IS THIS PHOTO PROOF TAYLOR SWIFT HAD A BOOB JOB?: "In Touch Weekly" is delving into the mystery of TAYLOR SWIFT'S slightly bigger boobs. They, like others on the World Wide Web of Celebrity Speculation, think Tay get some work done.

Taylor, as we've pointed out before, has been looking a little fuller in the chest area of late, even showing off some serious cleavage at the "People's Choice Awards" earlier this month.

Well, In Touch posted a photo of Taylor's cleavage from that night in which they say something that could be a surgical scar is visible. Here's a shot of the magazine's story. What say you, boob job or not? (Click on the pic to ... ahem ... ENLARGE!)

I went through our own photos from the 'People's Choice Awards' and while the ones taken outside the Nokia Theatre don't seem to show the long, red mark, I did find the one In Touch is featuring that was taken on the red carpet and that one does show the mark. Although I'm not convinced it's a "surgical scar."

Meanwhile ... Reps for BRADLEY COOPER are denying the Radaronline report we told you about yesterday that claimed Swift asked her friend JENNIFER LAWRENCE to hook her up with him at the Golden Globe Awards.

A rep for Cooper tells the rumor-busting site Gossip Cop that, quote, “there is no truth to [the Radaronline] story at all,” and sources close to both Taylor and Jennifer are denying it as well.

LOHAN LUNACY - IS LINDSAY MAKING A LIVING AS A PAID ESCORT?!: So the new rumor about LINDSAY LOHAN is that she's hiring herself out as an escort, for up to $100,000 a night.

It's courtesy of the rarely-if-ever reliable Star Magazine, so take it for what it's worth. Now, to be clear, they're not saying she's having sex for cash, just being paid to be arm candy for rich guys. And, well, it’s no secret Lindsay has been having financial problems.

Lindsay's quote/unquote "clients" have supposedly included one of the princes of Brunei, who was said to have paid her $100,000 to spend New Year's with him in London, and a Spanish-American painter named Domingo Zapata who has let Lindsay crash at his apartments in New York and L.A. in exchange for ... well, her company, I guess.

Says a so-called source, "The dates last for days, and the guys pay for everything, hotel, travel costs, food, whatever, as well as jewelry and other gifts."

The tab claims Lindsay's father, Michael, confirmed Linds has resorted to becoming a paid escort in order to get some cash. “She is getting paid to date rich men,” Michael told Star. “Dina (Lindsay’s mother) is pimping her out – it’s disgusting!”

But Michael was soon backtracking on his statements insisting he was misquoted. "By absolutely NO MEANS did I ever make such a statement ... EVER!,” he told TMZ.

"Sure, Lindsay and [other celebs] make personal appearances and get paid for it! Sure, she and they get paid to go to birthday parties and other occasions! But for sex? Are you kidding me? I would never say that because she would NEVER do that and it NEVER happened!"

BABY POOP - SHAKIRA SHARES BABY BUMP PICS: SHAKIRA hit up Twitter to show off her baby bump in a bikini top and skirt.

She also announced a "virtual baby shower", in which you an I can donate supplies to children in Third World countries. You can learn more about it and how you can donate at the UNICEF website.

KIM AND KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN VISIT ‘LETTERMAN’, KLAIM SHE DIDN’T ‘FRAUDED’ HUMPHRIES:KIM AND KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN were guests on "Letterman" last night, and Dave being Dave asked Kim about the Kris Humphries divorce and when she planned to, quote, “wrap that up.”

Kim said she's been trying to end the marriage for two years now and just wants both of them to be happy and "move on." But of course, Dave is Dave so he pressed her about the whole ‘marriage was a fraud’ angle Humphries is taking.

And that’s when sister Kourtney jumped in and slammed Kris hard, saying if Kim were to marry someone for publicity; she would have picked a guy who people actually knew!

NO WARDROBE MALFUNCTIONS FOR CARRIE UNDERWOOD: You know those teeny miniskirts CARRIE UNDERWOOD always wearing on stage? Well, you can stop hoping for an ANNE HATHAWAY-type flash because Carrie has a seemingly fool-proof method against wardrobe malfunctions.

She tells Allure magazine, "Underneath every skirt, every dress, I'm wearing shorts. So that everyone in the world knows, if I ever fell down, nobody would get a peek at anything." Carrie adds she also makes sure the shorts are a different color from her clothes so there will be NO confusion.

R.I.P - CONRAD BAIN: Former "Diff'rent Strokes" TV dad CONRAD BAIN died of natural causes on Monday. He was 89. His daughter said he'd "been unconscious for a couple of days, but he was comfortable."

