Us Weekly’ the couple called it quits because Dianna was super jealous. "She was always worried that he was cheating on her while he was away filming."

The New York Post's Page Six, meanwhile, blames the breakup on their bicoastal romance. "Long distance wasn't working [for her]." claims their source.

2. ‘Survivor’ host JEFF PROBST married Lisa Ann Russell Monday in what ‘People’ magazine called "an intimate ceremony at a private Los Angeles residence." Lisa Ann had previously been married to actor MARK-PAUL GOSSELAAR. I wonder if they'll honeymoon on an island?

MICHELLE DUGGAR HAS MISCARRIAGE: MICHELLE DUGGAR of the TLC show "19 Kids and Counting" has suffered a miscarriage.

During a doctor's visit yesterday (Thursday) to find out the sex of what would have been her 20th child, Michelle learned of the sad news. Husband Jim Bob tells E! News, "Michelle is resting comfortably at home with the support of the entire family."

Michelle tells ‘People’ that they will find out the sex of the baby, give him or her a name and then have a funeral service.
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