Bain's best known part was that of Phillip Drummond on "Diff'rent Strokes." Before that he was Dr. Arthur Harmon, the neighbor guy on "Maude".
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CELEBRITY WARDROBE MALFUNCTIONS - EVA LONGORIA'S 'GOLDEN GLOBE' NIP SLIP: EVA LONGORIA suffered a bit of a nip-slip at a "Golden Globes" after-party the other night.

Why it's taken this long for the pics to hit the World Wide Web of Celebrity Wardrobe Mishaps is beyond me, but the fact that they have is all that matters. Observe: (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

DID TAYLOR SWIFT TRY HOOKING UP WITH BRADLEY COOPER?!: TAYLOR SWIFT was on the prowl at the recent Golden Globe Awards, reportedly asking her friend, JENNIFER LAWRENCE, to ask her "Silver Linings Playbook" co-star BRADLEY COOPER if he would be interested in going out sometime.

That according to RadarOnline, who says sources told them Swift begged Lawrence to set up a date with Cooper. The source says Cooper, quote, “politely declined,” adding, “Bradley has absolutely no intention of getting together with Taylor. Bradley is very wary of dating someone who is a bit of a serial dater like Taylor.”

UPDATE - BRITNEY'S DAD DID THE DUMPING: This is how involved BRITNEY SPEARS' dad is with every aspect of her life; according to several internet sources, Jamie Spears is the one who arranged her split with fiance Jason Trawick.

Word is Britney was in no shape to deal with the details of breaking off the engagement, so Jamie and Jason sat down to iron things out. A source says, "They decided how the relationship needed to end and how to go about the technicalities, such as removing Jason from the conservatorship, when he would move out and how to announce the split."

The source adds that Britney isn't really clear that the relationship is over, although she understands that the engagement is off and that Jason has been removed from the conservatorship.

UPDATE - LINDSAY LOHAN'S EX LAWYER PLEADS NOT GUILTY ON HER BEHALF, NEW COURT DATE SET: Even though LINDSAY LOHAN fired Shawn Holley as her attorney and didn't show up in court yesterday morning, she's still not headed to jail.

Shawn entered a plea of not guilty in an L.A. courtroom yesterday, adding that she was confident she's still Lindsay's lawyer and that they'll have that situation ironed out before her next court appearance.

The judge then set a pre-trial hearing for January 30th and a probation hearing for February 10th. Linds will have to be in court for both of those.

All of this stems from an auto accident in June, in which Lindsay told cops she wasn't behind the wheel. Prosecutors have accused her of lying, which would be a breach of her probation agreement.

MEGAN FOX SPEAKS IN TONGUES, BELIEVES IN LEPRECHAUNS: MEGAN FOX hasn't given us any crazy quotes in a while, but she more than makes up for it in current issue of “Esquire”.

Along with the ore-requisite sexy photo shoot -- designed to distract us from the crazy, I’m sure -- Fox expounds on speaking in tongues, and her belief in leprechauns and the Loch Ness monster.

Meg says she began speaking in tongues around the age of 8, when she attended a Pentecostal church in Tennessee. "It feels like a lot of energy coming through the top of your head -- I'm going to sound like such a lunatic -- and then your whole body is filled with this electric current. Words are coming out of your mouth, and you can't control it." Um, kinda like this interview, Meg?

Fox adds that she believes in aliens, leprechauns, Big Foot and the Loch Ness monster as well. So … yeah. How ‘bout a couple of sexy pics, kids?

HUGH IS JACKED MAN: Check it, ladies; HUGH JACKMAN'S Wolverine body is back! Awaka-waka, yes?

JESSICA SIMPSON TALKS WEIGHT GAIN AND MARRIAGE WITH LENO, TO STAR IN NBC SITCOM: JESSICA SIMPSON went on "The Tonight Show" last night, and naturally, talk turned to how much weight she gained during her first pregnancy and when she plans to make an honest man out of boyfriend Eric Johnson.(PHOTO)

She says she ate everything in sight, and although she wouldn’t give a specific number, admits to gaining more than doctors would recommend. As to when she and Johnson plan to marry, Jess told Jay they’ve tried twice already, but they've had to postpone it both times because of the two pregnancies. But she’s got a plan; this time she says she'll "keep her legs crossed!" (PHOTO)

On another Simpson note … Simpson has confirmed that she's set to star in a sitcom for NBC based on her life.

She tells The Hollywood Reporter, "I am so excited to work with...NBC again, this time on a scripted comedy. I often find myself thinking that no one could ever make up the things that actually happen in my life -- so between the real-life elements and a great team of writers, I think we'll have people laughing!"

NBC is pretty pumped about it, too. In fact, one exec even referred to Jessica as, quote, "a modern-day LUCILLE BALL, with incredible comedic chops." Yes, he went there.
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